Carrying a plastic bag filled with groceries or lunch in the lunch containers won’t prevent food from getting spoiled. After all, it’s a regular grocery bag that can only be used once before being tossed out.

Besides, it can’t control the moisture, resulting in food losing its heat or cold during transporting contents.

For that reason, reusable insulated bags are the alternative to these plastic bags to keep the food fresh during transport.

These eco-friendly bags are essentially designed with insulated material to keep the preservation of your food for many hours!

With these, you can travel from one place to another without having to deal with plastic bags or bulky coolers.

You can easily pack your food, zip it tightly, and carry it with the help of its fitted handles.

There is a myriad of reusable insulated bags available, each having its design, features, and style.

Here are our top picks of reusable insulated bags with impressive features!

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1. Best for Long Trips

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Going from point A to point B with a heavily loaded bag doesn’t have to wear you out.

With this pack of reusable insulated bags, you can effortlessly take grocery trips from the grocery store to your home. NZ Home has constructed the bag with thick insulation layers – aluminum and PE foam.

This is to ensure the preservation of your contents packed in each bag.

You can pack your vegetables, frozen food, meat, and other food items in these bags.

And the dual zipper makes it easy for you to keep your contents secure while transporting.

The best part is that you get a set of two, which you can separate for a variety of purposes.

Each bag can carry up to 45 lbs. of load without the bag is resistant to wear and tear.

With its reinforced bottom, your items will be organized in its main compartment with no leakage.

But if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, this won’t be the ideal bag.

Once empty, wipe it off with a soft fabric and fold it nicely to save space.

Comes in a pack of twoInsulation is poor
Reinforced Bottom 
Easy to clean 

2. Best for Grocery Shopping

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WISELIFE brings you the reusable insulated bags that fulfill your transporting grocery needs with temperature control.

Made with three insulation layers, these eco-friendly insulated grocery bags can keep your frozen food cold. So you can enjoy your ice cream when you get home without it melting on the way.

This pack of two insulated bags offers plenty of space as each bag has the capacity of 40 lbs.

Another impressive feature includes a side pocket where you can store your valuables while traveling.

Once you’ve filled the bags with the produce, you can easily carry them to your destination thanks to its sturdy handles.

Place them in the trunk of your car as these can easily sit because of their reinforced bottom. This ensures effortless unloading of contents without any drink spilling over.

Once empty, fold them flat after wiping away the interior to avoid cross-contamination!

InsulatedNot durable
Holds a lot 
Reinforced handles and bottom 

3. Best for School

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Reusable insulated bags don’t have to be simple and boring to carry to school.

This reusable insulated bag comes with cutesy designs to encourage your child to a reusable lunch alternative.

Along with it, it’s super functional for when you have to keep your food hot and beverages cold.

It ensures to keep the preservation with a maximum of six hours thanks to its thick insulated material!

You can fit lunch containers, drinks, fruits, or a water flask in its non-toxic insulated interior.

Be sure to pack it with ice packs if you want long preservation of your contents.

It also features a front pocket that you can use to store other small items.

While it’s lightweight and compact, it features short handles that aren’t long enough to carry over shoulders.

Nonetheless, it cleans easily if you wipe it off once it’s not in use.

Features cute designsShort handles
InsulatedPoor quality of Zippers
Easy to clean 

4. Best for Women

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This purse-like reusable insulated bag is a perfect choice as an office lunch carrier for women.

It’s designed to function as your regular bag as well as your handbag.

Unlike regular handbags, this bag is well constructed with triple insulated materials.

This is to ensure that your lunch including hot meals remains fresh and warm until it’s time for lunch!

You can pack your lunch boxes, drinks, and fruits in its roomy compartment.

The other impressive features include two additional pockets – Velcro and zip pocket.

Unlike other bags, it also comes with short handles to carry by hand and shoulder strap for better portability.

You can take out the food items easily by making the bag sit on the surface as its bottom is reinforced.

After usage, clean it by wiping it with a fabric cloth and you’re good to go!

