Placing your vegetables in flimsy, disposable bags isn’t convenient especially when the world is moving towards adopting a green lifestyle.

That’s why many households are investing in eco-friendly alternatives to reduce food waste and eliminate plastic usage.

Luckily, reusable veggie bags are made of eco-friendly fabric, ensuring the freshness of your produce and no rotting of fresh vegetables.

What’s even better about these reusable vegetable bags is that you can reuse them many times!

You can take these bags to the fruit markets, supermarkets, and grocery stores.

Or better yet, you can keep them in Reusable Shopping Bags for your next trip to a store or a market! 

Here’s a quick view of our 10 top picks of reusable veggie bags. Read on for a detailed review of each reusable bag for vegetables!


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1. Best for Grocery Shopping

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This pack of nine reusable veggie bags meets all your grocery shopping needs. Kerkoor believes in providing safe green bags that are BPA-free and Food Safe for households.

These eco-friendly vegetable bags are made of organic cotton featuring mesh and net design.

Because of its see-through net design, you can easily check out at a grocery store without taking out produce.

What’s more, these green bags come in three different sizes like small, medium, and large. You can keep a variety of vegetables and fruits in each of these bags.

Use small veggie bags to store small-sized vegetables like garlic, Brussels, mushrooms, and onions.

Keep the medium bags and large bags for vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and a dozen of fresh fruits.

With their sturdy feature, you can carry a large number of grocery items and securely seal them with bead drawstring closure.

These are particularly designed to hold a heavy load of produce so you can carry it home conveniently.

To increase its durability, you can wash it by hand for a quick cleanup. 

Comes in three different sizesSpace not adequate
Features handle for portability 
Easy to wash 

2. Best for Onions & Potatoes Storage

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These reusable veggie bags have the sack-like design, which is also why it’s strong and sturdy. Resilient Roots offer you the best reusable bags for vegetables.

These bags have the large capacity to hold a bunch of potatoes and onions up to 10lbs.

Their minimalist and basic design make them a popular choice for households.

Both of these bags have a separate labeling design, one with “Onions” and the other with “Potatoes”.

Though these are particularly popular for carrying potatoes and onions, you can also repurpose them. 

Utilize them to store other vegetables like ginger, garlic, and more in the pantry or kitchen.

These reusable veggie bags will keep the produce fresh, reducing the risk of rotting the fresh vegetables.

Plus, their breathable material, made of cotton and non-woven mesh, allows for the better air circulation.

Two other great features of these reusable vegetable bags include an additional side zipper and machine-washable feature.

Once you’re done using them, you can pop them in machine to reuse them again for another grocery trip!

Large CapacityPotatoes sprouted within 2 weeks
Breathable materialLarge to store in a refrigerator
Feature Drawstring opening + a side zipper 
Easy to carry heavy loads 
Machine Washable 

3. Best for Leafy Greens

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Awarded for being the best produce bags, these reusable bags from Simple Ecology are a great alternative to disposable bags.

Households that want to go green in their everyday life can invest in these eco-friendly bags to carry produce.

Made of breathable and organic fabric, these veggie bags will allow you to easily shop for groceries and produce.

This will also increase your vegetables’ shelf-life as well by keeping them in better condition.

This set of six reusable bags for vegetables feature varying sizes of bags like large, medium, and small. Utilize the large one to hold your fresh leafy green vegetables like heads of lettuce and kale.

You can also shop and store vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and more!

If you buy bulk bin goods like beans, grains, or oats, then use small bags to fit those items easily.

Make full use of these bags to save space in your pantry and kitchen. You can use them to store vegetables in your pantry and kitchen, ultimately saving space.

After usage, it’s better to hand wash them to increase their lifetime and durability.

Comes in 3 varying sizesThin
Exterior Tare Weight Tags AttachedYou can’t see through them
Easy to washShrink after washing
Multipurpose (grocery shopping, storage, and organization) 

4. Best for Garlic Storage

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Specifically designed for storing garlic, this large-sized reusable veggie bag features wide applicability.

This reusable bag also features a garlic print, making it stand out from other veggie bags. So you always know where you’ve put your precious heads of garlic in.

But you can also utilize it for storing vegetables other like onions, potatoes and more!

Made of polyester, its interior design ensures the preservation of the produce for a longer time. It eliminates the ethylene gas in order to keep the produce crisp!

In addition, this bag keeps moisture and light away, hence it protects the contents inside.

You can take it to a grocery store to fit the fresh vegetables in it and to carry it back home.

It features an easy-to-open drawstring and a side zipper so you can take out the items smoothly.

In case you want to save space, you can hang it in the kitchen with the help of its hook! Plus, it’s a great way to organize the production.

