10 Best Reusable Produce Bags Reviewed for 2021

More and more people are becoming environmentally friendly and going plastic-free. And many regular grocery shoppers are contributing in this good cause.

Surprisingly, several retailers are discouraging the use of single-use plastic bags. Because these aren’t only harmful to nature, but they also aren’t very useful for your veg and fruit shopping.

But is there any alternative to completely stop using these harmful disposable plastic bags?

Fortunately, yes.

You can reduce environmental pollution and enhance your grocery shopping experience (More on this later) by using reusable produce bags.

To help you in this plastic-free shopping journey, we have handpicked 10 best reusable produce bags with a detailed buying guide.


BrandBahrEcoJoySusieOrganic Cotton MartNaturally SensibleLeafico StoreAll Cotton and LinenNow DesignsPurifyouHereinwayLavinrose
Best ForEasy to washBudget-friendlyProtecting your produceColorful setMulti-purposeBulk foodEco-friendly designsColor-coded tare weight tagsLong-LastingAll-in-one
Size15 x 12 x 0.5 inches8.1 x 4.8 x 1.8 inches14 x 9 x 1 inches12 x 14 inches6.3 x 4.7 x 1.9 inches0.79 x 1.18 x 0.79 inches16 x 12.25 x 0.4 inches4.13 x 1.38 x 8.58 inches10.98 x 4.37 x 1.26 inches10 x 8.66 x 0.19 inches
HandleNoYesNoNoEasy CarryEasy CarryEasy CarryEasy CarryYesEasy Carry
Set5  –358831039
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Comparison of various Reusable Produce Bags

Why Reusable Produce Bags Are Important

Undoubtedly, when it comes to rewards and benefits, nothing can beat reusable produce bags. And anyone planning to switch from using disposable plastic bags to green bags is making a smart choice.

Here we have highlighted some of the benefits why you should use start using reusable produce bags:

Reusable unlike single-use:

One of the particular reasons why you must start using reusable bags is for their reusability. You can make use of these bags as many times as you want.

Unlike disposable bags, plastic and paper, which find their way to trash after one-time use, these are for multiple uses.

Protects environment and marine life:

Plastic and paper shopping bags are harmful for environment as these aren’t easily recyclable. These bags have put the lives of many living beings, land and marine, in danger.

Because of this reason, many households have started to avoid them altogether and shifted to using green bags.

Easy to clean:

Unlike flimsy disposable bags, reusable produce bags are made of washable material. So you can easily wash and reuse them for your next grocery shopping trip.

Lasts longer than flimsy plastic bags:

Reusable produce bags are durable and can survive several machine washes.

Whether you buy fruits or veg, weekly or monthly, you can rely on these green bags for a longer time.


Starting from as low as $7, these reusable bags won’t break your bank and will provide you with value.

So you can shop, store and transport food conveniently without the hassle of using fragile plastic bags.

Holds your bulk produce:

Reusable produce bags vary in their size depending on what you prefer. You can bag your vegetables, fruits and other organic goods in them comfortably.

These green bags have the capacity to hold your heavy produce because of their unbreakable feature.

Organizes your produce:

Many of these biodegradable produce bags come with a bunch of sets. So you can organize your different food items in bags if you don’t want to mix them up.


These eco-friendly bags aren’t just limited to transporting goods. You can even use them to store other household items.

So now that you know why it’s important to own a personal reusable produce bag.

It’s time to make a change in your life and those around you (living beings) by choosing from the best.

Here we’ve chosen the best reusable produce bags for you.

Overview of our top picks

  1. Best for easy to wash:
  2. Best for budget-friendly:
  3. Best for protecting your produce:
  4. Best colorful set:
  5. Best for multi-purpose:  
  6. Best for bulk food:
  7. Best eco-friendly designs:
  8. Best color-coded tare weight tags:
  9. Best long-lasting:
  10. Best all-in-one:

We have reviewed each of our recommendations of top picks to suit your needs.

