Ditching single-use plastic bags is one step towards becoming plastic-free.

And it starts with choosing the right brand that designs sustainable bags!

BAGGU  is one of the sustainable brands that has been designing eco-friendly bags since 2007.

The bags by BAGGU  are constructed with plastic-free materials, minimizing waste.

This is to ensure that you get the best design, functionality, quality, and durability.

Making your hauling fun and convenient, the BAGGU  bags are the best addition to your toting needs!

Here, we have handpicked the top ten best BAGGU  bags that are reusable and functional.

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1. Best for Beach

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Bring your flip-flops, beach towels, sunscreen, and other beach essentials in this BAGGU  mesh bag.

You can easily haul up to 30 pounds of contents inside it as it is designed to hold up well.

In addition to its functionality, it comes in a striking vibrant orange hue, making it stand out from usual bags.

What’s more, it is made of polyester mesh and ripstop nylon – recyclable materials!

Though it doesn’t feature shoulder strap handles, you can carry it by hand conveniently.

Another plus is that you can toss it inside a washer should it get dirty or sandy!

And finally, fold it nicely into a zippered pouch to reuse it again for another beach trip!

Transparent Design (mesh)Smaller
Folds into a pouch 
Machine washable 

2. Best for Toting Anything

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Stuffing anything from farmer’s markets to dirty laundry, this BAGGU  bag is the all-rounder.

What we mean by that is that you can tote it anywhere you want.

Featuring an open-top, this standard bag helps you fit contents up to 50 pounds easily.

And of course, you can take out any item through its open-top design.

It holds up well thanks to its high-quality construction, so don’t think that it’d rip that easily!

The materials with which the bag is made are earth-friendly such as nylon.

Carry it by hand or sling it over your shoulder, it is as lightweight as a feather.

Plus, you’d get the chic patterns – from elephants to llama!

If it gets dirty, toss it in the machine, dry it up and fold it into its separate pouch!

Comes in a cute patternNo zip closure
Large hauling capacity 
Features sturdy handles 
Machine washable 

3. Best for Grocery Shopping

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Flimsy plastic bags are bound to rip on the way when you stuff heavy items in them.

For that reason, BAGGU  has designed this reusable bag to meet your grocery hauling needs.

It is larger and wider than other bags offered by BAGGU  to accommodate your large, bulky items!

Use its large compartment to pack veggies, fruits, cartons of milk, and more!

The quality construction ensures that the bag holds up well, even when you’re carrying bulky items.

So don’t be afraid to fit all your weekly grocery items into this one sizeable bag!

Sling it over your shoulder with its sturdy handles for ease of toting.

Once you’re done using it, throw it in a washer for a quick cleanup.

Larger than other bagsNo patterns available
Easy to carryNo zip closure
Folds into a pouch 
Machine washable 

4. Best Iconic Duck Design

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The Iconic BAGGU  duck bag is a well-liked fashion addition plus the utilitarian tote!

So don’t be surprised if your eye-grabbing duck bag catches the attention of onlookers!

Besides the design, this moo bag is a reusable tote that has plenty of room in its main compartment.

You can fit your office stuff, travel essentials, on-the-go items, and more.

The fabric with which it is constructed is of high-quality canvas, ensuring a longer shelf-life.

And the impressive feature of it is its zip closure, keeping your items safe and secure!

As for the portability, use its handles to carry it like a purse or a bag!

For the cleanup, read the instructions provided with it to get rid of any icky.

Offers trendy designRough washing might dull the design
Features a pair of long and short handles 
Snap at top & zipper closure 
Easy to clean up 

5. Best for Daily Essentials

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The black BAGGU  bag is a versatile purse-like bag for toting your daily essentials wherever you go.

The design of this bag makes it an ideal addition to your outfit when you’re on the go!

In addition to the design, it is constructed with eco-friendly materials (canvas and recycled materials).

So you aren’t only upping your style, but you’re as well encouraging the green environment!

You fit the contents inside it by opening its top flap, which is also its stylish aspect.

Once you’ve stuffed your valuables and essentials, you can close it by drawstring closure.

For additional storage, you can use its small side pockets to store other extras!

As for its portability, you can wear it on your back as it features adjustable straps for a backpack style.

Comes in a variety of patternsLoose straps
Drawstring closure 
Comes with additional pockets 
Adjustable straps 

6. Best Zip Closure Bag Option

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Not every person prefers open-top design in carryalls or totes when transporting essentials.

This is where this zipper bag from BAGGU  comes in to suit your hauling needs.

It features a zip closure for securing your items when you are on the go!

Inside the bag, you’ll find plenty of room to fit all contents for comfortable carrying.

For that, you get a pair of sturdy black handles sewn perfectly in this tote.

What’s more, the multi-purpose feature of this bag allows you to use it for office, picnic, travel, and more.

And once you’re done using it, you can throw it in a machine for a thorough cleanup!

After that, you can reuse it again for another shopping or traveling trip.

Good standard sizeNo additional pockets
Features zip closure 
Comes in a trendy pattern 
Machine washable 

7. Best for Storage

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If you have super small essentials to carry, then this set of three BAGGU pouches is an excellent choice.

Pack your hand sanitizers, hair ties, mints, Vaseline, or just about anything small that you can carry.

Plus, you get to secure your valuables with the zip closure that it comes with.

These super cute pouches come in three varying sizes to fit all your travel essential needs.

Along with this functionality, the leopard pattern is a strikingly beautiful addition to your outfit.

The construction of the fabric is well-made to ensure durability thanks to its recycled nylon material.

And these are also machine washable, so you can pop them into the wash after utilizing them.

