In the United States, the plastic usage per person is whopping 0.74 lbs. or 0.34 kg.

Now that’s the largest quantity of plastic waste produced in a single country.

Add the plastic waste generated by other countries, and you’ll get a shocking total of waste produced.

Most of these disposable plastic bottles end up in the oceans, endangering sea life.

To curb the pollution even by the slightest means possible, you can switch to using recycled alternatives.

Luckily, several earth-friendly brands are curbing the pollution with recycled bags made of recycled material.

These recycling bags are not only eco-friendly, but they are also super functional!

And the best part is that they are reusable, unlike their counterparts – disposable plastic bags!

To help you in this regard, we have handpicked a list of the top ten recycled bags.

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1. Best for Kids

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Encourage a plastic-free lifestyle in your little ones by gifting them these adorable recycled bags.

Sustainably manufactured, these recycled bags from Think Green Fun are made from recycled materials.

The brand has efficiently made these bags by collecting, refining, sorting the RPET material.

And finally weaving them into creative recycled bags for your little ones!

Besides, this set of six bags is reusable, so you can use and repurpose them for several other occasions.

Whether it’s for birthdays, school events, occasions, these recycled bags for kids are worth every penny!

Being functional, these bags can hold candies, treats, and other small contents in their space.

And these are comfortable to carry as a backpack thanks to their sturdy drawstrings!

LightweightNo long straps
Comes in cute patternsNot convenient for grocery
Easy to carry around 

2. Best for Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping trips don’t necessarily have to be tiresome chores.

With these recycled bags for grocery shopping, you can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

Crafted from recycled plastic bottles and woven into useful reusable bags, these bags reduce the environmental impacts!

Aside from being earth-friendly, these recycling bags from Planet E are super functional.

As a shopper, you can stow a bunch of grocery items including veggies, drinks, and more.

For your convenience, these bags feature a partition with two compartments along with a reinforced bottom.

These features ensure that your bags stand upright, so your grocery contents don’t topple over.

And the best value of this package is that you get a pack of three bags!

A downside to these bags, however, is their maintenance.

It is because these aren’t washable, but you can wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

Large capacityMight tear if it contains heavy items
Easy to fold 
Organized compartment with partitions 
Cleans smoothly 

3. Best Machine-washable Option

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Washing your grocery bags can be a hassle-free chore if you have these recycled bags best for quick clean-up!

This pack of five recycled bags can be a great addition to carrying your grocery items conveniently.

Each bag can hold items up to 65 lb. thanks to its super roomy compartment!

Not to mention, each bag is made from three recycled plastic bottles – in total fifteen plastic bottles!

That means you’ll be using a sustainable, yet reusable option that is better than disposable plastic bags!

With cute patterns, these recycling bags are designed to make an impression on others who’d be seeing them!

When these get dirty, you can always pop them in the washing machine for quick cleaning.

And of course, you can fold them into a pouch and carry them in your pocket or bag!

Comes in a variety of patternsNot durable
Heavy duty 
Easy to carry 
Easy to fold 

4. Best for Beach

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A set of well-designed recycled bags with a message that conveys the importance of keeping oceans clean!

And it’s not just only its eco-friendly message that encourages a waste-free lifestyle.

But the pack of bags has an altogether environmental impact as these are made from 90% recycled materials.

Apart from their fancy designs, these bags are super functional, ideal for the beach when you have to tote items.

That said, each bag can hold 30 lbs. with still a little extra room to fit small stuff!

You can repurpose them for your other stuff – toting any items from one place to another effortlessly!

When these get dirty, just wipe them to get rid of the stains and odor.

In short, these recycled bags are sturdy, long-lasting, reusable, fancy, and you name it!

Made from 90 percent recycled plasticDurability is questionable
Can hold up to 30 lbs. 
Comes with eco-friendly designs 

5. Best See-through Option

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Save yourself the time and hassle of taking out your items at a counter by switching to these mesh recycled bags.

Designed for your convenience, these mesh bags are transparent, so you can what’s in them!

And the most important aspect of all, these mesh bags are made from recycled materials.

Hence, these aren’t the ordinary low-quality bags that won’t last weekly shopping hauls.

That is because you can utilize them for multiple grocery trips – biweekly or monthly!

With these bags, you can pack the veggies, fruit, and bulk food items conveniently.

Besides, you won’t have to fit everything into one bag, because you get two bags – impressive, right?

When not in use, simply wash them by hand and store them in a storage pouch!

BPA-free bags made of RPETThese aren’t convenient for large items
Transparent mesh bags 
Drawstring closure 
Comes with 2 pouches 

6. Best for Office

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Vera Bradley recycled bag is more than just a bag that can hold your office essentials and more!

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this recycled bag is earth-friendly and sustainable to curb plastic pollution.

In addition to its chic design, this reusable bag is superior when it comes to its functionality.

That means you can pack your essentials and carry them from home to the office or vice versa!

It has plenty of space, so you can stow whichever items you prefer – including your water flask or lunch. And it also features side zippered pockets, so you can pack other small items like keys.

And it holds your contents pretty well without ripping apart!

Be sure to reuse it for other purposes including beach, vacation, and more.

Features fancy designsOdor
Roomy capacity 
Lightweight and easy to carry around 
Comes with a shoulder handle 

7. Best Backpack option

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Known for their lightweight quality, recycled, and non-recycled bags from Fjallraven up to the mark!

Besides the high-quality feature, this bag is made from 100 percent recycled materials.

That feature alone is what makes it stand out from other bags that contribute to pollution.

With this bag, you can encourage sustainability around you and among your friends.

