Replacing plastic bags, IKEA has introduced a product line of eco-friendly bags.

IKEA bags aren’t only popular for their trendy and iconic blue design, but also their usefulness!

These study bags are game-changers, with their patent “blue bag” design!

IKEA has designed these bags for hauling heavy loads, including groceries, laundry, and other essentials.

You can take these to the grocery stores, laundry, college, and any other place!

Because when it comes to their features, nothing can surpass the quality of the Ikea bags.

Here, we have rounded up a list of the top 10 best IKEA bags that are worth checking out!

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1. Best for Grocery Shopping

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Carrying your grocery items in this super cute blue bag is the best alternative to a disposable plastic bag.

This bag is convenient for hauling and transporting grocery items from the grocery store to home.

The IKEA bag is well-constructed with eco-friendly material, ensuring a durable design.

This durability allows you to pack a bunch of items including vegetables and other bulky items.

These bags have roomy open compartments, holding large and heavy contents.

Besides, each bag features dual handles – short and long handles.

So when you feel like carrying the filled bag over the shoulder, you can utilize its long shoulder strap.

Another plus is that you get a pack of five bags at this pretty reasonable price.

If you want something that is made of high-quality design and doesn’t rip, we suggest getting this pack!

Can hold 55 lbs.Doesn’t feature a flat bottom
Features dual handles 
Versatile and multi-purpose 
Easy to clean 

2. Best for Storage

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Do you have a lot of packing to do most sustainably?

Then look no further as this IKEA bag is a perfect carryall for storing and hauling an assortment of items.

It is as large as it can get, featuring a large space for holding more items than an ordinary duffel bag can.

Once you’ve packed your essentials, you can zip it – which is another plus!

Another feature that we like in this eco-friendly bag is its zipper that unzips at the full length.

That makes unloading items a simple task, so you don’t end up damaging the valuables.

And moving the bag is super convenient, you can carry it on your back or by your hands.

Another convincing feature that would make you go for it is its ability to soak up the water.

Hence, this set of three IKEA Frakta bags makes a good storage duffle bag!

Extra-large capacityQuality is questionable
Comfortable to carry 
Comes with a zipper closure 
Features backpack design 

3. Best Rainbow Design for Giveaways

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You might have always seen the iconic blue bags of IKEA being the popular choice of bags.

But this IKEA bag comes in a rainbow pattern, specially designed to cater to the market who wants something chic!

Apart from this latest design, this eco-friendly bag is super functional and handy when it comes to your household needs.

You get a pack of two bags with each bag featuring the same design, but different sizes!

Ultimately, you get to choose which one you want to use for your specific needs.

Each bag has plenty of room, so you can stow small or even bulk items.

Or you can use these for giveaways for your events or occasions.

When not in use, fold them nicely and reuse them again as these are quite durable!

Comes in two different sizesNo zip closure
Features rainbow-design 
Best for gifts & beach 
Features sturdy handles 

4. Best Pretty Design Option

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This IKEA bag stands out from its other siblings for its distinct black and white pattern.

Though it comes in a cutesy design, it is just as functional and useful.

You’d also like its duffle bag design as it makes a great carryall.

That means it can fit dozens of heavy items comfortably, so you don’t have to squeeze your essentials.

You can pack grocery items, books, clean clothes, laundry items, and almost anything!

Hence, moving them from place A to place B is super convenient thanks to their dual handles.

And of course, the best part is that you get a pack of three bags with the same patterns.

After usage, be sure to wash it by hand and let it dry.

This makes the cleanup process a breeze!

Best for hauling almost anything!Floppy as they don’t feature a reinforced bottom
Comfortable to carry by hand 
Easy to fold 
Saves space 

5. Best for Clothing Storage

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If extra clothing or laundry is taking up the space, then this IKEA bag would organize that for you.

It features a transparent design, so you get to see what you have packed inside it.

Beyond its useful design, it also offers plenty of space, so you can fill it up with an assortment of items.

Many of you would prefer this as it is a staple choice for packing bed sheets, covers, duvets, and more!

And you can hang it on the wall if you don’t want it to take up space in your closet.

And it zips up to its full length, so your freshly laundered clothes don’t accumulate the dirt.

Besides, it features sturdy handles, ensuring easy portability from one place to another.

When empty, you can clean it up by using the damp cloth, wiping away the dirt!

Transparent designPoor packaging
Can be hooked on a wall 
Zip closure 
Features handle 

6. Best for College

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Moving lots of things from your place to your dorm room of the college can be done in a snap.

This IKEA bag is a massive duffel bag that is specifically designed to meet the standards of a moving bag.

In other words, it is capable of holding and hauling an enormous number of things.

So you wouldn’t need to buy those cardboard boxes as this bag is reusable.

You can pack the clothes, bed sheets, blankets, and just about anything.

Its well-made construction also features double zippers, so your essentials are packed securely.

You can also use it for storage to organize the items that otherwise occupy the already small dorm room’s space.

Or you can repurpose this to use for outdoor activities like trips, hiking, or camping.

Thick, well-constructed, strong materialStraps aren’t sewn properly
Capacity up to 60 lbs. 
Scratch-resistant & water-proof material 
Zip closure & handles 

7. Best Bulk Option

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Carrying separate plastic bags to the grocery store isn’t the convenient thing to do.

For that purpose, this medium-sized IKEA bag offers the perfect size to fit a myriad of items.

It is designed to withstand bulky items and can hold a bunch of items.

This is why you can bring only one or two of these bags to a market if you have small family size needs.

And you can keep the remaining ones to reuse them for other purposes as you get a pack of six totes!