Pouches with zip closurePricey
Comes in three different sizes 
Best for storing small items 
Machine washable 

8. Best for Carrying Lunch

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This well-made and high-quality bag from BAGGU  is an excellent choice for carrying your lunch.

And there is more to this tote than meets the eye – the quality construction is one of them.

And of course, the pattern is super warm (matching with that of a brown paper bag).

Besides that, this reusable tote has a sturdy and structured design to keep your contents secure.

And the comfort of carrying it with the help of its medium-sized handles is matchless!

So pack just about anything – grocery items, essentials, travel items, beach items, or more.

And it can prove to be your best hauling buddy for whenever you have to shlep your favorite items.

When empty, pop it in the wash and it will come out like brand new!

Structured DesignNot many patterns are available
Made of 100 percent cotton 
Easy to fold 
Machine washable 

9. Best Crossbody Bag option

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Free your hands by carrying your essentials in this super small crossbody bag from BAGGU.

Keys, sanitizers, masks, extra essentials, and just about anything small can fit in this BAGGU  bag.

That is because it features three pockets, so you can separate the items with ease.

Not only is this bag functional, but it also comes in a chic design to match your look!

So don’t shy away from flaunting this to onlookers, who might be encouraged to turn to a plastic-free lifestyle.

Speaking of that, this bag is made of nylon – eco-friendly fabric to minimize plastic usage!

Hence, it makes a great reusable handy bag for when you have to use it on multiple occasions.

Though you might notice a little crunchy sound, it isn’t big of a deal once you wash it several times. 

Enough room to fit contentsQuestionable Quality
Multi-functional (Crossbody and over the shoulder) 
Long handles 
Easy to clean 

10. Best for Carrying Wine Bottles

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Dress up your bottle of wine in this set-of-three BAGGU  bags for wine.

Each bag comes in the same size to fit the standard wine bottle conveniently.

Besides, you get three of these, so you can bring up to three wine bottles!

The pattern of these wine totes is in the shade of dark metallic.

In addition to the design, you get the comfort of carrying your wine bottles super conveniently.

Plus, the open-top design allows you to easily pack the bottle, and take it out in a snap.

And the best feature of it is its eco-friendly fabric (recycled ripstop nylon) from which it is made.

When you’re home after a party, you can toss these into a machine to reuse them again for some event!

Comes in a pack of threeA bit pricey
Features a variety of patterns 
Keychain loop 
Easy to fit standard wine bottles 

Buyer’s Guide to BAGGU  Bags

Combing through a bunch of bags available in the market can surely make you indecisive.

After all, you have got a myriad of needs that can be met with the right choice of bag.

Reusable bags offered by BAGGU  have a different designs, color patterns, handles, and other features.

So how would you pick the one that is close to what you’re looking for in a bag?

To help you in that buying process, we have highlighted some features to look for in BAGGU  totes!

Best for (Purpose of the bag)

Any person looking to buy themselves a bag must know why they need it for.

If you might have a ton of grocery shopping to do, then go for a BAGGU  bag that is large enough.

Similarly, a mesh bag can be an excellent choice for a beach trip to carry your flip-flops.

Or, you can turn to a bag with a zip closure that will keep your valuables safe and secure.

As long as the features of the bag meet your expected requirements, you’re all good!

So choose the tote that checks all the boxes (or your requirements)!                                                                


After ditching the plastic bags, you sure would go for a bag that is made of earth-friendly materials.

The BAGGU bags are produced with recycled materials such as Recycled Nylon and Recycled Canvas.

Depending on your preference, you can pick the one that is durable, easy to maintain, and so on.


The size of any bag determines how much capacity of the contents it can hold comfortably.

For that reason, BAGGU reusable totes come in varying sizes-small, medium, large, and extra-large.

So get the one that meets your needs, is lightweight, and helps schlep the items from one place to another.


Do you match the design and pattern of a bag with your outfit?

Then a trendy pattern in a bag would be a great choice for you.

Luckily, BAGGU has got a myriad of patterns (with their iconic names) to suit you!

Be sure to check that the name of the pattern and the product picture is similar.


From crossbody bag design to large shopping bags, the BAGGU has got you covered.

It depends on which one you would choose to go with as per your preferences.

For ladies, purse-like bags are available that are made of eco-friendly fabric.

These bags are different in their design as they are utilitarian, fashionable, iconic, and you name it!

Of course, a pair of handles is an essential piece of any bag.

Hence, you should get yourself a bag that has long shoulder straps should you feel the need for it!


You want a bag that lasts longer than the flimsy plastic ones.

And that can only happen when you invest in a good quality one.

Remember the price you pay for a bag should provide you with the value.

Hence, if you want to spend a big dollar, then consider the quality of the bag.

Make sure that the bag is well-made, durable, and useful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is a BAGGU bag?

BAGGU is the brand that designs BAGGU bags that are eco-friendly, versatile, multi-functional, and trendy.

2.      What are BAGGU bags made of?

The BAGGU bags are made of Recycled Nylon and Recycled Canvas.

3.      Are BAGGU bags machine washable?

Yes, BAGGU bags can be washed in a machine.

4.      Are BAGGU bags eco-friendly?

Yes, BAGGU bags are popular for their eco-friendly design, ensuring minimal wastage.

5.      What can you use BAGGU bags for?

You can use BAGGU bags for grocery, laundry, office, beach, travel, and more.

6.      How much are BAGGU bags for?

BAGGU bags are sold at reasonable prices, providing you the value for the price you pay.

7.      Are BAGGU bags waterproof?

Yes, some of the BAGGU bags are water-resistant.

8.      How durable are BAGGU bags?

BAGGU bags have a longer shelf-life thanks to their well-made construction.

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