The 10 Best Reusable Grocery Bags Reviewed for 2021

Getting our daily fruits and veggies is part and parcel of staying healthy, but this can lead to the use of a ton of disposable plastic bags to purchase these goods. As our concern for the environment and our health continue to grow, many are looking for more sustainable, healthy, and responsible ways to buy and store their produce that doesn’t rely on disposable materials.

The Importance of Reusable Bags
According to the Biological Diversity website, the average American uses 1,500 plastic shopping or produce bags each and every year. The vast majority of these bags are then thrown in the garbage and add to the waste stream. Reusable grocery bags can help considerably cut down this number, but if your family buys a lot of produce, chances are, you are still going through a considerable number of plastic bags each year.

Reusable grocery bags are an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste associated with our grocery shopping. You can easily take them with you to the store and put your produce directly in the bags. When you get home, you can leave the produce in the breathable bag or put it in some other environmental storage solution.

These bags are durable and easy to wash and care for. They can significantly reduce the number of disposable plastic bags a family uses on an annual basis, which has a huge positive impact on the environment.

Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Reusable Grocery Bags

A quick search for reusable bags shows just how many options are out there. In fact, it can be a bit intimidating to see all the choices you have available.

We have scoured the web and did a ton of research to narrow down this myriad of options to our top ten picks for best reusable grocery bags on the market today. Let’s take a brief look at each of them in turn.



 NZ Home




 AXE Sickle

 KAF Home





BeeGreen reusable bag


NZHome Reusable Bag


Baggu Reusable grocery bag


GoGreenBags Reusable Grocery Bag


TopDesign Reusable Grocery Bag


Axe Sickle Canvas Reusable Grocery Bag


KAF Design Reusable Grocery bag


EarthWise Reusable Grocery Bag


WiseLife Reusable Grocery Bag


BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bag


Best For

Family-sized Shopping


Trendy Designs

Easy Cleaning

Carry On Shoulder


Friendly: Jute

Collapsible Feature

Water Resistant


A set of













Nonwoven Fabric

Ripstop Nylon




Cotton Canvas





Size (in)

15 x 25 x 5

16 x 13 x 9

26 × 16 × 6

15 x 2 x 13

18.5 x 5 x 15

15 X 15 X 5

12 x 17 x 1

10 x 14.5 x 10

14 x 11 x 12

14. x  27 x 4.7”
















Hand wash







Reinforced Bottom















Buy Now









1. Best for Family Sized Shopping

No products found.

Made of Polyester material, this reusable grocery bag by BeeGreen caters to all your grocery needs. You can easily machine wash and dry it for your next shopping trip.

It’s a set of 10 bags and it comes with double-layered carry handles for easy-to-carry with hand or over your shoulder.

Pack your heavy loads of produce, gallons of milk and other essentials with this eco-friendly tote. Make use of this multi-purpose bag for picnics, trips, camping, or storing your essentials.

Simply fold it up and store it in its storage zipper bag or inside your bag or purse.



        Large Capacity

           Might appear thin

        Set of 10 Bags

        Comes with a Pouch

        Comes in Assortment of Colors

        Double-layered Handles

        Easy to fold



2. Best Bag for Insulation of Cool Foods

No products found.

NZ Home brings you the best insulated pair of bags to make your grocery shopping plastic-free.

This eco-friendly pair of bags is extra-large to hold all of your grocery in one place. It comes with strong and sturdy reinforced bottom so you can easily transport your items.

The best feature of this reusable grocery tote is its ability to keep your produce fresh for as long as 2 hours. Make use of its dual zipper top to tightly close the bags to keep your grocery in proper temperature.

Made of thick non-woven fabric, these are built to last many grocery trips.

Once you’re done using it, fold it down to flat and store it in your bag or purse.



Insulated Bag to keep your produce fresh

No Side Handles

Reinforced Bottom and Handles

Comes in a single color

Comes with Dual Zipper


Collapsible to easily fold it


Easy to wash (Machine Washable)


Best for Delivery grocery services


Insulated Bag to keep your produce fresh



3. Best Reuseable Bag for Design

No products found.

This eco-tote is all about transporting your grocery items with style (comes with trendy designs). Go plastic-free with this cute and compact tote.

Made of Ripstop Nylon, this bag from Baggu’s line of eco-friendly grocery bags can hold up to 50 lbs. items. So you can transport all your heavy stuff from grocery store to your home without needing another tote!

With its study handles, you can carry it over your shoulder or by hand. It’s also machine-washable and durable to last a ton of grocery trips.

To keep your cute tote safe and secure, fold it down into its 5 x 5 pouch and reuse it for your next trip.



Cute tote with trendy designs

Straps are short

Machine Washable

Pouch is attached with the bag

Easy foldable


Comes with an attached pouch


Easy to carry by hand or over the shoulder





4. Best Reusable Bag for Easy Cleaning

No products found.

