Decorating blank canvas bags with painting is a fun recreational activity for grownups and kids alike.

DIY reusable totes provide a smooth surface for painting acrylics for designing your personalized bag.

Besides, you can also spruce them up with embroidery, screen printing, or tie-dye!

Once these bags are dressed up, you can use them for your art projects or carrying your products or supplies.

Being the multi-purpose option, these bags can come in handy for birthdays, weddings, party favors, and more.

Having said that, here’s a list of DIY reusable bags for painting your designs yourself!

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1. Best for Sturdy Design

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Dress up these cotton canvas DIY reusable bags with your artistic designs.

This pack of twelve eco-friendly grocery totes is ideal for crafting and painting.

It’s designed with a smooth surface of natural color to add embroidery, iron-on-transfer, and screen printing.

What’s more, it’s pretty lightweight to carry to a farmer’s market, office, or craft shows.

With its roomy compartment, you can easily fit food items, office or art supplies conveniently.

It takes care of your grocery haul back and forth many times, unlike a flimsy plastic bag.

And you can use each bag for a variety of purposes and places – school, office, beach, weddings, and more!

Make sure to fold it nicely when it’s no longer in use.

Or you can give them away as a gift with printed designs to your friends!

Spacious CompartmentMisleading Measurements
Cotton CanvasNarrow depth
Features shoulder handles 
Best for Custom DIY 

2. Best for Tie Dye

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Gather your tie dye supplies and start painting on these canvas reusable bags for DIY.

Ideal for vinyl heat transfer, markers, glitters, this pack of four craft bags offers a smooth surface.

After you’ve painted your artwork on these canvas totes, you can bring these to parties, birthdays, and more.

Plus, these are life changers when it comes to their usage and endless features for carrying around heavy loads.

You wouldn’t need to worry about getting them stitched as these are already double-stitched, ensuring additional strength for heavy loads.

These eco-friendly craft bags come with a roomy compartment and long handles, providing you comfort while toting.

You can take these for shopping hauls to fit all your produce, leafy greens, and other food items.

Or you can also utilize them for organizing the kids’ toys, household essentials, and more.

To get rid of any stains, you can pop these into a machine for quick cleanup.

 And fold them nicely to reuse them again as many times as you want!

VersatileQuestionable Quality
Durable Double Reinforced StitchingMight not match the color as shown in Thumbnail
Best for painting and crafts 
Easy to Fold 

3. Best for Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Show your creativity by designing your very own artwork or illustrations on these eco-friendly shopping totes for DIY.

This brand aims to offer you a pack of bulk canvas bags with sustainable design and quality construction.

This set of DIY reusable bags includes twelve bags perfect for multiple uses – beach, grocery, Christmas, holidays.

These bags are ideal and must-have for parents, students, children, and anyone looking to paint on canvas for crafts.

Featuring a large compartment, each bag can hold school supplies, a makeup kit, produce, and the like.

You can choose to personalize each bag with a variety of design options including Vinyl Heat Transfer, Fabric glitter, and embroidery.

And the best feature of this set is that it comes with a complementary Teflon sheet!

Using that PTFE Teflon sheet, you can paint vinyl heat transfer that ensures no permeating or staining of paint dyes.

When not in use, store these easy-to-fold bags in your cabinet!

One more thing, it’s recommended that you hand wash these and avoid machine-washing!

A bulk pack of cotton canvas bagsShrink during hand washing
Perfect sizeWrinkly
Comes with a Teflon SheetThin
Best for heat transfer vinyl 
Foldable and easy-to-clean 

4. Best for Goodie Bags for Kids

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What’s better than gifting your kids and students a canvas that encourages creativity and a green environment.

These reusable bags for craft offer non-woven fabric featuring the front side with printed drawings ready to be splashed with colors.

Each bag comes with a unique printed design that you can paint using crayons, colors, and markers.

In case you want to the DIY painting of your own, you can use its other side that’s blank.

As multipurpose as these bags are, you can use them as goodie bags, party favor bags, birthday bags for kids.

Besides, you can keep aside a couple of them for Halloween, Christmas for using them as gift bags for kids.

While these are super cute after painted, these are also practical for holding crackers, candies, and cookies!

And the kids would love carrying them around because of their color-coded handles.

One side offers pants and the other for free design Markers aren’t included
A bulk of goodie bags 
Feature enough space for goodies 

5. Best for Packaging Option

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Do the DIY painting on these super compact and handy reusable pouches with drawstrings – a great choice for wrapping gifts!