1. Best Easy to Wash Produce Bag

Reusable Produce Bags – Premium Washable BahrEco Mesh Bags for Grocery Shopping & Storage of Fruit Vegetable & Garden Produce – Eco Friendly Net Bags
  • FOLDABLE, MACHINE WASHABLE, PORTABLE – Discover convenience with your eco friendly grocery bags
  • COLOR-CODED TAGS & DRAWSTRING ? Organize your Awesome Avocados, Perfect Peaches & Tangy Tangerines!
  • BREATHE EASY – Rest assured your FRUIT, VEGETABLE & GARDEN produce will be SAFE in your MESH bags.
  • MULTI FUNCTIONAL – Great for storage – toys, cosmetics, accessories. Travel – shoes & clothes

Make your grocery shopping experience worthwhile by using these large mesh bags. These come in a set of 5 pieces so you can organize your goods separately.

What’s more, you can easily wash them as these are designed to withstand machine washing.

These are perfect green bags for when you have to keep your fruits and green vegetables garden-fresh.

• Breathable
• A set of 5
• Color-coded weight tags
• Easy to wash and clean
• Ideal for small food items like rich and quinoa
• Stitching needs to be fixed after few times usage

2. Best Budget Friendly Produce Bag

Reusable Cotton Mesh Grocery Washable Bag Black
  • ⛺ LONG AND EXTRA THICK HANDLES ⛺ 100% Cotton Net Shopping Bag have 12″ longer handles. Extra thick handles make the shoulders more comfortable.
  • ⛺ SUPER STRETCHY AND LARGE CAPACITY ⛺ The cotton netting naturally stretches, more spacious. Net Shopping Bags make the best for storing fruit, vegetable; particularly swim gear in the summer and carrying Beach Toys, and related stuff. You won’t be dragging sand home in your bags.
  • ⛺ EASILY WASH ⛺ This Cotton Net Bag is Washable easily. You don’t have to put in any extra effort for washing them and these bags can easily be washed in the regular machines.
  • ⛺ SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLDABLE ⛺ The natural cotton Net Shopping Bag is extremely light-weight. Net Shopping Tote can be folded in any shape and size.
  • ⛺ NO MORE PLASTIC ⛺ The reusability of Net Shopping Bags has resulted in many ways that have saved the planet from the damage of the plastic bags.

With these stretchable and breathable reusable produce bags, you can transport your grocery easily.

You can utilize its best feature, handles, to carry heavy produce without any hassle. Whether you’re transporting produce from grocery store to your car or storing food, it’s a must-have bag to reduce waste.

As these are made of 100% cotton material, you can clean and reuse them for as many times as you want.

• Easily foldable
• Light-weight to carry
• Handles
• More capacity to hold your grocery
• Breathable to keep your fruits and green veggies fresh
• Small handles to put over your shoulder

3. Best Bag for Protecting your Produce

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags made from 100% Organic Cotton – Perfect Reusable Net Vegetable Bags – Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable & Washable Fruit, Vegetable & Produce Bags (3 Medium)
  • PROTECT THE PLANET – With these eco-friendly reusable produce bags, you can do your part to help protect the planet and minimize environmental damage & plastic pollution in our precious oceans, waterways and ecosystems.
  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON MESH – Our bags are crafted from 100% high quality organic cotton knit fabric with a certification for Ecology and Social Responsibility from Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), a leader in environmental and social conscientiousness.
  • SAFELY STORE FRUITS & VEGGIES – Protect delicate fruits & vegetables from bruising and safely store your produce for up to a week. Our refined breathable mesh material preserves maximum freshness so your favorite fruits & veggies stay as delicious as the day you bought them!
  • HEAVY DUTY AND WASHABLE – Featuring hassle-free drawstring closures and reinforced double stitching on all sides, these bags are the perfect choice for carrying & storing heavy bulk items or produce like potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, oranges, bananas, and anything you want! Easily clean and wash them in cold water, then air dry.
  • WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU – Bags come in sizes L (12 x 15”), M (10 x 12”), and S (8 x 10”) per set of 2 each. We use only recycled paper packaging to ensure that ZERO waste or trash ever makes its way into the environment. The tare weight is indicated on the label of each bag for cashiers to easily deduct the weight.