This 5 set of reusable totes is strong, sturdy, easy-to-wash and lightweight to carry your produce. You can hold cans, fruits, and gallons of milk easily in this bag.

Your shopping trip to grocery store will be fun-filled as you shop, pack and transport your items in this reusable tote. It comes with reinforced handles so you can lift off the heavy load by slinging it over your shoulder.

Made of GSM Polypropylene, you can clean and wash these to reuse them like brand new!

Once done with your grocery shopping, fold it down flat and use it for next time as it’s durable to last longer. 




Comes in a single black color

Easy to clean with damp cloth

Durable and built to last

Comes with handles

Double Stitching


5. Best Reusable Bag with Shoulder Straps

No products found.

Stow your grocery items in this two-tone reusable grocery bag. It comes in different colors so you can pick the one that matches your personality.

Unlike other Canvas totes, this eco-friendly tote is designed to cater to hold your produce in one place. This bag by TOPDesign comes in a set of 6 bags so you can pack your different items separately.

Easy to carry in hand, you can transport grocery items from one place to another.

While it’s designed with trendy colors, you can still DIY and make creative designs on either side of the bag.

You can even gift these creative eco-friendly totes to your friends for their next shopping trip to encourage plastic-free lifestyle. 



Easy to wash

Little Shrinkage

Comes in a set of 6

Easy to carry by hand or over the shoulder


DIY your own art for making these creative

Can be used as gift totes


6. Best Affordable Reusable Bag

No products found.

As simple as canvas bag might seem, it can pack large amount of grocery stuff and items. The best part of is pack-of-2 tote is its capacity to hold your produce, books, or other items.

You can easily machine-wash this simple tote and reuse it for your weekly or bi-weekly grocery trips.

Each bag can carry up to 30 lbs. of items so you can fit your necessary items on one go!

With its small handles, you can carry these by your hands and easily check out at the grocery store.

What’s even awesome about this pair of Canvas totes is that you can make DIY and be creative with your bags. Make cute and eco-friendly designs or whatever you prefer to make it distinctive from other bags.



Best for heavy loads

Short Handles

Durable to last more grocery trips

Narrow and small bottom

Easy to DIY or redesign


Easy to wash


Comes with handles





7. Best Jute Bag

No products found.

One of the hard-wearing fabrics is Jute and this reusable grocery tote is made of it to ensure durability. KAF Home grocery bag features large capacity to hold your grocery items and produce.

What’s more, these bags crafted with creative designs like bicycle, birds, flip flops, to name a few. So you can go plastic-free and carry
these bags with style.

It’s even better with reinforced bottom to hold your bag when you check out at the grocery store. In this way, your items won’t topple.

These are easy to clean for using multiple times, no matter your grocery demand in a week. 




It gets a little floppy and doesn’t stand on its own

Heavy-duty for using multiple grocery trips

Short handles

Comes with Handles


Include designs


Easy to clean



8. Best Collapsing Reusable Bag

No products found.

This Earthwise super eco-friendly bag is the ideal choice for frequent grocery shoppers. It comes in a pack of 3 so you can use each if you pack a bunch of items all at the same time.

Best feature of this reusable grocery bag is that it can stand on its own with its reinforced bottom. So you can pack your items without them spilling or toppling over at check out or in car.

Made of Non-woven Polypropylene material for the best texture and rigid structure, so you can it carry around conveniently.

Easy to fold into collapsible flat, you’ll be able to save space and store it inside your closet.

Your trip to grocery store will be hassle-free as this tote features strong handles to transport produce here and there.



Large capacity to hold bulk produce

Short handles

Easy to clean after use

These aren’t machine washable

Durable enough to last several grocery trips


Easily collapsible into flat to save space


It can stand on its own


Spill-free to secure your items in one place


Multi-use for pack, transport and store your other essential items



9. Best Water Resistant Bags

No products found.

Pick this multifunctional and water-resistant reusable tote for your daily life needs for essentials. This WifeLife eco-friendly bag features short handles as well as shoulder straps so you can carry with ease.

You can pack your grocery items in this stylish, yet functional bag and fit it in your cart while you shop. Plus it stands upright because of its rigid material (non-woven) so your items can be stacked fixed without toppling.

Make it long-lasting after using it for your household needs by wiping off the dirt with damp cloth. And easily fold it up in flat for next time use.

Besides helping in grocery, it does a great job by organizing your kids’ toys, picnic stuff, laundry and much more.

It comes in a set of 3 bags, with each bag having the capacity to hold stuff up to 33 lbs.



Sturdy made with rigid material

Handle is not strong

Long lasting for more usage


Stands upright and on its own

Features handles

Stripe designs


10. Best All-in-One Reusable Bag

No products found.

This all-in-one grocery tote is ideal for when you’ve got a ton of different items to pack, transport and store. Suitable for families, grocery store owners, retailers, this pack of 10 bags come handy for your daily use items.