Like its other bags, each of this IKEA bag repels water, so you can carry them even when it is raining.

And carrying them is super easy as each bag features two sets of handles – short and long!

The only downside that we noticed was its plastic-like odor when you unbox the package.

But that usually goes away in a minute, so you don’t have to deal with it!

A bulk blue bag option (6 pieces)A little pricey option
Features two handles 
Easy cleanup 

8. Best Heavy Duty Option

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If you want a high-quality bag that is both wide and large and doesn’t rip off, then look no further!

We present you with this super sturdy IKEA bag by VENO that is packed with impressive features.

Though it isn’t manufactured by IKEA, it does more than any average plastic bag as it is a reusable bag.

Made of earth-friendly materials, this duffel bag can hold a myriad of essentials and items.

And you can move it around by carrying it on your back or by your hands.

Its water-resistant construction makes it suitable for outdoor activities if you must utilize it outside.

All in all, we love the quality fabric, the roomy compartment, zipper closure, and sturdy handles.

Hence, we suggest using this if you want all-purpose carryall for storing, moving, or organizing your essentials!

Extra-large capacity up to 50 lbs.Questionable material
Water-resistant design 
Features back side straps 

9. Best for Traveling

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This chic patterned IKEA bag is the perfect size for travel purposes or storage ones.

Not only is this bag cute, but it also is functional as it is reusable.

Unlike other bags that rip off soon after using them twice or so, this bag holds up well.

Its well-made construction and household-friendly design give it a unique look.

Not to mention, it has plenty of room up to a gallon to pack all your essentials.

Once packed, you can zip it close and carry it comfortably to anywhere you want.

Or if you want to keep their brand new, you must not forget to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Another plus is its wallet-friendly price because you get a pack of two bags.

And those are enough to replace several plastic bags!

Comes with a pretty designQuestionable packaging
Plenty of space 
Stands upright 
Features zip closure and handle 

10. Best for Under Bed Storage

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Got excess clothes that are stacking up with no extra space? Then get yourself this handy IKEA bag.

It is perfectly designed to accommodate you when you want to save space and organize clothes.

This bag is made of non-woven material, ensuring a high-quality design that won’t wear off over time.

It is as compact as it can get, yet it features plenty of space to keep your garments in excellent condition.

This is particularly why we prefer this design because it prevents the wrinkles of the shirts.

Plus, it features see-through windows, so you’ll always know what you have packed inside.

And once it is packed, you can keep it under your bed easily, perfectly utilizing that space!

In a nutshell, this bag is hands down the best one yet made by IKEA for storing and organizing in a limited space.

Plenty of roomNo reinforced bottom or bottom support
Features see-through window 
Zipper closure 
Quality construction 

Buyer’s Guide to IKEA Bags

Quality, durability, and eco-friendly design are some of the aspects that make IKEA bags stand out.

But we see several IKEA bags with various designs and shapes available.

So it can get confusing at first if you’re not sure which one would be the right choice for you.

To make the buying process simple for you, we’ll guide you on how to choose the IKEA bags.

That way, you’ll narrow down your options and determine which one to go for.

Purpose for buying

IKEA has designed bags for various purposes from grocery shopping to packing items.

It all depends on customers like you to decide why you would want the bag for.

Do you want the bag for grocery shopping, college, travel, storage, or any other purpose?

A small compact bag is essentially perfect for hauling groceries or other essentials.

Likewise, a duffel bag is more suitable for when you want to move things around.

Or if you want to save up the space in your closet, then you can go for an IKEA Underbed storage bag.


One great thing about IKEA totes is that they are available and sold at reasonable prices.

That means that anyone can easily afford them within their budget.

Starting from low prices, these bags don’t comprise their quality or top-notch features.

That ensures that you get the value for the price you paid, which is what we like the best about this.

If you want a bag that meets your requirements, you can get your hands on one at a reasonable price.


Whether you have a lot of packing to do or just want to organize the essentials, IKEA totes got you covered.

It offers small, medium, large sizes with their respective dimensions.

If you carry or haul large and enormous things, then getting a medium-sized bag would be the right choice.

Always remember the check the dimensions to get your desired tote in the perfect size.


Bags that come with an easy-to-open closure design keep your items safe and secure.

This is especially true of IKEA carryalls which either feature zipper or no zipper closure.

If you want to keep your items secure, then you should consider selecting the zipper closure.

On the other side, you can also go for open design if you are only going to use it for groceries.

After all, you don’t have to zip close your green veggies, unless you feel like doing it.


IKEA totes feature sturdy handles sewn perfectly, allowing you to carry your essentials comfortably.

Several bags by IKEA come with dual handles, so you can carry them however you like.

Other bags also feature shoulder straps or handles that you can carry on your back.

However you prefer to carry your bag, these bags with handles are a convenient choice for you.

So if you have to use the staircase, you must consider going for the bag that has shoulder straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are IKEA bags good?

IKEA bags are great for various purposes like grocery, packing, storing, organizing, and more.

2.      Are IKEA bags affordable?

Though they are well-constructed, IKEA bags are wallet-friendly with prices starting from as low as 1 dollar.

3.      Are IKEA bags waterproof?

IKEA totes are water-repellent, ensuring ease of moving around and carrying the bag even if it is raining.

4.      What material is used in IKEA bags?

The patent blue bags of IKEA are made of the material called FRAKTA. It is made of recycled plastic, making it a sustainable option to choose from.

5.      Are IKEA bags made of eco-friendly material?

Yes. IKEA bags are made of eco-friendly materials.

6.      Are IKEA bags washable?

No. IKEA bags should be wiped off with a damp piece of cloth. 

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