A fabulous bottle of wine is the drink of celebration perfect for any occasion and celebratory event. Whether it’s for family gatherings, birthdays, or picnics, you can always bring it to any event you want.

However, taking a bottle or a bunch of wine bottles in a card box is quite inconvenient.  The reason being, there’s the risk of spillage or slipping of the wine bottle out of the box.

That’s why it’s better to bring your wine bottle in a stylish reusable wine bag.

Reusable wine bags are better than disposable flimsy bags. You can utilize these for many celebratory events to come. These reusable wine totes offer notable features like handles, drawstrings, sturdiness, to name a few.

Here we have listed some of the best reusable wine bags to slide your perfect wine bottle in.

BrandsKeniotSmooth NomadTirriniaHipiweEacolleTrue StoreWine WingsUNIQOOOHipiweFisioan
 Keniot Reusable wine bag          
Best forVariety of Popping ColorsTravelingKeeping wine bottles chilledDecorating WineProtecting wine bottlesParties & Get-togetherSaving spaceFancy designsShort tripsLarge storage
Each bag holds unit(s) of bottles(1 x 750ml bottle)( 1 x standard bottle)(1 x 750ml bottle)(1 x 750ml bottle)(1 x 750ml bottle)(6 x 750ml bottles)(1 x 1L bottle)( 1 x standard bottle)(2 x 750ml bottles)( 6 x standard bottle)
MaterialBurlapPlasticNylonBurlapNeoprene100 GSM non-wovenPlasticPaperNeopreneNeoprene Body & Polyester Binding
A set of(10)(4)(1)(12)(3)(1)(4)(12)(1)(1)
Size (in)8.86 x 8.46 x 2.2418.9 x 7.3 x 0.416.34 x 6.65 x 2.67.5 x 6.4 x 215.1 x 4.9 x 1.311.75 x 0.5 x 197.25 x 0.4 x 16.7516.38 x 6.22 x 3.3914.69 x 9.02 x 0.5111.34 x 10.35 x 1.93
Reinforced bottomNoYesYesNoNoNoNoYesYesYes
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1. Best for Color Options

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This set of reusable wine bags is a perfect gift for any occasion, available in strikingly pop colors. These eco-friendly wine totes from Keniot can make your wine bottles appear presentable.

Made of Burlap fabric, these reusable wine bags can hold your wine bottles safely. Each bag is designed to hold a 750ml wine bottle.

Using its roomy space, you can utilize these bags to their full capacity by fitting any slender bottles. 

You can even pack champagne and other beverages to take along with you!

Just take your wine bottle and carefully slide it into this breathable bag and carry it conveniently.

Each bag is designed with minuscule holes to ensure the breathability of the bags. That will allow air circulation, ensuring wine bottles stay bacteria-free!

Other features that come with these eco-friendly bags are tags and drawstrings. You can customize the tags by writing wishing notes.

And once you’ve placed your wine bottle inside the bag, you can close the bag tightly. 

Available in 10 different popping colorsLoose weave
Features drawstringsDoesn’t work with HTV
Perfect for giftsToo small for full liter bottles
Comes with tags 

2. Best for Traveling with Wine

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Best for traveling, this reusable wine bag comes with top-notch features to help you carry the bottle safely.

It is a pack of 4 bags with each bag designed to hold your wine or any other beverage bottles. Each bag comes with a unique package labeling design so you can keep some while gifting others.

These bags are equipped with the protection of 6 layers and another added protection with bubble wrap interior. This ensures no spillage of your wine bottles even if they break!

This leak-proof quality of this reusable wine protector is suitable for short and long-distance trips.

You can carry your wine, beer, champagne, or other drinks in these secure bags wherever you want.

Each bag can hold 1 liter of the bottle so you can easily cover your precious bottle.

Once you’ve to slide your bottle in this bag, you can pinch lock the ziplock to seal it securely. It also features added closure features like the Velcro line, providing you more secure sealing.

