10 Best Reusable Snack Bags Reviewed for 2021

About 50% of all the plastic produced is single-purpose plastic. And less than 9% of the plastic gets recycled. (from PlasticOceans.org) Plastic has contributed to the world’s pollution to a great extent and is continuing to do so. 

The dilemma is that we use plastic items for a few minutes but they leave their effects for thousands of years on our planet.

Of course, we understand that you’re used to utilizing disposable plastic bags for convenience. However, a little sacrifice of your convenience can assist in developing an eco-friendly environment.

Because of this, many are switching to alternatives for single-purpose plastic all over the world.

And that includes alternatives for everything including snack bags.

You and your kids can now finally discontinue using plastic containers for carrying lunch (and a whole host of other things too) and start using reusable snack bags for added features! 

Different brands have realized the importance of eco-friendly items. And they are manufacturing them with great efforts to provide you the best value for money. 

Here we have sorted some of the best reusable snack bags for you. 

BrandsStasherNordic By NatureBumpkinsPackitFull CircleArt of LunchPrelerDIYPlay BagBumpkinsFluf
  Stasher Reusable Snack Bags Nordic By Nature Reusable Snack Bags Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags Packit Reusable Snack Bacgs Full Circle Reusable Snack Bags Art Of Lunch Reusable Snack Bags PrelerDIY Reusable Snack Bags Play Bag Reusable Snack Bags  Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags Harry Potter Design Fluf Reusable Snack Bags
A Set Of(1)(4)(2)(1)(2)(3)(1)(9)(3)(2)
Best ForAll-in-oneMaintainence-friendlyWater-proofFoldingKid-friendly DesignsGrown-upsHandle FeatureAir-tight FeatureDurabilityQuick Drying
MaterialSiliconePolyesterBPA FreePolyester  Recycled Plastic  NeoprenepolyesterBPA-freeSingle-ply fabricCotton
Size (in)7.5 x 0.63 x 5.138 x 8 x 17 x 0.2 x 3.59 x 4 x 57 x 4.5 x 2.766.5 x 8 x 88.5*8*511.02 x 9.45 x 4.33
7 x 0.2 x 7  
6 x 6.25 x .75
Dishwasher SafeYesYesYesNoNoYesNoYesYesYes
Design PatternsNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
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1. Best All in One Reusable Snack Bag

No products found.

This snack bag is featured by Stasher, which is offering one of the best alternatives to single-purpose plastic. This storage bag is available in different colors, so along with saving your planet it also suits perfectly your aesthetics.

This bag is quite functional when it comes to storing food items.

As far as plastic contents are concerned, this bag contains no BPA, no latex, and no PVC. 

It features the air-tight sealing option, which keeps stored food items fresh.

It prevents the nutrients and juices of your food from drying up. 

This bag is also leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about stored food items spilling all around.

You can use this reusable snack bag for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It’s all-in-one for its capability to store your food in the refrigerator or to microwave it. 

Once empty, clean it by tossing it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

LeakproofNot so roomy
DurableLoose seal
Dishwasher, microwave safeAren’t maintenance-friendly
Freezer friendly  
Pinch-loc seal 


2. Best Maintainence Free Snack Bags

No products found.

These reusable snack bags from Nordic are a great choice for carrying your lunch. You can use them, wash them, and reuse them again on many occasions. This indicates the functionality of these bags. 

You can use these bags to hold your food items like crackers, cookies, and slices of fruits. 

Manufacturers have kept the protocol in their minds while manufacturing them. So these can keep your food fresh for several hours so that you can enjoy it on the go.

They come in different sizes, so you don’t have to face any storage issues. It can accommodate your food items easily.

Plus, Nordic by Nature features snack bags in different patterns and designs, which means you can select the one according to your choice.

These are easy to wash so once you’re done using them, simply pop these in the dishwasher.

Or better yet, you can simply rinse these with water and leave them open to dry. It’s that easy!

Non-toxic fabricThe quality of zippers is questionable
Maintenance-friendlyNot waterproof
Different sizesBlurry print quality


3. Best Waterproof Snack Bags

No products found.

Bumkins have been playing their part in saving this planet for a long period. Its reusable snack bags are made of waterproof fabric.

You don’t have to purchase disposable bags again and again if you have these reusable snack bags.

You can pack your lunch items and on-the-go snacks easily to consume them later!

There is a smooth zipper closure that ensures easy opening and closing of the bags. That ensures no spillage of your food items!

