Printing your logos, personalized letters, or any other print on a custom canvas bag makes it stand out from other bags. 

What’s even better is that you can do both painting and embroidery to make it look more fancy and personalized!

These custom reusable bags are made of eco-friendly materials so you can go plastic-free.

You can bring these customized reusable bags to picnics, farmer’s markets, parties, and more!

Or you can gift these eco-friendly custom bags to your friends with your own personalized artwork printed on them.

These are the best choices for giveaways to encourage a green lifestyle!

That being said, here are the top picks of custom reusable bags to get your hands on for your next DIY project!

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1. Best for Beach

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Print any name or embroidery monogram on this reusable jute custom bag as you want. It’s an ideal choice for those who prefer something simple, classic yet personalized!

It features a wide embroidery area (2 x 5) that you can customize with letters or monograms.

It’s also super handy to carry to grocery stores, picnics, crafts and especially ideal for giveaways.

This reusable customizable bag is lightweight and durable so you can utilize it for many shopping trips.

Made of jute burlap, this reusable custom bag allows air circulation so you can tote your produce conveniently.

It also comes with strong handles, allowing for better portability for your convenience.

And surprisingly, it has a bunch of other uses including storage, shopping, grocery shopping, and more.

When not in use, store this handy bag inside a cabinet so you can use it next time!

CustomizableThe item may arrive in poor condition (folding)
Large Capacity 
Comes with handles 
Features button for closure 

2. Best for Grocery Shopping

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Decorate your artsy designs or brand logo on this pack of reusable canvas totes from TOPDesign.

You can paint your creative designs with the help of Heat Transfer Vinyl to make them appear attractive!

Utilize these bags for carrying produce from grocery markets or for toting household essentials!

Featuring wide applicability, these can be used as party bags, birthday bags, grocery bags, and promotional bags.

You can also use this bag to promote your business, using it as a promotional bag for your next event.

This pack comes with 5 reusable cotton tote bags so you can gift some and keep others for your usage.

While these are lightweight to carry, they can withstand heavy loads up to 10 lbs. thanks to their reinforced design.

What’s more, it features strong shoulder handles made long enough for you to carry it conveniently.

After usage, throw it in a machine for quick cleanup or stash it somewhere in your cabinet!

Customizable (Painting & Embroidery)Shrinkable after washing
A pack of 5Thin and flimsy
Shoulder Handles 
Easy to wash 

3. Best for Everyday Use

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This pack of 5 reusable cotton canvas bags is ideal for families with kids and perfect for craft projects.

Its simple basic design is perfect for decorating your artwork, logos, monograms, and personalized letters.

Whether you’re using them as a picnic bag or a promotional bag, these reusable cotton bags are multi-purpose.

You can utilize these eco-friendly reusable cotton bags for carrying your produce or storing your household essentials.

Bring these to the beach, birthday parties, and weddings, or any other event to showcase your crafty side!

Made of organic cotton, these eco-friendly canvas totes are lightweight and built to last longer.

Carrying them won’t be a hassle as these feature strong handles for making the portability of goods easier.

For a thorough and quick cleanup, pop these in the machine and hang them to dry for easy maintenance.

When not in use, tuck or store them in your bag or cabinet and reuse them when needed!

A pack of five reusable canvas bagsShrinkage due to washing in cold water
Features handle 

4. Best for Kids

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Featuring a variety of pop colors, this pack of 24 reusable custom bags is a staple for every household.

If you’re someone who likes to go to parties, craft events, or any other event, this pack is for you.

It features a nice selection of bright and light colors including sky, blue, red wine, orange, green and more.

What’s more, it features customizable blank space – ideal for decorating your logo, letters, or names.

You can use these bags for multiple purposes including shopping for your grocery, storing supplies, and more.

Families with kids would particularly like this pack because your kids can customize these bags for their craft projects.

Or you can use these for giveaways on holiday occasions especially for trick-or-treat!

Made of non-woven material, these bags can perfectly hold a bunch of candies, toys, and coins of your kids!

When not in use, store these in your cabinet and use them again for another event!

Comes in a pack of 24 bagsSmall
Feature a variety of pop colorsThin
WaterproofSeams tear pretty quick
Easy to maintain 

5. Best for Office Supplies

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Perfect for giving as a gift, this reusable custom bag can be customized according to however you like.