Large capacityA little overpriced
Comes with a hook 
Perfect for shopping and storing vegetables 
Easy to wash 

5. Best for Bulk Storage

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If you’re looking for vegetable bags for the refrigerator, then this set of five reusable veggie bags is a must-have!

It comes with a ton of features that offer you solutions in shopping, storing, and organizing produce.

EcoDine offers you safe, pesticide-free, and high-quality veggie bags to hold your fresh vegetables.

These bags are made of organic cotton material so you can store vegetables, fruits, and bulk bins up to 25lbs. And you can also keep your lemons, kale, and a bunch of other thick-skinned fruits and vegetables.

These reusable mesh bags for vegetables are breathable, machine-washable, large in capacity, and feature wooden toggles.

What’s even better about these bags is that they are GOT certified!

With these handy reusable vegetable bags, you can go green and eliminate the plastic in your household.

You can store these handy bags in the kitchen or in the pantry to save space and to find them easily next time!

For easy cleanup, wash them in cold water and lay them flat to dry nicely and you’re good to go.

And you can use them as brand new for your next grocery trip!

LightweightToo small
Comes with tare tagsLittle difficult to open
Each bag holds up to 25lbs 
GOT Certified 

6. Best Longer Preservation

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These reusable veggie bags are a perfect choice for preserving the crispness of flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

This pack includes a set of thirty-gallon-sized bags for vegetables so you can store them in the fridge conveniently.

You can store a dozen of bananas, heads of lettuce, cauliflower, and a bunch of other greens and flowers as well. These reusable vegetable bags will get rid of the ethylene gas, ensuring preservation up to 8 days.

To reduce food wastage, you can even store the freshly cut vegetables in these handy bags and keep them in the fridge.

Plus, these eco-friendly bags are BPA-free and made with natural minerals like polyethylene.

Each bag can easily hold a bunch of apples, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables and keep your fridge organized.

These green bags are machine-washable, meaning you can wash and dry them more easily to reuse them again!

BPA-freeGreens and fruits rot within a week
Provides greater shelf-life of produce, flowersQuick to tear
A pack with a reasonable price 

7. Best for Cute Color-coded Designs

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These reusable vegetable bags from Lotus are perfect must-have baggies for an eco-conscious and zero-waste lifestyle.

The set of nine reusable veggie bags provide the solution to all your grocery shopping and storing needs.

These well-made green bags are designed to hold vegetables up to 25lbs, featuring a roomy space.

Place your lettuce, parsley, and a variety of other thick-skinned or greens in these handy bags.

Their breathable feature allows the airflow that ensures the prime condition of your produce!

You can take these to a grocery store to bring home fresh produce and fruits conveniently.

You can keep these in your fridge, pantry, or in the kitchen to keep the space organized.

These bags feature pretty color-coded design bands and tags with each having its own sturdy drawstring.

This secure drawstring lock allows for easy closure so you can take out your produce at a check-out.

You can also pack fruits in these bags for lunch and consume them on the go!

Or you can repurpose these to store your make-up kit or other household essentials for better organization.

These are easy to clean, too. Just pop them into a machine and dry them to utilize them again!

LightweightThe package included 3 bags instead of 9
Color-coded with tare tags 
BPA-Free Breathable 

8. Best for Foldable Option

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Flip & tumble makes eco-solutions for all the households that are adopting a zero-waste lifestyle. As a result of which, you get reusable produce bags for vegetables and fruits.

This set of 5 reusable veggie bags can fit a bunch of fruits, vegetables, and more.

These bags provide safety to food items as these are tested to be BPA-free, so no worry!

What’s more, you can also utilize them for other purposes like stashing toiletries or other household essentials.

These bags are super lightweight; with each bag weighing 0.4 ounces and each attached tare weight 0.03 pounds!

While these are lightweight, you wouldn’t have to worry about them tearing apart. These are well-made and designed with tough fabric perfected with double stitching seams!

There are two ways to easily set each bag apart either with fun color-coded tags or its see-through fabric.

Hence, you’ll always know where you have placed those fresh fruits in these handy reusable mesh bags!

These reusable vegetable bags are super foldable, too. So you can even fit them in your wallet or inside your pocket!

Once empty, wash them in a machine to get rid of stains and smell to reuse them again.

Light-weightNot good for storing produce
Features fun color-coded tagsComes in a poor packaging
Bpa-free and tear-proof 

9. Best for Durability

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Made in the USA, these reusable veggie bags are designed for every household that wants eco-friendly solutions for their grocery.

Stellar Earth Wares reusable vegetable bags come in a pack of 4 to make your grocery shopping convenient.

You can take these super lightweight green bags to a grocery store, supermarket to shop for greens and fruits.