Moreover, you can carry it to your weekend vacations, trips, hiking adventures, picnics, and more.

You can stuff your big items in its main compartment, and stash other small valuables in its side pockets.

This well-designed bag is as convenient as it possibly can, allowing you to carry it easily.

You can use this as a backpack without having to carry it by your hand thanks to its long straps.

A good sizeDoesn’t fit large items
Offers two extra side pocketsQuestionable packaging
Features long straps 
Made from 100 percent recycled materials 

8. Best for Small Essentials and Valuables

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Carrying a large bag to some places isn’t a great idea when some places where large bags aren’t allowed.

For that reason, CamelBak has introduced this handy sling pack which is made from recycled materials.

That said, it is made of 70% recycled material – as sustainable as it can get!

This recycled bag can effortlessly convert into your usual fanny pack or a slingback.

Featuring multiple pockets, this recycled bag can comfortably fit your phone, keys, and other essentials.

Besides, it is pretty comfortable to carry around and is a great fashion addition for your personality.

Its adjustable strap can be shortened and extended to your size of preference!

 So you can carry it however you want and wherever you want without effortlessly.

Made from 70 percent recycled materialsToo small for various items
Comes with a roomy compartment 
Easy to carry around 
Features additional pockets 

9. Best for Gym

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This bag checks off nearly all the features a bag must have from eco-friendly fabric to hold your items.

This recycled bag is made from 95% of recycled materials that makes it an earth-friendly option.

Other than that, it comes in pretty patterns that also promote the waste-free concept.

It is well-constructed to meet the high-quality standards to provide you the comfort of carrying it around.

With its impressive features, you can pack a couple of stuff in it given its roomy space.

And it holds well as well because of its reinforced bottom.

And the best part of it is its zippered closure – something other ordinary bags lack!

So when you’ve packed and organized your stuff and essentials, you can zip it up to secure your items!

Recycled from 95 percent plastic materialQuestionable quality
Large capacity 
Features cute design 
Large capacity with zipper closure 

10. Best Durable Option

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What could be a better option than switching to a bag that is both reusable and sturdy?

The recycled bag is manufactured in line with standards to meet your demands.

Hence, it is essentially functional when it comes to your needs.

Made with recycled plastic bottles, this recycled bag is strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

So you can utilize it for your everyday use by toting it anywhere you want.

What’s more, you can stow items up to 50 lbs. and carry them comfortably using this bag.

Or when you have to load or unload items, you can place them on the surface as they can stand upright!

Not to mention, you can toss it in a machine because it is machine-washable.

BPA-free and made from 100 percent recycled materialsHandles are a little too small
Can hold 60 lbs. 

Buyer’s Guide to Recycled Bags

Recycled bags are sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bags.

With several brands offering a myriad of recycled bags, it can get tricky to choose the right one.

Fortunately, you can consider some features before making your purchase.                                                  

That way, you’ll get your hands on a bag that meets your personal as well as sustainability requirements.

Here are some essential features to keep in mind before you get that bag made from recycled materials!


Determine your budget before you purchase your first recycled bag.

Knowing what you want to buy within your budget can be a wise decision.

Besides, recycled bags are available at reasonable prices as well.

So you get the value for the money you pay depending on which type of recycled bag you’re opting for.

If you want something that includes additional features, then you must have to pay additional bucks.

That said, you can also go for the bag that’s budget-friendly and offers similar features as well.


Material is the feature that decides the shelf-life of a bag, ensuring durability.

At its core, the recycled bags are made of RPET manufactured after a process of breaking down plastic bottles. Of course, this material is a more sustainable choice than its other counterparts.

This Recycled Polyester ensures durability and is non-toxic for when you have to use the bag for groceries.

That said, you can look at the material of the bag from which it is made to determine what you’re looking for.

The better the quality of the material, the more durable the recycled bag will be.

Besides, it will withstand wear and tear, so you can reuse it several times.


Recycled bags aren’t limited to their eco-friendly features.

Several recycled bags come in a variety of designs with patterns as well.

You can choose to go for a design that matches your personality.

Besides, the recycled bags have functions that are designed to be convenient.

So you can go for a bag that has a long shoulder strap if you carry bulk items.

Or you can go for a design of the bag that is easy to carry around when you’re commuting from home to the office.

All in all, recycled bags come in various designs featuring study bottom to additional pockets.


Recycled bags have one large compartment that can hold your stuff safely and securely.

This compartment comes with its dimensions as well.

Depending on your household needs, you can go for a large-sized one for carrying bulky items.

There are a handful of sizes available for recycled bags to choose from.

From small to large, the recycled bags have a spacious capacity for holding items.


Something that plastic bags don’t have is reusability because they are flimsy and disposable.

Recycled bags, on the other hand, are reusable – meaning you can utilize them on many occasions.

And if they get dirty, you can always wash them by hand or tossing them in a machine.

This makes the cleanup a breeze, so you can again reuse them for shopping hauls.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are recycled bags eco-friendly or sustainable?

Recycled bags are eco-friendly compared to plastic bags because they can be reusable.

2.      How recycled bags are better alternatives than plastic bags?

Recycled bags are designed with compartments and pockets for several purposes. These hold up well for months to come and can be repurposed as well.

3.      Can you use recycled bags for grocery shopping?

Recycled bags are ideal for grocery shopping thanks to their sturdy material and convenient design.

4.      Are recycled bags worth it?

Recycled bags are worth it because you can always carry them around to your school, office, or grocery stores. Plus, these withstand wear and tear and can be a great alternative to plastic bags.

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