To beat its counterpart disposable bags, these medium-sized mesh bags are best to keep your goods fresh. These biodegradable bags will make your life easier by protecting your vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

Made of 100% organic cotton, you can wash and remove any stains easily in cold water. Plus, you won’t have to take out your produce at the check-out because it’s equipped with weight labels.

These are also breathable netted mesh bags designed to preserve produce items for longer.

• Zero-waste packaging
• Made with breathable material
• Best for bulk items like oats, rice and salt
• Weight labels
• Washable
• No handles
• No color-coded tare weight tags

4. Most Colorful Produce Bag

Naturally Sensible Reusable Produce Bags | Sturdy Mesh Grocery Tote (5 Bag Set)
  • Colors That Pop While You Shop. Why bother with plain old produce bags when more vibrant options exist? Our reusable, washable mesh bags offer super-unique shades like Earth-toned teal, purple, and deep green. A feast for the eyes while gathering a feast for the family—what a treat.
  • Bring On the Dragon Fruit. As you head for the grocery store or farmer’s market, you want to know your eco-friendly produce bags are ready for anything. Naturally Sensible Reusable Bags are made with high-quality mesh and secured with uncommonly strong cotton fabric hems. They cinch up securely with premium pop-locks and drawstrings. These totes are beyond ready for every trip.
  • It Simply Makes Sense. When you have the right-sized bags, with handy color coding and easy-to-use drawstrings and closures—don’t be surprised if you get that shopping done in a fraction of the time it used to take. Our 12” X 14” bags are ideal to gather up onions, carrots, apples, and more in just the right amounts that are a breeze to carry. They stay pristine and are ready to wash and store immediately.
  • More Than Just Meal Prep. Get creative with Naturally Sensible Reusable Produce Bags. Yep, they’re super for shopping. Keep that up, for sure. Then consider using them for other activities, too. Like vacations, beach trips, toy washing, school organization, and shoe storage. These mesh totes are amazingly strong so use that imagination to see how they can be used to make life easier in many, many areas.
  • The Seeds of Compassion. Did you know that the Naturally Sensible team plants new trees with every product purchase? We are committed to our beautiful planet and our wonderful like-minded community. Like you, we are environmentally friendly and hoping for more zero-waste options for all of our fellow citizens. Going plastic-free in our lifestyles can help the planet and future generations. Let’s all pitch in.

These nylon eco-friendly bags have colorful hem designs that make them strikingly different from other bags. You can use these anywhere – retail store, fruit market or a supermarket.

With the help of drawstring, you can close your bags and safely put them into your shopping cart.

It’s even easier to fold them without their material breaking off.

You can also pack and store your other household stuff in these reusable produce bags.

• See-through bags to easily determine your produce at check out
• Foldable
• Easy to clean
• Comes with colored hem
• Made of Nylon Material
• Features pop-lock along with drawstring
• Printed Tare weights attached
• Comes in a plastic packaging
• You will need to carefully close the bags

