Often used for fruits packaging, net bags are stretchable, colorful strings of fabric.

The same kind of bag is also available for your personal and household usage.

And we have a special name for them – Mesh Reusable Bags!

These are not your usual plastic net bags as they are made of sustainable materials.

You can use these as laundry mesh bags, grocery mesh bags, or for herbs, toys and, more!

And because they are reusable and planet-friendly, you’ll get to use them many times.

To find your preferred one, we’ve put together the best top 10 reusable mesh bags for you!

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1. Best for Laundry

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To meet the laundry demands of families, this pack of four reusable mesh laundry bags comes first on our list.

Especially for large and medium-sized families, this pack is a great choice.

With each bag having a large capacity, you can fit tons of clothes in them for quick washing.

Plus, the drawstring feature ensures ease of opening and closing.

This means that no drawstrings are tangled around other clothes!

Besides, with its perfect size, you can fit it across a laundry hamper!

Each bag is highly rated for its sturdiness, which is why we recommend this pack for laundry.

So you don’t have to worry about these ripping off or shrinking!

What’s more, you can use these for a variety of laundry – blankets, pillows, and more!

We recommend these as perfect additions for washing, sorting, managing laundry.

Large capacityNot ideal for delicates
Easy to carry 
Great for a variety of clothes 
Drawstring opening 

2. Best for Delicates

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To protect your favorite and special delicates, you have to have a separate exclusive bag for them!

For that purpose, we have handpicked this set of seven reusable mesh laundry bags with zippers.

The set comes in varying sizes including extra-large, large, small, and more.

So you can separate your fancy dresses from your lingerie or your favorite socks!

And you wouldn’t need to go for multiple loads of laundry.

Plus the fine mesh with which these laundry bags are made allows for thoroughly washing!

Though the sturdiness of the zipper is questionable, the zippers can be tucked inside elastic.

And you won’t find them getting stuck on buttons or zippers as you can always tuck the zipper!

So if you’re a college student or a family of two or four, these surely would be ideal for you!

Perfect for delicates & socksQuestionable quality
Different sizes of bags 
Each comes with a zipper 
Easy to use 

3. Best for Veggies and Fruit

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These reusable mesh produce bags are must-have essentials for your grocery.

And the reason is that they are super light, handy, sturdy, and planet-friendly!

Though they may look small, they can be extended to a large size thanks to their good stretch.

This allows you to pack dozens of veggies and fruits.

And because you get a pack of five, you can separate each bag for vegetables and fruits.

Another plus is that each bag comes in a different color.

So you get five different colors, allowing you to choose the color according to your preference.

Also, the bags feature long handles that you can use to save space by hanging them!

Finally, to reuse them, throw them in the machine and you’re good to go!

Expendable capacitySize isn’t large enough
Each comes with a different color 
Feature handles 

4. Best for a Variety of Sizes

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If you pack a variety of food and non-food items, then this pack of different sizes is great for you.

It comes in three varying sizes including large, medium, and small.

That means you can pack stuff according to your preference – onions, cucumbers, lettuce, and more!

For small essentials, you can utilize its small bags to stash small items and store them.

The fine mesh with which these are made helps the cashier to identify your items easily.

Unlike other bags, these fine mesh reusable bags are super light to carry.

Also, the color-coded drawstrings help you to organize and separate your stuff accordingly.

And don’t forget to throw them in the washing machine as these are machine washable.

And the bonus feature that you’d find handy is that you get fifteen bags!

Large capacity & different sizesNot ideal for veggies in the refrigerator
Color-coded drawstrings 
Toggle closure 

5. Best for Herbs, Spices, Coffee, and Tea

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Cook and combine various types of spices according to your mood with these mesh reusable bags!

Using these, you can try out recipes that have various ingredients.

For that reason, these mesh bags are perfect for cooking, especially.

So making that soup by dipping these bags with herbs would make your cooking job easier!

Another advantage is that aren’t only limited to spices as you can use them for coffee and tea as well.

 So feel free to fill them with coffee to make your cold brew or store your coffee for later use.

Because they’re sturdy, you won’t need to worry about mesh coming off.

And if you’d like, you can reuse them as they are reusable (fit for multiple uses).

But remember to wash them before using them again for your cooking purpose!

Best for cooking purposeBags are small
Good for storage as wellPoor quality of drawstrings
Easy to use & clean 
Good size 

6. Best for Beach

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The reason why most beachgoers prefer mesh reusable tote is that it keeps off the sand.

That’s why we have picked this handy mesh bag that makes a great beach bag!

It features a large capacity to hold all of your beach essentials!

That means you can easily fit into it your beach towels, shoes, books, or just about anything.

And the mesh fabric keeps the sand away – perfect if you’ve packed snacks!

What’s more, you’d find its multiple pockets feature impressively.

That’s because you can separate your beach essentials however you prefer.

Though it can hold plenty of stuff, it is lightweight enough for ease of carrying.

This makes it a perfect companion for when you’re traveling!

Though lightweight, these are beautifully stitched – that makes them durable!

Be sure to wash it with soap water to get rid of dirt and smell, and reuse it again!

Big enough capacityHas odor
Features multiple pockets 
Comes in various colors 
Zipper closure    

7. Best for Toys

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Do you find scattered toys of your kids in the room?

Then, it’s about time to organize them using these mesh reusable bags for toys.