These bags have the capacity to hold up to 15lbs. vegetables like the heads of lettuce, tomatoes. And you can pack your fresh peaches and even bulk bins!

Once you’ve placed your vegetables and fruits in each separate bag, pull the drawstring to close them securely.

These bags feature a classic and basic design made with high-quality fabric with double-stitched seams.

This double-stitched seam ensures no tearing of the bags while containing a large amount of produce, providing strength and durability.

Easy to wash (Machine-washable) and easy to fold, these reusable mesh bags are a must-have for any kitchen!

Holds up to 15 lbs.Logo rubs off during washing
Double-stitched seams 
Easy to open and close (drawstrings) 

10. Best for Saving Space

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Perfect for every eco-conscious household, these reusable bags for vegetables from Ecotiva are handy for grocery shopping.

Made with 100% cotton fabric, these reusable mesh bags are designed perfectly to hold your produce. You can always carry these to a grocery store to shop for fresh vegetables and fruits!

You get 2x large, 2x medium, 2x small packed nicely in an eco-friendly muslin packaging.

Each bag also features tare weight patches so you don’t have to wait at a check-out!

Another feature that sets these bags apart from others is their sturdy double-sided drawstring.

Once you’ve placed your produce safely inside the bags, you can pull the tape-styled drawstring to tightly close the bag!

These bags are GOTS certified that verifies their organic standard, hence you get high-quality and safe bags.

These are also perfect for organizing your other household items like toys, makeup kits, and more!

After usage, you can pop these in a machine and reuse them for more grocery shopping trips.

GOT CertifiedThe drawstring can open during washing
Large capacity 
Feature drawstrings 
Perfect for grocery shopping & organizing 

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Veggie Bags

Switching from flimsy disposable plastic bags to reusable veggie bags is a step towards a sustainable lifestyle. With a myriad of different options available with a variety of designs, how do you choose a reusable bag for vegetables?

For that purpose, we have highlighted some factors to consider before you get your hands on that handy green bag!

Choosing the right reusable bag that perfectly fits your grocery needs and provides eco-friendly solutions is a wise decision.

With that said, here’s the buyer’s guide to reusable veggie bags to help you decide the ideal bag for you!

Purpose (Shopping, Storing, Organizing)

Reusable veggie bags have many uses and are multipurpose; hence these are ideal choices for many households.

However, some green bags are designed specifically for grocery shopping, storing, or organizing.

And reusable vegetable bags for refrigerators feature a preservation feature that allows vegetables to stay fresh for hours.

That’s why you must figure out for what purpose you’d need these eco-friendly bags. Then select the one that matches your purpose!


These sustainable options are pretty wallet-friendly, meaning you can always find a veggie bag that comes within budget.

You can also find a reusable veggie bag that matches your grocery needs and is available at a reasonable price. However, some bags might be a little pricey because of the high-quality fabric. 


These eco-friendly veggie bags are made of natural materials or fabric, ensuring safety for your food and environment.

You’ll find tons of high-quality fabric that make these bags reusable and sustainable for every household.

Some of which include Muslin, Organic Cotton, Polyester, and more.

Muslin reusable bags for vegetables aren’t see-through but are great for organizing your pantry.

Mesh reusable bags are great for grocery shopping as you can see what’s inside them during checkout.

However, the most useful and sustainable material is said to be organic cotton. If you’d prefer that, you can opt for that option!

Capacity (Large, Medium, Small)

Reusable veggie bags come in varying sizes featuring large, medium, and small.

Any household’s grocery trip involves purchasing a large number of vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, Brussels, and other greens. For that reason, it’s better to go for a large veggie bag.

Keep the small veggie bags for shopping bulk bins or other small food items like mushrooms, ginger, or lemons.

Fortunately, many reusable veggie bags offer a variety of sizes that you can utilize to hold the contents conveniently.


Quick and proper cleanup will keep your reusable bags durable for a longer time.

Several reusable bags are easy to clean, with some of them offering machine-washable features.

Choose a veggie bag that will be hassle-free when it comes to washing them in a machine or by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are reusable veggie bags worth it?

Yes. Reusable veggie bags have many uses that help you in shopping, storing, and organizing vegetables and fruits.

2. Do reusable mesh veggie bags work?

Yes. Reusable mesh veggie bags work because of their breathable material that allows airflow to ensure the good condition of vegetables.

3. Can you store potatoes in reusable veggie bags?

Yes. You can store potato bags in reusable veggie bags. However, the shelf-life of potatoes won’t last long.

4. Can I use reusable veggie bags at the grocery store?

Yes. These reusable veggie bags are designed to be used at a grocery store conveniently.

5. What do you do with too many reusable veggie bags?

You can always repurpose the spare reusable bags for vegetables like stashing your toiletries or essentials. You can also gift these to your friends! 

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