Insulated with triple layersQuestionable lining
Features both short handles & long shoulder strapNarrow interior
Comes with two additional pockets 
Reinforced bottom 

5. Best for Men

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This stylish yet functional reusable insulated bag for men is specifically designed for carrying lunch.

It’s ideal for when you prefer to pack lunch and beverages and keep them hot and cold.

This well-constructed bag features thermal insulation and BPA-free material – a safe alternative.

In addition to its design, it has features like the main compartment for packing your lunch.

And it also comes with a mesh pocket inside for silverware, back and side pockets for napkins, and other essentials.

Another great feature is its water-proof interior that is resistant to dirt particles and food splatters.

You can carry it by hand or over your shoulder as it features both handheld handles and a shoulder strap.

Once empty, wipe its interior with a damp cloth and use it again as many times as you want!

Thermal InsulatedQuestionable material
Water-proof interiorPockets aren’t sturdy
Features additional pockets 
Comes with short and shoulder strap handles 

6. Best for All day long Insulation

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Nothing can beat the heat of your food if packed in this ultra-insulated bag featuring two compartments. It’s packed with all the best features including expandable spacious compartments.

It’s not only designed like a tank, but it also functions like that as well.

The freezers are kept in the exterior pockets; saving you space to fit more of your food items.

Plus, your food is safe in this bag as it features a micro ban lining interior for safety.

For better performance, you can keep the ice walls in the fridge overnight to use them the next morning.

You can expand the bag and pack all the fruits, drinks, sandwiches, and more!

You can conveniently carry the bag with either its horizontal handles or vertical shoulder straps.

Offers Longer PreservationQuestionable Zippers
ExpandableDoesn’t hold large amounts of food
Comes with Ice Walls 
Features Shoulder Strap 

7. Best Small Insulated Option for Snacks

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If you don’t want to carry bulky bags, this small reusable insulated bag would be ideal for small-sized lunches.

This bag is essentially perfect for those who want to munch on-the-go snacks.

Its compact size allows you to fit up to three cans of soda with its mesh zippered pocket can fit chocolates.  

It’s made with food-grade aluminum and other materials to provide better insulation.

You can also place a thin ice pack for longer insulation of your food items.

Because its interior is easy to clean, you can just wipe off any splashes, splatters, and dirt.

Using its multi-functional feature, you can use it for other storing purposes.

That being said, it can function as a make-up bag and medicine bag as an alternative to disposable plastic bags.

Did we mention that you can take it to a school, picnic, office, and beach or places for the hike? Well, it can be taken anywhere you want!

Easy to carry (Compact size)Too small
Food-grade insulationLow quality

8. Best for Picnic

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A regular basket only functions as a food carrier that doesn’t guarantee the freshness of food items.

Fortunately, this reusable insulated bag or basket is a must-have for beachgoers!

It’s designed like a basket with additional functions featuring insulation to keep your food warm and beverages chilled.

You can fit and pack a bunch of food items with ice packs to keep them fresh for up to six hours!

Its high-quality fabric ensures a water-resistant feature so you don’t have to worry about beach splashes hitting it.

Use its large capacity to your advantage by packing drinks, fruits, napkins, cutlery, and more.

And unload those items safely once you reach the beach as it can sit on the surface.

Besides, it’s easy to carry with its long handle for effortless portability.

When not in use, you can fold it as it’s collapsible to some extent!

InsulatedNot ideal for long trips
Easy to carryIt isn’t sturdy
Water-resistant fabric 
Large capacity 

9. Best for Heavy Loads

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What’s better than loading the one-large-sized produce bag with plenty of grocery items?

These reusable insulated bags are made to carry heavy loads of 30 lbs. capacity (each bag).

And the plus is you get a pack of two that you can separate for either frozen food or veggies!

Made with three-layered insulated materials, these bags keep your contents fresh.

Be sure to include ice bags if the journey to a grocery store is a long one!

Since it’s water-proof, you can easily wipe off the stains and splashes of any liquid items.

It also features a small front pocket that you can use for lists and other essentials.

