When you go grocery shopping, you stow a variety of produce in your reusable bags. It can be green leafy vegetables, meat, or seafood.

While doing so, your handy bag comes into contact with surfaces that contain germs you might have no idea of!

That’s why it’s important to keep your eco-friendly bags germ-free to prevent cross-contamination.

And you can do that by switching to reusable washable grocery bags.

These bags offer fabric that’s easy to clean and maintain after every use.

We suggest cleaning your bags after every grocery trip.

That being said, we’ve hand-picked the best top ten reusable washable bags for health-conscious people!

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1. Best for Dishwasher

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Featuring popular cute designs, this reusable snack bag is a staple for when you’ve to carry lunch.

This handy bag is a perfect choice for school kids to encourage a sustainable lifestyle.

You can fit pretzels, sandwiches, dry snacks, and a bunch of on-the-go snacks as well.

Its kid-friendly design allows you and your children to close it easily with a zipper closure.

Besides, this reusable washable bag is super easy to clean when it gets stained!

Wipe it, wash it by hand or throw it in a washing machine – cleaning it thoroughly is hassle-free!

What we also like about this bag is that it’s BPA-free, PVC-free, and lead-free, ensuring safety for food.

If you’re still unsure about packing your food inside the bag, you can repurpose it for stashing other household essentials.

Lab-testedMakes snacks go stale
Air-tight closure 

2. Best for Regular Washing Cycle

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If your regular grocery bags can’t be loaded with bulk grocery items, then it’s time to replace them.

O-WITZ reusable washable bags solve that problem with their large capacity feature. That means you can fill up to 50lbs. contents.

While each bag is large enough, it’s compact and lightweight to carry around while you stow the produce.

Along with its superb functionality, you get a pack of five bags – each with its own particular design!

So you can designate each bag for plenty of purposes based on its design– packing, storing, organizing!

As for any spills, stains, or unwanted odor, you can send them for a gentle wash in the washing machine.

And these washable bags would come out brand new and fresh to be used again.

Make sure to dry-line them completely before folding them into a pouch!

Comes in a variety of vibrant designsNot sturdy to carry heavy-loads
Lightweight and large capacity 

3. Best for a Quick Wipe

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Your produce can topple over if you’re carrying them in a plastic bag with no enforced bottom.

That’s why switching to the reusable washable bags from WiseLife is a wise choice.

This set of three reusable boxes features a large compartment to pack your vegetables smoothly.

Plus, it also features enforced bottom to hold your produce without breaking or tearing the bag.

And you can effortlessly transport produce from the grocery store to your car’s trunk.

Once it’s empty, you can use a spray or disinfectant wipe to clean it thoroughly inside out. It’s that simple!

We suggest wiping it after every shopping trip to get rid of germs and dirt.

Another plus is that it’s super collapsible, meaning you can fold it easily to reuse it again!

Easy to cleanRivets are not sturdy
Enforced bottomNo zipper or closure
Features handle 
Large Capacity 

4. Best for Easy to Maintain

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When the bags get icky and start to reek of fish or other produce, you don’t throw it in a bin.

Instead, you throw them in a washing machine for a thorough and quick clean-up!

But to achieve that, you need handy bags that aren’t only easy to maintain, but also functional!

Using BeeGreen’s reusable washable bags, you can wash and dry them within 30 minutes – quick and convenient option.

Besides, this pack of five handy bags comes in a perfect size to hold your grocery.

You can fill each bag with snacks, soft drinks, pre-packaged foods, or just about anything!

Carrying it over your shoulder, you can haul it around the grocery store, picking your favorite things!

And of course, you can fold it in a roll and stash it in your pocket, purse or hang it up to save space.

Large CapacityQuestionable Material
Easy to maintainWrinkles
FoldableContain foul smell
Features Ergonomic Design 
Machine Washable 

5. Best for Thorough Cleanup

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Featuring cute designs and easy-to-clean material, these reusable washable grocery bags are a staple for every household.

You don’t have to worry about color fading due to washing after every grocery trip.

Ravmix’s sustainable bags are made with rip-stop fabric, allowing them to withstand washing.

What’s more, after you throw them in a low-heat cycle of washing machine, these dry up just as fast.

Along with it, you can utilize these bags for carrying produce up to 55 lbs.

Once you’ve stowed the grocery items safely in the bag, you can carry them comfortably over your shoulder.

Another impressive feature includes its attached pouch, allowing you to fold it and store it. So it’s always within the reach.

If anything, you get a set of five of these bags so you can give away some to your friends!

Easy-to-clean fabricQuestionable Packaging
Large CapacityThe bottom isn’t spacious
Comes with an attached mini pouch 
Quality construction 
Features variety of designs 

6. Best for Frequent Washing

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Keeping your reusable bags clean after you’re done grocery shopping is a hygienic move.

But so is switching to reusable washable bags that make the cleaning process much easier.

Rockflowerpaper is a brand that provides you with these bags that are super easy to clean.

What’s more, these bags have a roomy space to hold your grocery conveniently.

Unlike flimsy disposable bags, these bags come in a variety of patterns so you’d love the designs!

These are especially ideal for those who prefer filling the bags and unloading the items quickly.

And when you no longer use them, simply fold each bag into its pouch provided with each bag.

But there’s another pouch that will compactly fit all of the bags inside it for easy access.

Thick DesignBags can’t stand on their own
Comes in a variety of patterns 
Convenient for toting 
Each bag comes with a separate pouch 

7. Best Soft Fabric for Easy Cleanup

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For someone who spruces up their reusable bags once they are empty, this reusable washable bag is a perfect choice.