Other than food items, these storage bags can also be used to handle your accessories and belongings during travel.

The bag is made up of a single-ply layer of fabric. There isn’t a fluffy layer with a lot of fabric; instead, these bags are quite minimal.

This also keeps your snack bag free from any kind of smell. If there are any stains on the fabric, they can easily be removed by wiping them away. 

These are highly maintenance-friendly bags so pop these in the dishwasher after usage or wipe them instead. 

VersatileSmall in size
WaterproofLacks air-tight
Maintenance-friendlyStains easily


4. Best Folding Snack Bag

No products found.

This bag from PackIt is a go-to item for many households with and without kids. This is because it is highly functional and features some of the best characteristics.

This reusable snack bag is equally capable and cute to carry for kids and adults. The minimalist and dinosaur print of this bag makes it cutesy.

You can use it for storing and carrying your lunch items food or use it to keep medicines or cosmetics.

Because of its flattery structure, it can be easily adjusted to any corner of your travel bag or handbag. Because of this, you won’t have to create a special space for this bag. 

The freezable section, inbuilt in this bag, allows you to keep your food or medicines cool. 

This reusable snack bag keeps your food healthy and fresh, along with saving your money and the planet. This bag is built according to the eco-friendly protocol; it contains no PVC, no BVA, and no latex.

You can also fold it, to decrease the space that it consumes. 

VersatileNot machine safe
FreezableNot dishwasher safe
FoldingNarrow closure


5. Kid Friendly Snack Bag Design

No products found.

This product is primarily manufactured for kids. Its main purpose is to clean up the mess that kids create. 

All the small bits that you find scattered on the floors need to be assembled, and it is a hard job. These storage bags help you to organize kids’ toys and belongings into a single place.

Besides, use these multifunctional reusable snack bags to pack your kid’s lunch. Its cute dino designs make it stand out from ordinary plastic lunch containers.

Plus it’s a single expense with two benefits! These are made of reusable EVA material. That, in turn, decreases your carbon footprint because they emit fewer greenhouse gases.

You can wash them with warm, soapy water. Their material is quite user-friendly.

Stains on this type of material can be removed easily. You can also turn this bag inside out, while washing it, for better results.

Multi-functionalNot machine washable
Made of EVANot dishwasher safe
Storage purposesDesign isn’t durable
Decrease carbon footprint 


6. Best Grown Up / Adult Snack Bags

No products found.

Are you ready to save the planet with some style? These reusable lunch baggies are so chic and fashionable. 

As the name suggests, these are designer bags, so both men and women can carry them around and flex! 

These reusable snack bags are also kid-friendly so you can pack your kids’ school lunch. And that can include anything from pretzels, cookies, slices of fruits, or dry snacks!

These are made of cotton fabric, with polyester lining. The fabric is BPA-free, PVC-free, and latex-free. There are no harmful contents used during the manufacturing of this product.

These offer a seamless zipper closure with an airtight seal. So no spillage of your food items!

These eco-friendly lunch baggies are very user-friendly for every household.  

You can wash these in the dishwasher. It dries quickly. It is grease-proof and moisture-proof. 

They might feel tough at the start, but they will eventually get softer after they have been washed several times.

Eco-friendlyStiff zippers
Artfully madeThe lining isn’t smooth
Airtight seal 


7. Best Snack Bag with Handles

No products found.

These bags come in trendy colors and cute prints, perfect for your aesthetics and convenience. 

These portable reusable lunch boxes will keep your food fresh and healthy for a longer period than plastic bags. So you can pack and store your food items including lunch and on-the-go snacks!

This bag can keep your food insulated for up to 5 hours. With its easy-to-carry handle, you can carry it by hand smoothly. 

Plus the zippers used for closure are smooth so you can easily take out your items or secure them for later uses. 

It is made of eco-friendly polyester and aluminum foil material.

This bag is waterproof and moistureproof, so there’s no chance of your food getting spoiled.

The fabric of this bag is also breathable and wear-resistant. There is a front pouch, which increases the functionality of this pouch by allowing you to keep your essential belongings such as cards and keys in it. 

Once you’re done using it, you can easily wash this bag in a machine.

Machine washableExpensive
Breathable and wear-resistantSmaller in size
Fashionable and chic 


8. Best Air Tight Snack Bags

No products found.

These stylish reusable snack bags are available in packs. Each pack contains 9 bags, in sets of three; each set with a different print. 