These are also super sturdy because of their well-constructed seams, handles and x reinforced stitching.

Another great thing about these bags is their opening and closure.

Unload the items conveniently and fold them nicely when empty.

Triple-layered insulationThin quality
Large capacityLeaks
Easy clean & fold 
Reinforced bottom 

10. Best Backpack Option For Hiking

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Going on an adventurous trip for hiking with the right tools is essential for anyone.

And it’s even better with the right hiking gear that can make your trip fun-filled!

This reusable insulated backpack is the one to go for if you are going to spend time in outdoor activities.

It’s taller in shape unlike other bags, providing a large capacity to fit your food and other cutlery.

You can pack drinks, food, towels, and napkins conveniently in its roomy interior.

Pack your cutlery or other essentials in its side pocket for taking them out easily.

The best part of this eco-friendly backpack is its insulating material, which ensures the long preservation of the food.

You can take it to the beach, picnic, and other places – particularly perfect for daytime to keep the food chilled.

After usage, clean its interior with a fabric cloth and use it again!

Insulated backpackIt isn’t leakproof
Features multiple pocketsQuestionable straps and zippers
Easy to clean 

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Insulated Bags

Reusable insulated bags are packed with a myriad of features from insulated material to compartments.

Hence, choosing the right eco-friendly insulated alternative could help solve the problems related to the preservation of food.

To help you with it, we’ve highlighted the features to guide you in choosing the one that suits your needs.


Reusable insulated bags have one main purpose – to provide better insulation for food.

Several bags are triple insulated with a variety of insulation materials for longer preservation.

For longer preservation, you can place the ice packs in the bag.

Be sure to check the insulating material as the high-quality material ensures better insulation to keep the food fresh.


Reusable Insulated bags are constructed with eco-friendly materials including polyester, for example.

Choosing the right bag with a material that wouldn’t rip or stain easily can be an ideal choice for you.

The bag is made with a well-constructed design and the material can last longer.

Besides, it’s also important to check for the food-grade interior to ensure the safety of your food.

Always make sure to look at its interior as well as the exterior material before purchasing it.


Like other bags, reusable insulated bags come in varying sizes to match the customers’ needs.

These bags have multi-purpose features to be used in offices, schools, picnics, beaches, travel, and more.

For a kid-friendly size, you can go for a small reusable insulated bag for their school lunch.

As for travel, you can go for the reusable insulated backpack for hiking and camping.

Compartments (Multiple Pockets)

The best part of any bag is its capacity to hold a bunch of different things separately.

Similarly, reusable insulated bags offer multiple pockets for when you want to separate cutlery from food contents.

But if you want three separate pockets for silverware, napkins, and chocolates, then go for a multi-pocket bag.

Handles (Handheld and Shoulder Strap)

Transporting food from point A to point B can be done smoothly if you can carry the bag conveniently.

Hence, reusable insulated bags come with handles – handheld and shoulder strap for ease of carrying.

Go for the bag that features a sturdy shoulder strap if it’s a long journey from one place to another.

Reinforced Bottom

Another feature you should look for when purchasing the reusable insulated bag is its reinforced bottom.

A bag with this feature can hold your food items while you unload them.

Plus, you can let your reusable insulated grocery bag sit in the trunk of your car.


After usage, you would consider cleaning the bag to prevent dirt and stains.

Hence, reusable insulated bags come with easy-to-clean material, ensuring smooth maintenance.

Choosing the right bag would ensure ease of cleaning so you can wipe the interior using a damp cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why use reusable insulated bags instead of plastic bags?

Reusable insulated bags are more durable made with eco-friendly and food-grade material to ensure the safety of food and the environment.

2. Do reusable insulated bags keep food hot?

Depending on the insulating material used, reusable insulated bags can keep the food hot for some hours.

3. How long do reusable insulated bags keep food cold?

Reusable insulated bags can keep the food cold for as long as 4-5 hours.

4. Can you wash reusable insulated bags?

Yes. You can wash the reusable insulated bags by wiping them with a damp cloth.

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