5. Best Multipurpose Produce Bag

Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags - Small 5x7 - 12 Pcs Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Bulk Bin Bags for Food - Sachet Bags - Fruit Vegetable Storage - Drawstring Pouch - Produce Linen Bag by Leafico
1,977 Reviews
Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags – Small 5×7 – 12 Pcs Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Bulk Bin Bags for Food – Sachet Bags – Fruit Vegetable Storage – Drawstring Pouch – Produce Linen Bag by Leafico
  • ⭐ MULTI-PURPOSE ZERO WASTE PRODUCE BAGS ⭐ Designed with everyday use in mind, Leafico reusable cotton grocery bags are great bulk bin bags for toy storage, sachet bags, beach bags, and storing jewelry bags. Can also be used for culinary purposes like storing herbs or spices or for straining yogurt like cheese cloth, juice nut milk bags
  • ♻️ REUSABLE NATURAL COTTON & MACHINE WASHABLE ♻️ Leafico muslin bags are 100% natural cotton and machine washable (wash with cold water and air dry). We give you more with extra material on the sides so our cotton fabric bags are truly the size we say.
  • 🌎 REMOVE PLASTIC AND SAVE MONEY 🌎 No more plastic bags. Use Leafico organic, biodegradable 100% cotton/muslin storage bag. Natural cotton fabric bags are smooth and soft, which allows for air circulation. Great muslin fabric bags.
  • 🎁 GREAT PARTY FAVOR BAGS 🎁 Like any artist you need a great canvas, paint and style cotton gift bags for a themed event as favors. Great use as cloth drawstring gift bags for Christmas, birthday, and weddings
  • 💎 TRY LEAFICO COTTON BAGS 100% RISK FREE 💎 Leafico fabric bags are backed by 1 year warranty and 30 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED money back guarantee. Like you we love this world and we want to see plastics removed. That’s the Leafico promise

Leafico store brings you the premium quality eco-friendly muslin bags so you can shop your favorite produce in bulk. These reusable cotton bags come in different sizes so you can hold your produce comfortably.

With its removable tags and extra capacity, you can contain just about anything. Plus, you get 12 bags at a low price.

While these may look like a perfect grocery shopping bags, you can still use them for other household items. Those items can be your make-up kit, toiletries, or snacks.

These are also perfect for DIY gift ideas in case you want to wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly way. You can even customize your reusable bags to style them up!

• 100% cotton material
• Best for storage
• Easy to wash and fold
• Multi-purpose – Nuts & grains, jewelry, toiletries, milk straining
• Breathable material
• Packing is biodegradable
• Perfect for gifts
• These aren’t see-through bags
• Shrinkage of bags after washing

6. Best Produce Bag for Bulk Food

Cotton Produce Bags Reusable Produce Bags - Cotton Bread Bag - Bulk Food Reusable Bags - Bulk Produce Bags - Vegetable Cloth Bags - Cotton Muslin Produce Bag Set Set of 8 (2 XL, 2L, 2M, 2S)
514 Reviews
Cotton Produce Bags Reusable Produce Bags – Cotton Bread Bag – Bulk Food Reusable Bags – Bulk Produce Bags – Vegetable Cloth Bags – Cotton Muslin Produce Bag Set Set of 8 (2 XL, 2L, 2M, 2S)
  • Reusable Produce Bags: The organic produce bags muslin come in a Set of 8 2 X Large, 2 Large, 2 Medium, 2 Small (2 X-Large(14×18 in), 2 Large(12×15 in), 2Medium(10×12 in), 2 Small(8×10 in)) for different uses. Reusable bulk bags We wanted to offer you a range of sizes for your daily needs and one size sure does not fit all. Cotton produce bags You will be well covered for all your different needs with these reusable produce bags.
  • Organic Cotton Produce Bags: reusable bags woven with 100% organic cotton, the large muslin produce bags are lightweight and breathable Vegetable bags. The cotton produce bags allow air circulation which prevents the moisture and the heat from getting trapped and spoiling the produce. The large muslin cotton bags are designed in a way that results in minimal shrinkage of vegetable bag cloth. These cotton muslin large bags make the bags a long-lasting option for your cotton produce bags.
  • Cloth Produce Bags Different Uses: The produce cotton bags can be used for multiple purposes around the house – cotton bulk bags Store the fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh for a longer time in the vegetable bags. To ensure the greens don’t wilt away, simply dampen the cotton produce bags before storing them. The organic muslin produce bag comes with drawstrings which keep your purchase fresh, helps you to carry things around conveniently, and hang it as well Produce bags.
  • Bulk Drawstring Bags – Cotton produce bags Carry them with you for shopping. Even if you have shopped a little more and your bag is heavy, you don’t have to worry as the extra stitches made at the edges and corners of the drawstring will help you carry the extra weight. The cotton produce bag comes with the tear weight advantage. The tare weight on all muslin produce bags will let you know the exact weight. So, goodbye to the long waiting in the queues for checking the weights of your purchase.
  • Reusable Bulk Bags for Grains: Muslin produce bags These organic cotton muslin bags are made to last as they can be used repeatedly to produce bags. Muslin produce bags Once you want to dispose of them, Cloth produce bags you can do so without any concerns, Large muslin produces bags that are biodegradable. The durable cotton muslin produce bags made with premium quality organic cotton is breathable making it a smart choice to store your household items in a muslin large bag in bulk.

