6 Best Reusable Sandwich Bags Reviewed for 2021

There is something about having a fresh snack made from your home. It saves you money because you no longer have to spend your own hard earned during your breaks.

There is also a surety of what you are consuming since you are the one who prepared it. 

There are many types of sandwich bags on the market you can use. In this article, we will recommend to you the best reusable sandwich bags that you can purchase. Having any of them will mark the end of using toxic plastic bags that continues to harm our environment. Their features and benefits will be a reason why you might rush to the store and buy one.

  BrandQinline Reusable Food Storage Bags Leak-proof Jagrom 12 Pack BPA FREE Reusable BagsStasher Platinum Silicone Reusable BagsSPLF 12 Pack BPA FREE ReusableHomelux Theory Reusable SiliconeBumkins Sandwich Bag
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  Best For Kitchen organization Food storage Lunch snack Fruits and vegetables Freezing Snacks
  MaterialPlastic /glassPlasticSiliconeOrganic cottonSiliconePolyester
  Size (in)11.5 x 11 x 0.410.39 x 9.09 x 1.024.5 x 7.5 x 1Small Medium large3 Large + 4 Medium0.98 x 0.98 x 0.98 inches
  Handle  No  No  No  No  No  No
  Quantity  5  12  7  12  7  1
  Multi-purpose  Yes  Yes  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
  Washable  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes


1. Best Sandich Bag for Kitchen Organization

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These reusable food storage leak–proof bags are among the best bags you can tag along and have some sandwiches on your picnic. These bags come as a package of 5 reusable sandwich bags, silicone zip lock bags for lunch, and four reusable snack bags. They are colorful and pleasant to behold. You will love the durability and thickness of the bags. Cleaning and using the bags is easy. You can hand wash them and place them on top of a basin to dry.

The reusable food storage is made of a safe food PVC-Free, lead-free, BPA-free, and chloride-free material. There is no better way to keep the environment safe. The bags are versatile, making them the best you can have for snacks, baby food, lunch, or sandwich. They boast a colorful zipper which gives some convenience when checking what’s in the bag. The colorful zipper also allows you to pack your sandwich easily.

The bags are leak-proof, and therefore you can pack liquid foods in them. They are made with a transparent design, and consequently, you can see the contents inside them. Its durable edges are strong and tear-resistant. Get value for your money by purchasing these leak-proof reusable food storage bags.

  • Easy to clean
  • Safe for the environment
  • They do not leak
  • The bags are transparent; hence you can easily see inside
  • Not dish washable
  • Difficult to close the zippers after consistent use


2. Best Reusable Sandwich Bag for Food Storage

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Your search for convenient sandwich bags comes to an end with Jagrom 12 Pack reusable bags. They are made of a food-friendly plastic eco-friendly material. Each package of these bags includes a set of 6 sandwich bags and six reusable snack bags. They are best for meat, fruits, and vegetables. However, Jagrom bags are not safe for ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers. Do not also use the bags to store hot foods.

Quality is paramount when purchasing anything. No one wants to buy something that won’t serve for long. Buying Jagrom bags means quality. These bags are made of PVC-free, lead-free, and chloride-free material. This makes them safe for the environment. Additionally, the bags are waterproof and great for storing food hygienically, thanks to their Double-lock zipper design. You will not only keep the environment safe by purchasing them, but you will also have them for long.

We all love the taste of fresh food, especially after a long day at work. This is the more reason you need to have Jagrom reusable bags. You will always be assured of some fresh sandwich every time you get into the kitchen. The bags are also leak-proof, and therefore, you can store some chicken soup or juice in them. Cleaning and storing the bags is easy, and this makes them ideal for picnics or kitchens.

  • Durable sandwich bags
  • They keep your food fresh
  • The bags save money by reducing the use of plastic
  • Great customer services
  • Versatile and freezer safe bags
  • Not ideal for oven and microwaves or dishwashing
  • Costly bags
  • They require washing before use


3. Best Sandwich Bags for Lunch Snacks

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There is no better alternative to plastic bags than the Stasher Platinum Silicone reusable bags. The bags are a game-changer in your kitchen and environment, and their manufacturers had a special love for the environment. The bags are eco-friendly and leak-proof and are designed for your favorite sandwich size, and boast a square shape. They are transparent, with each piece weighing 0.2 pounds.

Stasher reusable bags are made with an excellent design of the pinch-loc seal. It is an air-tight seal that keeps your food fresh without losing its nutrients or flavors. In case you want to have the excess air out, you will burp stasher.

Unlike most reusable bags, you can use Stasher platinum bags in microwaves and ovens. They can stand high temperatures thanks to the silicone material that makes them. These bags are equally usable in a freezer. Cleaning them is easy because they are dish washable. Change your way of cooking and food storage with the Stasher platinum silicone reusable bags.