You can add your favorite text, photo, logo, or any artwork to make it look attractive and personalized.

Use this customizable bag made of reusable material of cotton canvas for any occasion.

This reusable custom tote will showcase your brand image to promote your business!

It’s also super functional for carrying lunch, grocery, laptop, supplies, and more.

These bags are durable and roomy enough to hold your items conveniently despite being so lightweight.

To make carrying easier, it features shoulder handles to help you carry goods back and forth.

You can always repurpose this handy custom bag to use as a library bag, laptop bag, party bag, college bag!

To save space, you can fold it and keep it in your cabinet to reuse it again for another occasion.

Customize Picture, text, and logoFlimsy
Comes with handlePoor quality
Button closure 
Easy to fold 

6. Best for Promotional Option

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Bumble Crafts offer you a set of twelve reusable custom totes for decorating your brand logo, text, and more.

These eco-friendly options make your everyday life essentials simpler by adding color and functionality to them.

These bags are designed to match your painting and decorating style including embroidery, screen printing, needle crafting, and heat transfer.

Once you’ve decorated your bags, you can use these for any purpose like crafts projects, gardening, picnic.

Or you can use them for seasonal and round-the-year occasions and events like Christmas or business events!

It’s a staple pack to get your hands on if you’re someone who attends birthday parties and bridal showers.

Each bag is large enough to hold your supplies, grocery, books, goodies, laptop, and more!

Great for kids, this reusable custom tote can fit your kid’s toys, supplies, candies, books, craft goodies, and more.

It also features a sturdy and heavy-duty design so it lasts longer than any other flimsy bag.

Easy to fold, this bag can be folded into a roll and stored in your backpack or cabinet!

DurableThin material
Large capacity 
Set of 12 canvas totes 
Features handlehandles 

7. Best for Personalized Designs

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Many of us want a bag that’s eco-friendly yet designed specifically to stand out from others.

Rockflowerpaper brings you reusable totes that have signature designs to match your lifestyle.

Rockflowerpaper believes in providing you the sustainable options. Hence, with every bag you purchase, it donates to Ocean Conservancy!

It comes in a bunch of cutesy designs, making it a unique and attractive staple for every household!

With a capacity to hold up to 50 lbs. of contents, you can use this tote to fit your grocery or supplies.

Plus, it’s designed perfectly to cater to your shopping, storing, and toting needs conveniently.

It features long handles so you can carry it over your shoulder easily!

What’s more, it’s easily foldable so you can fold and store it in a zippered pouch, saving space.

A small clip is attached to this bag so you can hang it wherever you want to easily reach it.

It’s also machine-washable so you can pop it in a machine and dry it to reuse it again!

Capacity to hold up to 50lbs.Pricey
Signature designs 
Long Handles 

8. Best for Picnic

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Get your creative and artsy designs on front with this pack of five reusable cotton canvas bags.

These bags are ideal for those who want to showcase their creative designs printed on eco-friendly bags.

Whether you’re going to market your brand, business image, you can utilize this as a promotional bag.

To design your eco-friendly tote, you can go for iron-on transfer, screenprint, and even embroidery of your choice.

Plus it’s super functional and has a bunch of uses including grocery shopping, storing, and toting goods anywhere.

It offers a spacious compartment to hold your heavy loads of items conveniently.

And you can tote it easily by carrying it over your shoulder thanks to its long handles!

These reusable customizable bags are easy to fold and durable, saving you space and time.

And the best part is you can use these for several grocery trips.

CustomizableDimensions are misleading
A pack of five 
Long shoulder handles 
Easy to clean 

9. Best for Craft Projects

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Design your own artwork or logo on these high-quality reusable custom bags from JL ECO.

These reusable customizable bags are great for HTV, painting, crafting or do it yourself (DIY).

Made to last longer than usual bags, these bags feature heavy-duty design so you can fit your items easily.

It can hold your supplies, household essentials or carry produce from farmer’s market up to 30 lbs.

It also features small pocket inside the main compartment where you can put your keys, phone and other valuables.

These bags are comfortable to carry around because of their enforced shoulder handles.

And the good news is that these are machine-washable, meaning you can pop these in machine for cleanup.

CustomizableVinyl doesn’t stick properly
Comes with inner pocket 
Large capacity 

10. Best for Weekend Trips

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If you’re looking for cheap custom bags with logos, then this eco-friendly pack is a great choice for you.