These are similar to reusable mesh produce bags, but you can use these as toys organizer.

In case you’ve other stuff to organize, then you can utilize these for that purpose as well.

That’s because the pack comes with twelve bags (with three varying sizes).

The three varying sizes have color-coded drawstrings – allowing you to differentiate easily!

Or, you can see what’s inside the bags as these are clear mesh bags.

Besides, there’s no hassle of a zipper as most kids can effortlessly open these using drawstrings.

Though the sturdiness of drawstring is questionable, bags hold up well.

Lastly, these are super easy to clean when you want to reuse them again!

Good capacity & varying sizesQuestionable drawstrings
A good pack (12 pieces) 
Kid-friendly design 
Comes with color-coded drawstrings 

8. Best for Saving Counter Space

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Do your veggies take counter space and you’re thinking of freeing up that space for cooking?

Then, you can use these mesh reusable bags, specially made for that purpose.

These stretchable mesh bags can expand and hold tons of veggies.

That means you can store potatoes, onions, and even fruits as well!

Plus, you can easily take out grocery items from it as bags have a large opening.

Made of cotton, this pack of three-string bags is durable to last long.

That also makes them easy to clean – remember not to wash them in a machine, though!

Also, there are other purposes you can use these bags for.

Like, you can take these to a farmers market or any occasion or event!

Though they’re not available in colors, this beige color makes them seem minimalist.

Eco-friendlyToo small
Easy to clean 

9. Best Budget-friendly Option

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This pack of three mesh reusable bags is budget-friendly – available at a fraction of the price!

But this value pack comes with a myriad of impressive features.

You get a set of three of these bags with plenty of expendable room to store your items.

Available in three varying sizes, the pack can hold a variety of items impressively!

Using these, you can separate your veggies and fruits, or just about anything!

And when you’re not using these for produce, feel free to make use of them to store toys.

That way, you’d save space and utilize these as toys storage.

Another plus that these bags come with is their “cord lock” opening.

It’s similar to that of drawstring – just pull them together after filling them with your stuff!

Though the bags are machine washable, we recommend hand wash cleaning.

Promotes zero-wasteNot ideal for produce
Three varying sizes 
Inexpensive option 
Easy to open and close 

10. Best Organizer Option

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If classic basic cotton mesh bags don’t appeal to you, then this fancy one will do!

This black and green mesh design makes these bags stand out from the rest.

In addition to their design, this pack of bags is pretty handy for a variety of things.

We like using them as an organizer for both food and non-food items.

Likewise, you can also use them to hang in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place.

That way you can save up room by filling each with your essential items.

Though the opening is not that large, you’d find that taking out items isn’t that big of a hassle.

As for the cleaning feature, the bags provide ease of cleanliness for you.

Hence, when empty, throw them in a machine for a quick cleanup!

Eco-friendly fabricToo small opening
Cutesy Design 
Good for organizer 
Features handles 

Buyer’s Guide to Mesh Reusable Bags

are here to stay to make your life easier with their usefulness!

And if you’ve made up your mind to invest in these bags, then you’d need to keep a few things in mind.

Doing so would help you in choosing the right bag that best suits your needs.

Here are some of the factors that you should take a look at before you make a purchase!

Single-purpose or Multi-purpose

First and foremost, you should determine why you need a mesh reusable bag.

Are you going to use it as a laundry bag, beach bag, produce bag, or storage bag?

Though all these mesh bags are multipurpose, you can find the one that is suitable for you.

Like, if you want to free counter space, then you should go for a bag with handles and an open-mouth design.

The budget

also plays a role whenever you’re deciding to buy something.

Likewise, for a reusable mesh bag, your budget will determine the type of bag you want.

The good news, though, is that there are reusable string bags available at competitive prices.

Opening and Closing (Zipper, drawstrings, cord locks, Open-mouth)

Mesh bags feature a zipper, drawstrings, cord locks, and open mouth as their variety of styles.

Choose the zipper mesh bag specifically for the laundry.

As for the kitchen organization, go for the open-mouth design to take out veggies quickly!

Size and Capacity

Like other bags, the size, and capacity of mesh reusable bags determine how much they can hold.

If you’ve got a lot of packing and storing to do, then a large mesh bag would be ideal for you.

On the other hand, for fine-grain items, small pouch-like mesh bags would be convenient.

For starters, it is better to go for a pack that comes in varying sizes.

Design (Color-coded or handles)

Among other features, you should also consider looking at color-coded features.

That feature helps you identify your bags from one another effortlessly.

In addition to that, you should also consider going for mesh bags that have handles.

These are especially useful when you want to hang them in your pantry.


Keeping your bags clean makes them look brand new and helps you reuse them again!

That’s why you must go for bags that are easy to clean.

Keep in mind that cotton mesh bags should be hand washed.

Also, for other bags, check if they are machine washable or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are mesh bags reusable?

Yes, mesh bags are reusable which makes them stand out from disposable bags.

2.      What can you use mesh reusable bags for?

You can use mesh reusable bags for a variety of things – packing, storing, cooking, and more!

3.      Are mesh reusable bags good for vegetables?

Yes, mesh reusable bags are good for vegetables because they keep veggies fresh.

4.      Are mesh reusable bags machine washable?

Though it varies on the type of fabric, mesh reusable bags are machine washable.

5.      Are reusable mesh bags worth it?

Yes, reusable mesh bags are worth it for several purposes.

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