Another great feature of these reusable bags is that they keep your bottles chilled with the best insulation feature.

Leakproof (6 layers of protection)No handles
Comes with smooth minimalist designsNo free gift
Insulation to keep your bottles cool 
Best for Traveling 
Double Ziplock + Velcro Line 

3. Best for Wine Chilling

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This reusable wine carrier is perfectly designed to keep your bottle protected and chilled, best for outdoor events.

If you’re a person who prefers classic and minimalist designs, then this one is a great choice for you. It comes in warm blue color with leather short handles.

Use this bag to hold your 750 ml wine bottle and carry it to any celebratory event with style.

With PE Support Plate, it offers insulation to keep your wine bottles chilled for a longer time. This makes it a great choice for long-distance trips to picnic, party and more!

Plus, its bottom board provides extra support to keep your bottles sit nicely on any table. So you won’t have to worry about the bottle toppling over any surface.

Simply take your wine bottle, place it inside the bag and safely seal the closing. This ease of closing and opening of the bag makes it a perfect choice!

What’s more, it’s a multipurpose reusable wine carrier so you can use it for packing other picnic essentials.

InsulatedThe strap is not strong
Comes in a cute design 
Short handles 
Ease of closure 
Sturdy and durable 

4. Best for Wine Decoration

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As red as the color of the wine, this pack of reusable wine bags comes in a cute design to hold your wine bottle.

Made with eco-friendly silky burlap, these bags feature sturdiness and durability. You can use each one of these to bring a fine bottle of wine to your friends.

Your friends would love the packaging and design in which you’d enclose the bottle of wine!

Its roomy and breathable interior can hold your wine and champagne bottles (170 ml) conveniently.

Each bag offers a sleek and classic design so you can easily grasp the bag without the need for any handles.

Once you’re ready to go for a picnic, friends’ gathering, or any event, pack your bottle in it.

All you’ve to do is grab your precious wine bottle, slide it in the bag, and close the drawstring.

This enclosing of nicely packed bottles will ensure no dust touches the bottle!

What’s even better is that you can utilize each of the bags to store other essentials. Its uses are endless for anyone who fancies great packaging of their precious items!

Easy to open and close (Drawstrings)Proper sewing required
Features cute basic designs 
Best for giving gifts 
Multipurpose (Storing other essentials) 

5. Best for Wine Protection

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Dress your wine bottle up with these stylish chic reusable wine totes from Eacolle. This set of 3 eco-friendly wine bags is a must-have for every household.

These are functional as well as reusable so you can reuse these to celebrate plenty of events!

Plus, each bag holds your bottle firmly so you can carry it around comfortably. This goes without saying that it’s very lightweight to carry.

Another great feature includes its insulation option that keeps your fine bottle of wine chilled for hours.

To get rid of disposable paper and plastic bags, utilize these bags to pack your bottles.

Once you’ve nicely enclosed the bottle, you can seal the closure easily and grab the bag by its handle.

When not in use, fold it flat and store it to reuse it again for other occasions. This easy-to-collapsible feature saves space!

You can wash and let it dry for quick cleanup to remove any stains or odor.

You can also utilize it to store other essential items found in your household for more uses. Or your friend would love to receive the wine packed in a gorgeous bag!

Collapsible (Easy to fold flat)Poor packaging
Keeps wine bottles cool 
Easy-to-grasp Handles 

6. Best Wine Carrier for Parties

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Going to a get-together where you’d have your friends around is fun. And it’s even better when you take fabulous bottles of wine or champagne along with you!

That’s why it’s convenient for you to grab those bottles and fit them in this classic yet contemporary bag.

You can go green with this reusable wine bottle carrier, featuring a long-lasting design perfect for outdoor events.

This reusable wine tote features a built-in fixed divider to hold six bottles of wine separately. This feature provides adequate spacing to hold each bottle securely.

Made of non-woven material, this reusable wine tote can withstand the weight of bottles. So you can carry it around without the fear of its fabric tearing apart.