This pack of reusable customizable bags includes five eco-friendly bags for your day-to-day usage.

With wide applicability, you can use each bag for your separate needs including grocery shopping and storing supplies.

These bags are customizable, meaning you can decorate your brand logo, imprint creative designs, and more.

Using embroidery, iron-on transfer, screen printing, you can showcase your personalized print.

You can use these bags as promotional bags, picnic bags, craft bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, and more.

There are a bunch of other uses that you can utilize these bags for occasions including weddings and business events.

To fit contents conveniently, each bag features a spacious compartment so you can tote your items.

Carrying them is super easy as this feature shoulder handles for your convenience.

After usage, you can fold these handy bags for using them again next time.

A set of 5 bagsInk and paint bleed
Multipurpose (promotional, giveaways, trade shows)Thin material
Feature strong handles 

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Custom Bags  

Reusable customizable bags are designed to showcase your artwork if you’re into DIY or crafting. Plus these handy bags are mostly used for promoting your business as these serve as promotional bags.

Adding your monogram, cool text, logos on these custom bags will market your brand and enhance your brand image.

But how to choose reusable custom bags that match your personality and meet your needs? It’s pretty straightforward.

For that purpose, we have put together some factors to help you decide to purchase your next reusable custom bag!

Purpose of buying (Giveaways, shopping, promotional)

First and foremost, figure out what purpose will you be buying these custom bags for?

If you own a business – small or medium, you can get your logo printed on these to promote your business.

If you’re a family who likes to keep personalized bags, you can choose to go for the customizable bag too.

And then these are also perfect for a bunch of occasions including weddings, Halloween, Christmas, and trade shows. You can imprint the design on these bags to wish your family and friends this way.

First, determine your purpose for buying these reusable customizable bags, and you’re good to go!


Several custom bags feature space where you can print your design on the logo.

Depending on whether you’re going for a single-color imprint or a full-color imprint, it’s better to choose the correct dimensions.

Some bags don’t offer high-quality material for painting. For that reason, you can switch to a bag that’s suitable for embroidery if that’s your preference.

Always check the material of the bags because, oftentimes, most bags don’t go well with the vinyl paint.

Product Dimensions

Depending on your needs, you might need to consider the size and the product dimensions of the bag.

Check the product dimensions properly so you don’t end up buying a bag that’s either too large or too small.

Proper product dimensions ensure that you get the bag that meets your needs on time.

Enforced Handles

Carrying a large amount of items in your bag can be hassle-free if bags feature enforced handles.

That’s why it’s important to look for sturdy handles in a bag so you can tote conveniently.

Always look for enforced handles if you’re going to use these bags for promotional business events.


Another factor that many consider when selecting a custom bag is its price – the more budget-friendly, the better.

However, you should keep in mind that high-quality bags are better for those purchasing promotional bags. These bags may be a bit pricey due to their high-quality fabric!

But you can also go for cheap reusable custom bags if you’re going to use these bags for storage.


Keeping your bags clean is as important as anything else.

Many reusable custom bags come with the machine-washable option.

However, you must read the product instructions for washing so you don’t have to deal with creases or shrinkage.

For their durability, you can always wash these bags by hand for using them for multiple occasions.


To save your space and to fold into a roll, reusable custom bags feature a foldable option.

Using this foldable option, you can store your custom bags in a backpack or a cabinet.

And this way, you can carry them around in a zippered pouch to any place you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Can I paint on reusable custom canvas bags?

Yes. You can paint on your reusable custom canvas bags with available painting options like acrylic paint, for example.  

2.      How to clean reusable custom bags?

There are cleaning instructions given with every bag, ensuring proper cleanup to get rid of smell or dirt. Some bags, however, may shrink due to washing because of their material.

3.      Can I use heat transfer vinyl on reusable custom bags?

Yes, you can use HTV on reusable custom bags. You might’ve to follow some guidelines to properly do so.

4.      Are reusable custom bags worth it?

Yes. There are plenty of uses for reusable custom bags and you can always repurpose them in many ways. These are great for DIY, crafts, painting, artwork, logo, and promotional stuff.

5.      Which custom bags with logos are cheap and affordable?

In our review, you’ll find a handful of cheap custom bags with logos that are affordable. 

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