Simply toss it in a washing machine and dry it completely, or you can also opt for hand-wash!

Apart from its cleaning function, it features a classy print and a well-made design to hold your contents comfortably.

Surprisingly, this bag is made of a soft-to-touch material so you don’t be uncomfortable carrying it around.

Plus, it also features a single long handle that you can carry over your shoulder easily.

This allows you to transport your goods back and forth between the grocery store and home!

To make your toting experience fun-filled, it features an attached pouch that you can use to stash it.

Soft fabricSmall
BPA-Free MaterialExpensive
Features built-in pouch 

8. Best for Wiping Liquid & Sauces Spill

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If you take your lunch in insulated bags, they’re bound to get stained due to spillage of some food items.

But you don’t have to worry about any dirt coming close to your lunch with this insulated reusable washable bag. It features a high-quality interior that is easy to wipe should you spill any liquid or sauces.

This bag also boasts a spacious room for holding snacks, drinks, and lunch items. And the plus is that you can carry it just like you’d carry a bag thanks to its sturdy shoulder strap.

You also get two more pockets useful for stashing your other items on the go.

And if you’re worried about this bag getting dirt, then you’d be happy to know that it’s dirt-resistant.

Make most of it by carrying it to your office, college or a picnic, or wherever you want!

Features Triple InsulationZippers come off
High-quality constructionStraps aren’t long enough
Zip Closure 
Dust-proof and water-proof 

9. Best Shrink-resistant Option

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Organic cotton fabric is easy to clean and maintain, but the downside of it is its shrinkage.

For that purpose, ATALPHA has made reusable washable bags that are shrink-resistant.

Using these, you won’t have to worry about your bags getting smaller after usage.

Besides, this pack of ten totes has good size and roomy space to fill your produce with.

And each bag is well-constructed thanks to its reinforced stitching!

Carrying your produce in this bag is as easy as a pie because each bag features long handles.

Once empty, you can fold them nicely and store them where you can easily find them. And you’re good to go!

Cotton LiningThese aren’t water-proof
Bulk Bags (10 x bags)A bit pricey
Features long handle 

10. Best for a Quick Cleanup

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Whether you go for grocery trips weekly or twice a week, your bags can get dirty and germy.

That’s the reason why you should choose bags that are easy to clean and maintain.

These reusable washable bags pretty much does the job of quick cleanup.

Toss them in a laundry; give them a nice spin in the washing machine and you’re good to go!

As for the function, these reusable grocery totes are designed to hold a heavy amount of content.

Plus you get five bags with a variety of patterns so you can designate each for a particular purpose.

Featuring a lightweight design, you can carry it around to any place with easy portability.

The only downside is that the bags have small handles so you might’ve to deal with carrying them overarm.

Once you’re back home, unload the bags and fold them neatly to reuse them again.

Good SizeMight not come with matching mini bags
Cute Patterns 
Easy to fold 

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Washable Bags

Reusable washable bags are different from flimsy bags that you find in a grocery store.

These withstand heavy loads, wash easily and fold in a small size to save space when storing.

However, choosing the right bag that suits your needs might seem like a task.

But you don’t have to worry about that because we’ll explore some of those features. This will ensure you make a wise decision when choosing a reusable washing tote.

Purpose of buying (Grocery or Storage)

You use reusable bags for a variety of purposes, and the main purpose is always stowing grocery items.

But you can’t just stow meat, seafood, vegetables in the same bag. That’s a big no!

You can, however, go for bags that come in packs to designate each bag for its specific purpose.

For meat, produce, or any raw food, you’ll need to invest in machine-washable bags. And it’s for your hygiene that you wash them after every trip.

But if you’re going to use bags for storing your household essentials, then it’s not a big problem. You can wash them only when they get dirty or stinky!


Reusable totes come in varying sizes suitable for different needs.

A large size bag can hold your heavy bulks of items so you don’t have to deal with carrying another bag.

Plus a good size bag would withstand washing as well even if it starts to shrink after few washes.

So it’s better that you go for bags that are easy to carry and roomy enough for holding contents.


Different bags are made of a variety of eco-friendly materials that are sustainable and easy to clean.

For example, cotton bags wash better in cold water and most are machine-washable. However, these shrink in a few washes so keeps that in mind!

Other materials like ripstop nylon require cold water cleaning. But you can also toss them in a washing machine if you prefer quick cleanup.

All in all, you should read the cleaning care label so you don’t end up losing your precious bag!


Just like any other utility bag, these reusable washable totes come in a variety of designs and patterns.

But you’ve to be careful with washing them because most of them might start to fade with frequent washing.

This is also applicable for bags that you might plan to paint, so be careful with washing them.

We suggest to hand-wash these designed and printed bags and dry them!

Washing & Drying

Reusable washable bags can be washed using a washing machine, spray, or disinfectant wipes.

You can choose to go for one that you think will make things easier for you in terms of cleaning.

It’s important to keep your bags clean and completely dry before using them for another grocery trip.


Lastly, if your bags can fold nicely, then there won’t any creases or wrinkles to deal with.

Almost every washable tote features a foldable option so you can stash the bag easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you wash reusable washable bags?

You should wash the bag once you unload the grocery items to get rid of germs to avoid cross-contamination.

Can you wash reusable washable bags in hot water?

It depends on the type of fabric, so it’s better to wash them in cold water or on low heat.

How do you disinfect reusable washable bags?

You should hand-wash the bags inside out and line-dry completely before using them again.

Are Reusable washable bags easy to clean than regular bags?

Yes. Reusable washable bags are designed to withstand washing, ensuring a thorough cleanup.

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