If you shop bulk produce and heavy loads of food items, then these reusable produce bags are must-have. You can put any heavy produce items like water melon, nuts and grains, and other items!

These eco-friendly bags are strong enough to hold your heaviest produce bulk because of their double stitching. Plus, these come in different sizes – depending on your needs. So you can bag your variety of food items separately.

These muslin bags also include drawstring to keep your produce closed and secured.

Unlike breakable disposable bags, these bags are able to contain heavy items without spilling out contents all over.

• Comes in different sizes for different grocery needs
• Breathable material to preserve veg and fruits
• Extra stitches
• Multi-purpose – herbs, spices, equipment, toys for kids
• Can be used as a DIY gifts
• Long-lasting
• Weight can be determined by tare weight tags
• Shrinkage in small bags

7. Best Eco Friendly Design

Now Designs Produce Bags Reusable Unbleached Cotton, Shop Local
  • Ditch the plastic! Make grocery shopping waste-free with reusable cotton produce bags by Now Designs
  • This set includes three reusable bags made from unbleached cotton. Breathable cotton means produce stays fresher, longer!
  • The largest bag measures 16 inches long and 12.25 inches wide. The medium sized bag measures 13 inches long and is 10.25 inches wide. The smallest size bag measures 10.5 inches long and 8.5 inches wide
  • An integrated drawstring keeps foods secure while shopping. The tare weight is printed directly on the bag (convenient for knowing bag’s weight when purchasing produce by weight).
  • Durable and machine washable. Wash and re-use these bags over and over again, and eliminate the need for single use plastic bags

Your biodegradable produce bags can still look chic while benefiting you and the environment. These beautiful bags are groomed with eco-friendly designs to make your grocery shopping fun-filled.

You will get a set of 3 for all your grocery and other household needs. Even your kid would love to carry these cute totes around!

In addition to cool design, you can transport your produce and keep them secure with attached drawstring. Plus, it’s made of breathable cotton material to keep your fruits and green vegetables fresh for a long time.

• Durable
• Perfect for gifts
• Secure your food items
• Store your household items
• Easy to wash and fold
• Comes with tare weight tags
• These aren’t see-through bags

8. Color Coded Produce Bags

purifyou Set of 10 Premium Reusable Produce Bags – Small (12×8), Farmers Market Bags, Washable Shopping Bags, Gift Bags, Storage for Fruits, Vegetables, Toys, Groceries, Kitchen and Home Organizer
  • Fresh and Clean: Our bags can be placed inside Fridge to store non-leafy produce. The mesh net allows the fruit and vegetables to breathe and prolongs their freshness.
  • Durable: With an easy-glide premium steal drawstring bead and high-quality double-stitched mesh polyester fiber for extra durability. It is machine washable, foldable, light-weight, see-through, and comes with pastel-colored tare weights tags.
  • Versatile: Our bags are not only for produce storage but also works great for groceries, food items, laundry delicates, necessities, gardening, camping accessories, kids toy storage, kitchen, toilet supplies, and other stuff that fits – or even for gift bags, shopping, or home organizer.
  • Sustainable: Our mesh produce bags are reusable and made to eliminate disposable synthetic bags that harm the environment.
  • Inclusions: This set includes (10) Small 12×8 reusable mesh bags. Plus free (2) fish keychains as a reminder that they suffer when we use synthetic products.