  • Dish washable sandwich reusable bags
  • Ideal for microwave use
  • Your food retains its flavor and nutrients
  • The seal is tight
  • The seal is not long-lasting
  • Require extra care
  • They are small in size


4. Best Fruit and Veggie Sandwich Bags

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Food should be handled with care and proper hygiene. No one wants a food poisoning experience at all. SPLF reusable bags are ideal for food storage, thanks to the food-grade material that makes them. It is free of lead, chlorine, BPA, and PVC. You don’t have to worry about your family’s health and safety once you purchase the bags.

One of the features that make this bag the best for food storage and preservations is its seal. It is air-tight and leak-proof, assuring you of some freshness and flavor sometime later. The bags have a sideline bar and an easy to open zip, making them ideal even for children. You will appreciate this bag because it is safe to use in a freezer and therefore you can freeze your meat, vegetables or fruits,

Durability is a factor, and therefore buying the SPLF bags is an assurance of more extended service. Also, the bags are large, and they can hold more content. Versatility is another feature that makes the bags unique. You can use them for food storage or home organization.

  • They are large enough
  • The bags are versatile
  • Great for travels and picnics
  • Best for food storage
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Not easy to open


5. Best Sandwich Bags for Freezing Foods

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These bags come as a set of 3 large bags and four medium ones. You will love them for keeping your kitchen and freezer organized. Food safety is paramount, and the manufactures of the bags had it in mind. They are made with a food-grade silicone material that is leak-proof and cold and heat resistant. Therefore, you can use them to freeze food, warm food in a microwave, or use a dishwasher to clean them.

The quality of Homelux sandwich reusable bags is second-to-none. The bags are safe for the environment and will keep your food fresh and save you money spent on disposable bags. You can recycle and reuse the bags and have an extended food life. In other words, these bags are meant to ensure you have zero wastage.

  • A long-term warranty
  • The bags are available in different sizes
  • They have a flat bottom and a wide opening
  • Cleanable using a dishwasher
  • Not easily available
  • Difficult to open and close


6. Best Sandwich Bags for Snacks

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Allow your kitchen to pull a statement with the Bumkins sandwich reusable. The bags are designed uniquely, featuring some movie characters. You kids will always be running for one before they leave for school. Bumkins bags are rectangular, with each bag weighing 0.2 pounds. They are made of a 100% lab-tested lead, chloride, and BPA polyester material, making them safe for food. No better alternative to plastic bags. You will never note stains and smells stuck in these bags because there is no inner cotton layer.

One feature that stands out about bags is their durability. The bags are made with a water and stain-resistant fabric. The material is also soft and firm, thus holding your sandwich properly. You don’t have to worry about some messes here, and therefore you can confidently place your lunch on the office desk.

The versatility of these bags is unbeatable. You can use them to store food, diapers, pacifiers, cosmetics, or cash. Besides, Bumkins bags are easy to clean with either a washing machine or a dishwasher. You can also wipe the fabric and leave it to dry. You will never miss your lunch once you purchase these bags; they are too good to resist.

  • Long-lasting bags
  • They are multipurpose
  • Lab-tested for food safety
  • Great in waste reduction
  • They have a single-ply construction
  • Not ideal for long-term snack storage
  • Not available in different patterns.

How to choose the best sandwich reusable bags?

It is essential to know what you want before going to the stores to purchase a bag. Here are some of the things that can help you choose.

  1. Cost
    You can only buy what you can afford. The market has many sandwich reusable bags, but they vary in prices. How much are you willing to spend? Doing your research well will help you get what fits your budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good sandwich bag.
  2. Size
    The size you want matters. As mentioned earlier, these bags are available in different sizes. For example, if you wish for a sandwich bag to use for family picnics, you might have to buy larger ones. If it is only for you, then a small bag will be fine.
  3. Purpose
    You might get confused if you step into the stores without knowing the exact reason you want the bag. Different reusable sandwich bags serve different purposes. Some are meant for storing vegetables and fruits, and others are meant for dry foods. What do you want to use the bag for? This will help you select an ideal bag that will suit your purpose.
  4. Durability
    This is the most critical factor to consider when buying a reusable sandwich bag. Durability depends on the material used to make the bags. An excellent reusable bag should serve you for long. It should also be waterproof and easy to clean. Once you identify a bag with features of durability, don’t hesitate to buy it.
  5. Seal Type
    Sandwich reusable bags have different seals. Some have zippers, and others have Velcro. A good bag should be entirely sealable for keeping your sandwich clean and maintaining its flavors. A good seal also ensures your food doesn’t leak, no matter how you place it.

The above discussed are the best sandwich reusable bags. As you may have noted, they are a great addition to your kitchen. The bags are durable and will give you value for your money. Cleaning them is not difficult as you use a dishwasher or your hands. Some of the bags are versatile, and you can have a few for food storage and others for storing cosmetics or baby diapers. The best feature about all the bags is that they are eco-friendly. Cut down the cost of storing food by purchasing any of the above. You will enjoy the convenience of carrying food from your home to the office.

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