It also features a handle for smooth portability so you can comfortably hold this bag!

You can style this up or personalize it by adding tags, logos, or greetings to surprise your friends.

You can also utilize it to store your other household items because of its multifunctional feature!

Unlike disposable plastic bags, you can easily wash this and reuse it again for multiple occasions.

Comes in a classic stylish designFlimsy
Carrier for full-sized 6 bottlesProper side seems needed
Features a sturdy handle 
Quick Cleanup 
High-quality fabric 

7. Best for Space Saving Wine Carring

No products found.

As the brand name suggests, this pack of reusable wine bags from “Wine Wings” is particularly ideal for travelers.

Using these eco-friendly wine bags, you can pack wine or other bottles containing liquid safely. Plus these are designed to keep your bottles from leaking, in case of breakage, in your luggage.

These transparent reusable wine totes make it easy for you to distinguish the drinks you’re carrying.

It also features an even bigger capacity to hold a 1L bottle easily and hold it in place.

Its sturdy and strong interior and exterior keep your bottles protected for long-haul trips!

Another great feature includes triple seal protection, providing you the ease to slide your drink inside the bag. It also ensures that no air or dust enters the bags with this air-tight sealing feature.

Enclose your beverages in these bags, pack them nicely in your luggage and you’re good to go!

Surprise your friends with a gift of this bottle if you’re going on any occasion.

Leak-proofDifficulty in sealing the bags
Air-tightQuestionable durability
Sturdy Fabric 
Double Ziplock and Velcro Seal Protection 
Saves space in your luggage 

8. Best for Stylish Design

No products found.

This all-purpose pack of 12 reusable wine bags is a perfect choice for taking your wine bottle anywhere.

Its cute trendy design of silver metallic foiled polka dots makes it stand out from other wine bags.

You can also add a personalized message on its tag for when you want to gift it to someone!

Each classy reusable wine bag can hold your wine bottle securely in place. Plus it also features reinforced bottom so you can place the bag on any surface without it toppling over.

Another highlight of these bags is that this feature rope handles, ensuring smooth portability. So you can take these short trips more easily!

You won’t have to purchase disposable bags because their reusable feature allows you to use it many times. It also comes in a set of 12 reusable bags so you can keep some or give them away as gifts!

You can also repurpose these eco-friendly wine bags for plenty of other things. Use these for flower arrangements, storing your make-up items and more!

These countless uses of these reusable wine bags from UNIQOOO make these bags super functional!

Features a cute designHandles aren’t sturdy
Comes with rope handles 
Reinforced bottom to keep items from falling 

9. Best for Shorter Wine Trips

No products found.

Perfect for holding 2 bottles, this reusable wine bag from Hipiwe offers the best features at an affordable price.

Whether you’re going to a picnic or a party, this wine bottle holder is a great choice. You can carry it to any outdoor events like camping, birthday parties, and more!

It comes in a smooth classic design with two sleeves that separately hold the two bottles conveniently.

Made of neoprene material, this reusable wine offers insulation for up to 4 hours to keep the bottles chilled. So you can take the wine bottles or other bottles containing liquid insulated for short trips!

With its roomy interior, you can fit two 750 ml bottles inside this eco-friendly bag.

It’s also super lightweight – perfect for toting standard-sized bottles of liquid.

Its short, easy-to-grip handles ensure easy portability, so you can carry it around anywhere!

You can clean it by hand wash or toss it in the machine to get rid of stains or smell to use it again.

LightweightThin design
Insulation for up to 4 hoursIt might stink for some time
Features handle 
Can hold 2 standard-sized bottles 
Machine washable 

10. Best for Larger Wine Parties

No products found.

The more the merrier, this reusable wine tote is especially perfect for a big get-together of friends.

It offers the large capacity to hold 6 bottles separately and comfortably while you carry them around.

