Reusable Gift Bags Reviewed for 2021

The excitement of having a friend who is graduating soon is unexplainable.

The preparations and activities that come before the big day are involving, and therefore you need to be well-prepared.

Considering a gift for your buddy is not exceptional in the planning. Gifts are good, but they look good when put in a reusable gift bag.

These bags reviewed are eco-friendly, durable, and made with a classy and sassy touch. They are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

You don’t have to worry whether you are doing a large or small gift.

In this review, we shall recommend the best reusable gift bags. We will further highlight their features, cons, and pros. This will enable you to know the best gift bag for that wonderful perfume you want to surprise your friend with.

BrandKraft Gift BHallmark 13’’ Gift BagJuvenile Wine  GiftTosnail 20Pack Glossy Gold GHallmark 56’’ Plastic Gift BagThe American Greetings Jumbo Plastic Gift Bag
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Best ForBirthday GiftsWedding/Birthday Gift Wine gifts  Wedding gifts  Anniversary gifts  Baby shower gifts
MaterialPaper Paper  Polyester  Non –woven fabricPlastic  Paper
Size (In) 16.93 x 11.42 x 2.09 5.75 x 10.47 x 1313.7 x 7 x 4 16.1 x 13 x 2.40.1 x 36 x 56  18 x 38 x 80
Handle Yes YesYesYes No  No
Quantity 25 610 20 1  1
Multi-purpose Yes YesYes YesNo  No
  Washable No NoYes YesYes  No

1. Best for Birthday Gifts

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The Kraft gift bags are a definition of elegance and convenience. Their quality is premium and great for the environment. The bags are large and boast two handles, and are sold as a package of 25 pieces. These gift bags are made of paper with a weight of 60lbs, and each piece can hold 6lbs. The top edges are well serrated without any use of glue. They can stand on their thanks to the box-shaped bottom. The manufactures of Kraft gift bags are mindful of the environment. They make the bags using environmentally friendly brown papers. Both the handles and the body are reusable, recyclable, and compostable. This means you can use them for as long as you want and later recycle them. What a way to keep the environment safe? Another feature that will strike you about these bags is that they are absorbent. This means you can do some art on them and add some glamour. You can design any image on them as well. Additionally, you can also have your business logo on them and advertise your brand.

  Pros  Cons
  • Safe for environment
  • Absorbent
  • A strong bottom
  • Two handles
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Thin bags
  • No big holding capacity

2. Best Wedding Gift Bags

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Say how much you care with the Hallmark 13’’gift bags and make the celebration memorable. The bags are large and sold as a pack of six. They are made to suit birthdays, graduations, baby showers, and weddings. You will love their striped design and never have enough of their blue color. Since the bag is available in six sets, you can conveniently gift different people on six separate occasions. The bags are colorful with their golden stripes making them ideal for any event. You can use these bags to carry various gifts, including books, clothing, home décor accessories, among other items. The quality of the bags is not compromised because they are made from an eco-friendly material. They are also large enough, and therefore your content will not be squeezed.

  Pros  Cons
  • Great for all occasions
  • Elegant and durable
  • Strong and thick
  • Stable bottom
  • Not ideal for heavy content
  • Costly

3. Best for Wine Gift Bags

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We all have that one friend who loves wines and life. No better way to gift them than with the Juvenile wine gift bag. The bags are reusable and available as a pack of 10pieces. Their design will shift you from the ordinary gift boxes. The bags are well crafted to carry around tots and bottled beverages. One bag can comfortably carry two bottles of wine or beverage. There is greater contentment that comes with buying something reusable. Buying Juvenile wine gift bags is an assurance of getting value for your money. You can re-use this bag and even recycle it in case you get bored of having it. It is made from a reliable polyester fabric which makes it durable. The bag is foldable and, therefore, can be kept in a purse when not in use. Your gifting is not limited since you can use the bag to gift people during weddings, graduations, baby showers, or anniversaries. Get your wine-loving friend entertained on their big day by putting their favorite bottle of wine in the Juvenile wine gift bag.