Featuring velvet fabric, these craft bags can neatly showcase your embroidery, printed designs, and more.

While these are designed to hold small items, you can utilize them for many uses like storing jewelry and ornaments.

Other than those items, you can also store and bag tarot cards, soaps, cosmetics, and the like.

To ensure that your items are safe and secure, these bags offer sturdy drawstrings.

Once you’ve stuffed your items inside the bags, simply pull the drawstrings for closure!

This pack includes twenty bags so you can utilize each for a bunch of purposes – beach, picnic, wedding, and anniversary!

When not in use, tuck them in a purse or store them in a cabinet.

And take them out whenever the next occasion is around the corner.

A pack of 20 bagsCreases and wrinkles in package
Feature space for DIY painting and embroidery 
Come with drawstrings closure 
Easy to fold 

6. Best for Large Capacity

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Forget about sewing your blank canvas bags and get yourself these double-stitched DIY reusable bags.

Featuring a wide space for DIY painting, these bags are ideal for applying Heat transfer vinyl and embroidery.

Available in a set of six, these bags are a staple for every household for using them for a variety of purposes.

Students, mothers, and even children can tote their supplies, produce, and crafts for school.

Simply personalize each canvas bag with your design, separate each for a particular purpose. And you’re good to go!

Each bag is constructed with natural fabric with cross-stitching and that also includes the reinforced black handles!

Because of quality design, you can pack, store, and tote heavy items up to 25 lbs. comfortably.

Fold these to store them for reusing them again for another trip.

And say no to washing because these might shrink!

Large Capacity and sizeThin
Best for DIY gifts, crafts, and heat transfer vinylShouldn’t be dried after washing
Cross-stitched construction 
Feature shoulder handles 

7. Best for Vibrant Colors

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Get yourself these vibrant bags that come in three different pop colors, featuring a smooth surface for painting and decorating.

These reusable bags for DIY from BeeGreen are perfect for crafting artwork for a personalized touch.

Unlike other blank canvas bags, these craft bags are a perfect accessory for girls and mothers.

You can carry these shopping totes decorated with your own designs to any place!

Besides fancy designs, these eco-friendly bags are super functional, featuring extra-large capacity, size, and long-lasting durability.

Because of those features, you can fit a heavy amount of items including your laptop, too!

And these bags are designed with reinforced cross stitching with sturdy handles to withstand heavy loads.

For that purpose, you can utilize these bags for a couple of shopping trips for toting grocery with ease!

To save space, simply fold these neatly and store them in a tote or cabinet.

Comes in three different pop colorsShrink after few machine washes
Extra-large capacity and size 
Perfect for DIY 
Feature sturdy handles 
Easy to fold and easy to wash 

8. Best for Holding Small Items

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Dabble in creating your own designs on these well-made blank totes for DIY available in bulk (12 pieces).

These medium-sized reusable bags will certainly showcase your designs, painting, and drawings perfectly — featuring a smooth surface.

Use these for your craft projects, holidays, wedding, birthdays, and a host of other occasions and events!

These DIY bags also make a perfect gift for your friends and children interested in crafts and art.

Besides, these are constructed with sturdy material to help you carry vegetables, supplies and the like.

These aren’t limited to carrying produce only, because you can utilize each for storing, organizing, and more.

Another plus feature includes the sturdy handles, ensuring ease of portability back and forth between home and other places.

These come in a bulk pack of twelve bags so you can always keep some to yourself while gifting others.

After usage, toss these in a machine for a quick cleanup and reuse them again for another occasion.

Provides plenty space for paintingPoor quality
Great for giveawaysIncorrect dimensions
Feature handles 
Machine washable 

9. Best for Holding Valuables & Bulk Bins

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Get started with painting your artwork on these small canvas bags perfect for holding small items including bulk bins.

These compact and eco-friendly pouches offer you enough space for painting and drawing.

Besides, each bag can hold plenty of items and goodies including toys, makeup, grains, and coffee beans!

And the plus is that you get a bulk pack of these pouches, which is a great deal.

Personalize each bag with designs for holding an assortment of similar items – bags for apples, watches, and so on!

And these also make perfect holiday gift bags for occasions that are around the corner.

With their premium quality and construction, these bags will ensure the safety of your items.

What’s more, these bags keep your valuables safe from dust, odor, moisture or light!

Once you’ve filled the bags with your items, pull both ends of the drawstring for tight closure.

When not in use, stash these easy-to-fold bags in a tote, cabinet, or pocket!