Made of Ripstop –Resistant material, this set of 10 totes comes in assortment of colors. So you can use different one for every occasion.

You can conveniently pack up to 50 lbs. of household items or grocery stuff. And you can easily carry these as these feature sturdy handles to carry heavy loads of items.

One of the best features of this grocery tote is that it’s machine-washable. Hence, you can toss it in your washing machine and dry line for using it for your next trip.

After you’re done using these, simply store them in their zipper pocket to save space.



Machine Washable

These aren’t water-proof

Features Easy-to-carry Handles

These can’t stand upright

Comes in assortment of colors


A set of 10 bags




How to choose reusable grocery bags (Buying Guide)

Once you’ve got rid of those single-use plastic and paper bags, there’s no way you can look back. By using alternatives to disposable bags, you’re smartly reducing the environment pollution.

When it comes to selecting the best reusable grocery bags, a customer like you must consider several of variables. These factors will decide and help you for narrowing down the purchase decision.

And this buying guide will help you decide what’s reliable and worthy of your money. Ultimately, it will be the best choice of your life – for choosing to be plastic-free.

Here are some things to consider when you purchase a reusable grocery bag:


Undoubtedly, when it comes to quality of reusable totes, you might need to increase your budget.

There are, however, several options for totes like canvas that are affordable, yet functional. And for better quality, you might need to purchase a tote that provides you the best value-added features.

Nonetheless, investing your money in eco-friendly bags is a smarter choice than using single-use plastic bags.


Another aspect to look for when purchasing a reusable grocery tote is its feature of handles. There are tons of reusable grocery bags that come with handles like short, long, and even four-sided handles.

Plus, the material that these bags are made of plays a role in its strength to hold heavy loads.

So if you’re a person who shops and pack heavy loads, then go for a bag with strong and unbreakable handles.

Bottoms reinforced

Reusable totes with reinforced bottoms tend to stack your items properly (spill-free). These bags can stand on their own in cart, on check-out counter, and in your car’s trunk.

A customer who buys gallons of milk, fragile items can make use of these bags. These are made to withstand heavy loads of items unlike those without reinforced bottom.


For when you’ve got large amount of stuff to carry, then heavy-duty bags ideally best for that purpose.

Some bags are made with heavy-duty rigid structures to withstand heavy loads of household items.

So choose this type of bag if your grocery needs exceed that of a standard family size.


Cleaning of reusable grocery bags is necessary as you bring raw grocery into your home. And it’s equally important for when you want to reuse the bags for a next trip as a brand new.

Some bags are made of fabric that’s machine washable while others don’t include this feature.

You can opt for either of these choices: quick to wipe off material or machine-washable bags.

Choose one that’s more convenient for you.


Gone are the days when grocery bags were designed simple. Now you can craft your own design in some of the bags (especially canvas) and carry with style.

Several eco-friendly tote options include designs that encourage green planet.

So if you’re a person who prefers designed and fancy grocery bags, then go for this feature.

Storage Capacity

Bags vary in capacity depending on how much quantity of items you pack and carry in daily and weekly trips.

If you’re a person who shops heavy produce in one go, then choose the family-sized bag.

You can, however, go for a pack of bags if you prefer to separate your items for reducing weight. These bags will come in variety of size and capacity to hold your items.

Fabric/ Material

Grocery totes are made of variety of natural crops, encouraging eco-friendly grocery shopping.

There are bags made of cotton, canvas, jute, and a popular choice among consumers – polypropylene.

You can choose the one depending on what you’re looking for. Durability, chemical resistance, strong, soft fabrics are some of the pros of each fabric.


Best feature in any product or a reusable tote is its multi-purpose functions. These eco-friendly bags are a great choice for any mom or a picnic lover.

You can use these to pack your laundry, organize your kids’ toys and toss household items.

So if you’re going to use these for almost any of your household items, then opt for a bag with multipurpose feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you use reusable produce bags?

You can use reusable produce bags in place of plastic and paper bags. There are many uses like holding your grocery items, household items, picnic lunches and much more.

2. How do you fold reusable grocery bags?

Unlike folding of plastic bags that gets messy, reusable grocery bags can be folded down into flat.

Step 1: Lay your reusable grocery bag on the smooth on table or ground.

Step 2: Smooth your bag to remove the wrinkles.

Step 3: Fold your bag in half, taking both sides of the bag.

Step 4: Take the end side of it and put the opening side (Including handle) into it.

3. How do you disinfect reusable grocery bags?

According to the Cleaning Institute, you should frequently disinfect reusable totes to avoid cross-contamination. Wash and clean your reusable grocery totes after use in washing machine. Always sanitize your bags even if they’re not machining washable.

4. How long do reusable grocery bags last?

Our selectively chosen bags will last longer for weekly grocery trips. Make sure to conveniently use and properly store them to increase the product’s life.

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