  Pros  Cons
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Reusable
  • Too big for slim wine bottles
  • Non-removable divider

4. Best for Special Occasion Gifts

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Take your gifting to another level with the Tosnail 20Pack glossy gift bag. It is ideal for any party, including weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays. The bag is sturdy with two comfortable handles and comes as a pack of 20 golden pieces. You will not need to worry about water because it has a water-resistant surface to protect your goods.If you are an environmentalist, then this bag is a real deal for you. It is made with an eco-friendly fabric boasting gold laser printing. You can also re-use the bag and use it for long thanks to its durability. This bag is also heavy-duty and big enough to hold your goods. Storage will not be a worry because Tosnail bags are foldable. Get versatile with this bag, go shopping, travel, and package gifts for your loved ones.

  Pros  Cons
  • Water-resistant bottom
  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Eco friendly
  • Foldable
  • Comfortable handles
  • Reusable and strong
  • Easily peels off
  • Not customizable

5. Best for Anniversary Gift Bags

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Take the holiday celebrations to another level by wrapping your friends’ gifts with the Hallmark 56’’gift bag. This bag is large, and it’s made of plastic. It has a striped blue color and will fit birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and graduations. There is no harm in buying something large. This is why you should not hesitate to have the Hallmark bags. It is large enough to hold both small and big gifts. This bag can fit blankets, big toys, home décor, and small household items. Many gift bags have no closure, but the case is different for the Hallmark gift bag. You purchase this bag with a blue cord closure to keep your contents safe. Besides, the bags have a coordinating gift tag that makes it easy for you to wrap large gifts. Celebrate father’s day in style and wrap that shirt for your dad in Hallmark 56’’.

  Pros  Cons
  • Large
  • Has a closure
  • Great for all celebrations
  • Value for money
  • Has a coordinating gift tag?
  • No handle
  • Rips off
  • Not for heavy items
  • Unsealed

5. Best Set Combo

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Uniquely pass your Christmas greetings with the American greetings gift bags. The bags are made of paper material with a baby blocks color. It has a cord tie and serves well for gifts that have odd shapes. It is heavy duty and large enough to fit baby gifts like strollers, a car seat, or stuffed animals. They are available in many colors and are best for baby showers. The bags are designed to express your feelings of love and care. Strengthen your relationships with the American greeting bags and enjoy the power of friendship.

  Pros  Cons
  • Has a closure
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Ideal for odd-shaped gifts
  • Best for heavy and large gifts
  • Tears easily
  • No handle
  • Thin
  • Slightly transparent
  • Loose rope

Buyers Guide for A Reusable Gift Bag

There is so much to consider before buying anything. This also applies to reusable gift bags. Putting these factors into consideration will help you make the best choice and get value for your money. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a gift bag.

1.Purpose of the bag

The purpose for which you intend to use the bag is critical. Gift bags are different, and the kind of gift you are buying for your friend determines what you get. For example, if you want to surprise them with a wine bottle, you don’t need a huge bag; rather, you should buy a slim one. Analyze your purpose before purchasing any gift bag. This will also help you be satisfied.


I know you are wondering why you should bother about durability if you are giving the gift away. Durability is of importance for the convenience of the gift recipient. They will appreciate your friendship so long as they keep the bag for long. Therefore, you should check the fabric used to make the bag. A good reusable gift bag is made of waterproof, reusable, and recyclable material. Those are the factors that determine its durability.


It would be unwise to buy a gift bag without considering its size. You need to consider the size of the gift you intend to buy because it will guide you to identify a perfect bag fitting the gift. Are you thinking of surprising your fiancée with a big gift? Then it would be best if you chose a big gift bag. You don’t want parts of it to be sagging outside, especially if it’s a surprise. A good gift bag should carry the gift without revealing it.


How much are you willing to spend on a gift bag? Budget can’t be underestimated when buying anything. The amount of money you have determines what you get, and it’s quality. There are many types of gift bags, as mentioned earlier. However, they vary in prices, and that’s why you should consider the cost before settling for one.


True relationships are determined by how far we are willing to go and show that we care.

Gifting is one way of expressing our feelings of gratitude, love, and solidarity to those around us. However, a well-wrapped and presented gift goes a long way in affirming all these.

Every gift requires a gift bag, and that’s why in this article, we have given you the best recommendations for gift bags. You can never go wrong with any of them. 

They are eco-friendly, reusable, and durable. Also, the bags are designed with a taste of style and class. Take your mode of celebration a notch higher by purchasing reusable gift bags.

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