Muslin FabricMoldy smell
Feature drawstring closureBottoms aren’t well constructed
Ideal for painting and HTV 
Dust-proof and light-resistant protection 
Little or no shrinkage after washing 

10. Best Black Canvas Bags for DIY Painting

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Showcase your striking arts and crafts using these black reusable canvas bags for DIY painting.

It’s available in a pack of twelve craft bags for several uses and purposes – birthdays, party favors, Christmas, and more.

For that purpose, you can always personalize them to keep some for yourself while giving others as giveaways.

Featuring plenty of space, these bags are useful for heat transfer vinyl, screen printing, embroidery, and the like.

Besides printing, these bags have ample room for packing produce, books, and office and school supplies.

Make sure to read the measurements of the product properly to match your suitable requirement.

These are a perfect staple for someone who goes for weekly shopping hauls for carrying groceries.

Other impressive features include thick construction, long handles, cross-stitching, and bottom gusset.

These combinations of features provide you the best bags for craft at a reasonable price.

Fold them neatly and store them for reusing them again for another occasion!

Heavy dutySmall
Feature smooth surface for DIY PaintingSkinny
Feature long handles 
Easy to fold 

Buyer’s Guide to DIY Reusable Bags

Buying a bag that matches your expected requirements to DIY (do it yourself) is a crucial step.

While you’ve got the art supplies for painting and decorating, you would need a quality bag to provide the surface.

That’s why; we will help you walk through some of the key factors for a better purchase decision.

Here are a couple of things to look for in order to avoid making the mistake of buying the wrong bag.

The purpose for buying a bag

There are plenty of purposes for which you can utilize the bag for DIY.

And personalize it with your very own painting, drawing, and embroidery if that’s something you plan to buy the bag for.

However, before you personalize it with your artwork, you should determine the purpose for which you’re going to use it.

Those functional purposes include goodie bags for kids, craft projects for students, Christmas presents, trade shows, to name a few.

For example, children would need a lightweight bag for DIY to create their painting and to carry it around easily.

And someone who’s going to personalize their bag with painting for grocery would need a thick bag for holding contents.


Investing in a reusable bag for painting your crafts is not only an economical choice, but it’s also good for the environment.

Besides, these bags come in a great quantity at a reasonable price to utilizing them for separate occasions.

Make sure to opt for quality fabric and good value for money before making the purchase!

Bulk Option

Buying in bulk means that you can keep a couple of bags for yourself and use the remaining for giveaways.

Plus, messing a bag with colors and painting wouldn’t be a problem if you’ve got plenty of others to use.

It’s super convenient to always buy in bulk – a set of six, twelve or up to twenty bags.


Reusable bags come in a variety of dimensions including size, design, and capacity to hold stuff.

You wouldn’t want to use heavy bags for giveaways to children for their goodies and candies.

Similarly, it would be a mistake to select a bag that’s too narrow or small to fill it with produce.

That’s why it’s essential that you check its correct dimensions to match your expected requirement.


Well-constructed bags are designed to last long, eliminating the need to stitching them again.

The quality construction of bags meets your needs to carry heavy loads for several shopping trips.

Besides, you wouldn’t need to fret about seams coming off if the bag is well made.

For that reason, make sure the bag is double-stitched, cross-stitched and the fabric is smooth for painting.

You should also look for enforced handles, the quality fabric of Cotton, and the sturdy bottom of the bag.

Painting the bag (DIY)

Decorating the plain canvas bag yourself requires art supplies and a passion for painting.

However, a smooth wide surface is equally important for your DIY project.

For that purpose, you need a reusable canvas bag for DIY that accomplishes your desired goal.

Many bags offer a wide space where you can paint and decorate to beautify your baggie.

Select the right fabric to match your style of painting – Tie-dye, Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), Fabric Markers, and Embroidery.

Make sure to use heat transfer sheets for applying HTV on your bags to prevent damage to the fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Can you use acrylic paint on reusable bags for DIY?

Yes, you can. DIY Reusable bags are a perfect choice for adding acrylic paint.

2.      Are readymade reusable bags good for DIY and crafts?

Yes. You wouldn’t need to do extra work of stitching, sewing, or constructing the bag yourself.

3.      Are DIY reusable bags a good option for art projects?

Yes. You can use these totes to do a bunch of art projects for school or any other event.

4.      Can you add zippers and buttons to DIY tote bags?

Yes, you can add zippers, buttons, and other accessories along with painting your DIY tote bags.

5.      Can you wash painted canvas bags in the washing machine?

Depending on the type of fabric used in canvas bags, you should wash it by hand to protect your artwork.

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