Your grocery shopping journey will be more fun and hassle-free with these color-coded reusable bags. These come in a set of 10 small bags to transport your produce items in a safe and secure way.

What’s more, these are light-weight so you can easily carry your stuff here and there.

Make most out of these small green bags by storing your items or your kids’ toys in one place.

These are see-through as well so you can determine which items you’ve bagged inside.

Luckily, now these polyester mesh bags come with 2 reminded key chains (Dead fish) to symbolize the detrimental impact of environment pollution.

• Color-coded tare weight tags
• A set of 10 bags
• Comes with 2 key chains
• Approved BPA, lead and mercury-free material
• Multi-functional – toys, grains, cheese curds and much more
• Easy to wash and foldable material
• Double stitched for durability
• Not used for storing green vegetables

9. Longest Lasting Produce Bags

3 PACK Reusable Bag|Mesh Produce Bag|Hanging Storage|Reusable|Washable Cotton Mesh Grogery Bags Eco Friendly Over the Door Pantry Organizer(Green)
  • ☘️ SAFE, STRONG & DURABLE – Our Premium Quality crafted Reusable Mesh bags are made from Polyester, beautifully designed and made to last. These strong Polyester Hanging Mesh Storage Bags can easily hold all your fruits and veggies.
  • ☘️ REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS: Our mesh bag fulfills your desire for a zero-waste lifestyle. Our Hanging Mesh Storage Bags are convenient to use and the best alternative to single-use plastic bags, paper bags, nylon produce bags for fruit, vegetable bag, cans, and frozen food for shopping purpose.
  • ☘️ STRONG DURABLE MESH – These see through, lightweight mesh bag are made to last. Unlike cheap tote bags, these reusable mesh bags will hold together under all normal conditions. Save money and time, if you’re in the market to buy reusable see through, hanging Mesh Storage Bags,choose ones of high quality. Spending a little more up front, will save more money in the long run.
  • ☘️ MULTI FUNCTIONAL – Versatile bag, great for storing travel items in carry in cosmetics, beach bags, luggage sets, summer tote bags, kids toy storage, toiletries. It’s a great alternative to plastic storage bags, and good for the environment. Potatoes bag, tomatoes bags, onion bags, ginger storage bags could be hang anywhere at your home if you own this Hanging Mesh Storage Bags, saving space and sorting vegetables well, also used to kitchen garbage bag organizer, plastic waste bag storage.
  • ☘️ DESIGNED AND MADE WITH CARE – If for any reason you do not love your reusable bag, contact us and we will gladly take care of you – Lifetime Warranty

These hanging eco-friendly mesh produce bags are making way to households nowadays. Because of their polyester material, these are long-lasting and durable.

You can shop in these see-through, trendy reusable produce bags to reduce waste and be plastic-free.

What we like the best about these mesh bags is their high-quality fabric to transport your produce conveniently.

A small pocket opening in the bag can make your food items to slip inside bag effortlessly.

Simply just hang your mesh bag wherever you want and save the space at your home!

• Comes with 3 bags
• See-through bags
• Polyester material
• Strong durable mesh material
• Multi-purpose – cosmetics, kids’ toys, equipment and much more
• Easy to wash
• Hanging handle
• Bag opening is small