Its smooth and black texture makes it a perfect choice for those who prefer classic and minimalist designs!

It features a soft padded removable divider to hold normal size wine bottles, providing ample space for each bottle.  Plus, its removable feature allows you to fit other household items if you’re not using it for holding wine bottles!

This wine bottle carrier also features a shoulder strap, making it lightweight to carry around hassle-free.

This reusable wine tote is a must-have even if you want to organize your household items. You can use it to store stationery, tools, toys, and more!

And it’s a multipurpose bag, meaning that you can take it along with you to market, camping, and other places.

Sturdy and high-qualityDoesn’t collapse properly for storage
Features removable divider 
Comes with a shoulder strap 
Perfect for organizing and transporting 
Machine washable 

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Wine Bags

Picking the best wine bag depends on what you need it for – traveling, recreational activities (picnic, camping), or other purposes!

After you’ve decided why you want the wine bag, you can consider its several features. That will further help you in making a better purchase decision.

If you’re still confused about how to pick the best reusable wine bags, then this buyer’s guide will help you.

Here are a bunch of features you should look for in reusable wine bags!


From one-bottle holders to six-bottle carriers, reusable wine bags vary in price. While some are available at reasonable prices, others might be a little pricey.

This factor also depends on what type of reusable wine bag you prefer. Some bags like traveling carriers are packed with top-notch features. And the more value there is in the bag, the more it will cost you.

So if you’re using it for vacation breaks, then opt for a budget-friendly yet high-quality wine bag.

However, if you’re going to use it for year-round events, then go for a sturdy wine bag! 

Capacity (Dividers)

There are a variety of reusable wine bags available, with each varying in size and capacity. From holding one wine bottle to carrying up to 6 bottles, these bags offer large storage.

If you’re going to use it to gift someone at any event, then opt for a wine bag with the capacity to hold one bottle.

However, if you’re going for a casual outdoor party or picnic, then a large carrier would be a better choice.

Make sure the reusable wine carrier has built-in or adjustable dividers so you can carry these easily.

Pro tip: Go for a collapsible reusable wine bag if you’re traveling to save space in your luggage!


Some reusable wine bags are designed to keep your wine bottles chilled when you’re traveling.

So if you’re going to any event, and want to bring cool wine bottles, then this is a must-have feature.

This feature will ensure the insulation of your wine bottles or any other bottles containing liquid for several hours! 


Are you the person who prefers fancy wine bags? Or the simple, minimalist design should suffice?

Unlike disposable card boxes (used for packing wine bottles), reusable wine bags come in a variety of colors and patterns!

So if you’re buying the wine tote for the gift purpose, then you can decide the perfect color or design.

Plus, your bottle of wine would look presentable dressed up in attractive packaging!

Handles and Reinforced Bottom

Reusable wine bags offer support with their handles and reinforced bottom. These features allow you to tote your wine bottles easily.

Most reusable wine bags, especially the large carriers, have reinforced bottom. This feature is a perfect choice for those who carry six or more bottles in one go!

Handles also help reduce the weight so you can carry the bottles on a short trip easily.

You necessarily don’t need handles or a reinforced bottom if you’re packing your wine bottle in a suitcase! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are reusable wine bags better?

Yes. Reusable wine bags are better because of their durable, eco-friendly material. These are a great choice to hold your wine bottles or other bottles containing liquid safely.

2.      What to do with reusable wine bags?

There are plenty of other uses for reusable wine bags like storing your household essentials in one place.

3.      How do you wash and reuse wine bags?

For the longevity of the bags, it’s better to hand wash them properly. However, some reusable wine bags can be washed in a machine. After cleaning the wine bags, you can reuse them as brand new!

4.      Are Reusable wine bags durable?

The purpose of the reusable wine bags is to be used many times for several events. That’s why these bags are made with durable material to last longer!

5.      Can you travel with reusable wine bags?

Yes. You can safely place your wine bottle in the reusable wine bag and pack it in your checked luggage. 

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