These offer you a sustainable life by featuring easy maintenance. You can easily wash them and use them again.

You can use them for storing food, as well as cosmetics, makeup brushes, and accessories. 

These are made from non-toxic material. These are super cooperative in design with their inner lining drying quickly after being washed. 

It prevents moisture from building up inside the corners of the bag, which makes them easy to use.

 The airtight of these bags are very durable. You can rely on it and it will not let your stored food get spoiled.

 Opening and sealing food is very easy, making it ideal for kids and teens. There are no zippers, you can directly open them or seal them just by applying a little pressure.

VersatileSmall in size
Dries quicklyNot wear-resistant
Less capacitive 
Durable airtight seal 


9. Most Durable Snack Bag

No products found.

This is for all the potter heads out there. With such a cute little harry potter print on them, these bags are contributing their best in eliminating plastic waste from this planet.

These are kid-friendly reusable snack bags and are convenient to carry wherever you go.

Use these to pack your lunch including dry snacks, cookies, and more!

Besides, these can also be used for travel and storage purposes. You can use them according to your convenience.

The fabric is strong and sturdy and it can easily bear the harshness of outdoor environments. 

The single-ply fabric ensures that you don’t have to do any efforts to remove stuff growing inside the layers of fabric. 

The stains are very easy to remove and the bags also don’t cause any smell. You can wash them easily and use them again. So that you will never have to run to the market as you had to do for disposable plastic bags. 

The fabric is waterproof, machine washable, and dishwasher safe.

Cute and stylishNot leakproof
Single-ply fabric 


10. Best Quick Drying Snack Bags

No products found.

Fluf Reusable snack bags are the most simple and minimalistic bags. These are ideally perfect for kids and designed to suit their aesthetics perfectly. 

Most of the schools have made it necessary to bring litter-less lunch, for such a situation, these are the ideal snack bags you can grab.

These have adequate capacity to hold food items of kids. They can easily accommodate food items like pretzels, fruits, freshly baked cookies, and more.

These can be opened and closed with a hook and loop fastener. So your kids can easily manage to open and close them.

These are perfectly healthy and safe alternatives to using in households. The designs printed on cotton fabric are made of water-based inks. The waterproof lining used is also tested safe for food.

These are easy to keep clean. You can rinse them. They dry very quickly. 

Once done, you can wash them with soap and water or you can also wash them in a machine.

MinimalisticNo airtight seal
Hook and loop fastenerEasily stained
Tested food-safe 

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Snack Bags

You cannot buy a reusable snack bag if you don’t know anything about them beforehand. Because of that reason, we will discuss in detail the important features of reusable snack bags. 

So next time you consider buying these eco-friendly bags, you can make a smart choice. 

Here we have highlighted some aspects of reusable bags for you to consider before making a purchase. 

Endurance of the bag

The second major difference, the first being the plastic content, of plastic bags and reusable bags is that the former can be reused again and again. 

You can wash reusable snack bags and use them again. But there is a certain life of these bags.

Some bags are not sturdy to last even three to four washes, while some others are strong enough that they can last up to months.

So when you are buying a reusable bag, you should check its durability. You should check how long it will last. You should be sure that the money you are spending on it is worth the value it’s providing. 

Seal and closure

When you are looking for a reusable bag for food storage, you should make sure it is capable enough to keep food fresh and healthy.

Some snack bags have the feature of ease of sealing, making them kid-friendly. In such a case, you will have to hunt for the ideal snack bag for kids.

If you are buying it for your kids, you also need to make sure that the closure method is manageable for kids as it can later cause inconvenience for them.

Many snack bags don’t offer airtight seals and their closure options aren’t smooth, so they might not be ideal for storing food for a longer time. 

When you are buying a reusable snack bag, you should check its zippers and closure options and you should also check if it’s airtight or not.


Price is one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Make sure you are spending your money in the right place. 

Sometimes, products can be very expensive and you can find more functional products within the same price with a little hunt.

So, you should compare the features of the snack bag with the price. you should always buy a product that offers a balanced price-quality ratio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash reusable snack bags?

You can wash them with soap and mild water. If they are dishwasher safe, or machine washable; you can also go for these options.

Are reusable snack bags worth it?

Yes, they are. They provide all the necessary features of a storage bag along with decreasing the plastic content on the planet. So these are worth it.

What are reusable snack bags made of?

They can be made of different materials such as vinyl, cotton, or silicon.

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