10. Best All in One Produce Bag

Reusable Produce Bags, Lavinrose Reusable Mesh Produce Bags with Drawstring & Tare Weight Tags, Durable Overlock-Stitched Strength, See-Through & Washable Storage Bags (Set of 9 Large)
  • Save the environment & money – No more plastic bags are needed. The best replacement for plastic bags. They are reusable, durable and WASHABLE so you could use it for many times. Saving your money by buying no plasitc bags when you go to supermarket or grocery. Further more, less plastic bags used, more helpful for our Earth.
  • Easy to see through – Our produces bags are made of processed 20D material mesh cloth. It’s lightweight and almost transparent. Everything inside the produce bags could be seen clearly and easily. It’s very convenient when you check out at grocery store or look for food in your fridge because you don¡¯t have to open each bags to look more clearly.
  • Durable overlock-stitch – Unlike those produce bags from other brands which are sewed with just a single stitch, our produce bags are sewed with durable overlock-stitch. As a result, they can safely hold more stuffs for you. What¡¯s more, they could be used for a longer period which is good for our environment.
  • Multi-purpose storage – These mesh bags could be used for many different purposes. From produce bags when go to grocery to storage bags for kids toys. They also work great as laundry bags, school lunch bags, storage bags for portable sport equipment, gym clothes, office supplies etc. A good helper for home storage.
  • Thoughtful design – There are 3 different sizes bags in our package. No matter to store large or small items you can find a perfect size easily. Each bag has a tare weight tags and has different color for different size. Plus, it has a drawstring which is convenient to use. It’s reusable and washable.

To meet all your needs, this mesh produce bag will come handy. It’s affordable and comes with a ton of best features. You can transport your produce safely, make it secure with drawstring and store any other items.

It’s durable because of its overlock stitching so your bags will last longer than usual ones.

You can see through your bought items and check the price tags with these transparent green bags.

You get 9 set of reusable produce bags to shop more with ease.

• Comes with overlock stitching for repeated use
• Easy to clean with machine washing
• Has more capacity to hold fruits and vegetables
• See-through 9 set of bags
• Multi-purpose
• Comes in plastic packaging

Buying Guide of Reusable Produce Bags

If you’re wondering how to choose reusable produce bags, then this buying guide is for you. There are a couple of factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Whatever suits your needs; these biodegradable bags are unmatchable in terms of usage, cleaning, material and much more.

All in all, these aren’t just handy bags, but they also make your life easy and healthy compared to plastic bags.

Here are some factors to consider before you get your hands on a mesh reproduce bag of your choice!


First and foremost, you’d want to buy something that saves money as well as provides the value. And if you’re someone who looks at the price tag before adding to cart, then you must look for affordable options.

And these green bags are known for their ease of use and affordability. In turn, you get an eco-friendly bag that matches your needs and budget.


Durability of these eco-friendly bags determine how long they will last after usage and machine washing.

So it’s important to check and go through features of reusable produce bags. You’ll find that some of these bags are single-stitched while others double-stitched.

So make your purchase based on how often you go for grocery shopping.


Cleaning of your reusable produce bags is as important as your other laundry items. And it’s equally important to wash them after every use to get rid of smell.

To avoid cross-contamination, wash your mesh bags in cold water after bringing home raw produce.

Fortunately, a ton of reusable produce bags are made with washable material. So you can just toss them in your washing machine for cleaning.

Space or Storage (Size)

Almost every biodegradable bag comes in different sizes — small, medium, large, X large. Depending on your grocery and storage needs, you can choose the one that meets your weekly and monthly grocery needs.

Design/ Material

Unlike disposable shopping bags, these biodegradable bags are made with a variety of materials.

Some of the most popular material used in these bags is Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, and Recycled PET.

As for designing, you can choose the one from a variety of texture and designs. Netted, sack-like, colorful hems, long-handles are some of the trendy choices.

Faqs about Reusable Produce Bags

Are reusable produce bags worth it?

Yes, these reusable produce bags are worth every penny. These are eco-friendly, light-weight and comes with many other perks to suit your budget and needs.

You can even use them for as many times as you want as these are durable unlike disposable flimsy bags.

Can you machine wash reusable grocery bags?

Yes, you can machine wash your grocery bags after using them to avoid cross-contamination and smell.

You can even wash them in cold or hot water depending on the material of these bags.

Why use a reusable bag?

Reusable bags aren’t just limited to a single-use unlike its counterpart disposable bag. You can use them to reduce waste and environment pollution. In turn, you get a healthy and plastic-free lifestyle.

How often should you wash reusable bags?

Wash them after your every grocery shopping trip.

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