The use of disposable plastic bags continues to pollute our environment in a harmful way.

Besides you can only use them once or twice before they become useless.

Fortunately, there are eco-friendly alternatives that you can invest in – like reusable ziplock bags.

As the name suggests, these bags feature interlocking zippers to ensure airtight closure.

These are useful for when you have to pack and store food and snacks or organize non-food items in your household.

Because of these top-notch features, these eco-friendly bags have an edge on plastic bags.

Having said that, here are our top ten picks of reusable ziplock bags that are must-have kitchen essentials!

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1. Best for Standing Base

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Save your food items from topping over with these reusable ziplock bags featuring a standing base.

Their wide bottom can conveniently hold your food contents including snacks, nuts, and more.

This way you can store your food items in the fridge or the freezer, ensuring no food is wasted!

You can also separate each bag for a variety of purposes – packing, storing, or organizing food.

It comes in a set of ten pieces so you can each for wide applications.

You get them in three different sizes including large, medium, and small.

What’s more, these feature double zip lock sealing so your food can be preserved for a long time.

The only downside is that these aren’t safe for dishwashers, ovens, or microwaves.

Standing BaseFlimsy
Useful for Fridge 
Easy to clean 

2. Best for a Variety of Sizes

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For your family-sized needs, these reusable ziplock bags come in a variety of sizes.

Featuring a pack of thirty handy eco-friendly bags, these bags have wide functions.

Due to their multipurpose applications, you can take them to school, office, or picnics.

Use them to marinate meat, store wet and dry food items or keep some for bringing snacks on the go!

You can easily distinguish food items in each of the bags using its color-coded sealing.

To keep the food fresh, these ziplock bags have a double-lock function for air-tight preservation.

In case you want to fill these with liquids, these won’t leak thanks to their leak-proof feature.

And once these are empty, you can hand wash them to clean up the edges inside and reuse them again.

Kid-friendly bagsNot durable
Features Double-lock SealingZipper won’t work after sometime

3. Best Easy-to-use zipper

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Packing and taking out food items can be done easily and conveniently with these reusable ziplock bags.

This pack of eleven eco-friendly ziplock bags features a sturdy and easy-to-use zipper seal.

Because of this feature, you can pack food items safely and securely by sealing them using the zipper.

This way your food will stay fresh and you can enjoy the crispiness of it whenever you want.

Besides, these baggies can hold and store the cut-up fruits and vegetables in the freezer.

Or you can also organize the kitchen essentials or small toiletries using these bags.

And the plus is that these ziplock baggies are made of food-grade material with a BPA-free design.

When not in use, you can wash them by hand or with the help of a bottle brush to keep them clean inside.

Made of food-grade materialCleaning them is difficult
Color-coded designZip won’t work after few tries
Freezer safe 

4. Best for Lunch

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When you want to carry lunch to the office or school, you can forget about large lunch containers.

And switch to these compact reusable ziplock options for packing your lunch!

These reusable bags are designed with thick PEVA material construction and sturdy interlocking sealing.

This is to make sure that your food items are secure in the place with no dust or any odor penetrating.

Besides, kids and grownups can easily open and close the zipper sealing to take out their food items.

You get a plenty quantity of baggies featuring twelve pieces available in two different sizes.

What’s more, you can also stash your household essentials in these compact transparent baggies.

After usage, you can wash them by hand for a thorough cleanup and use them again!

Odor-freeNot ideal for dishwasher
Made of food-grade material 
Self-sealing design 
Easy to clean by hand and dry 

5. Best for Food Storage

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Organizing your pantry or freezer can be hassle-free if you have got these great organizers – reusable Ziplock bags!

With these baggies, you can save space as these feature a standing base to organize the space neatly.

And you don’t have to worry about the food going stale because these offer air-tight features thanks to an interlocking seal.

You can pack and store your food items conveniently in these BPA-free bags to avoid freezer burn.

Another impressive plus is that you get these bags in four different sizes – Gallon, Large, Sandwich, and Snack.

Hence, you can utilize each bag for a variety of food and non-food items perfect for a great storage capacity.

And the cleanup is a breeze, simply wash the inside out with cold water and flip it over for air dry.

Features stand-up baseNot ideal for too hot food or liquids
Comes in a variety of sizes 
Color-coded zippers 

6. Best for On-the-go Snacks

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Reusable Ziplock bags are ideal for carrying your snacks and munching them on the go!

These reusable baggies from Bio Fresh are a great alternative to plastic baggies for snacks.

You can fit your pretzels, cookies, dry food, or anything that is snackable on the go!

These bags are well-made with PEVA material so you get a design that’s easy to hold and carry.

The pack includes twelve reusable baggies available in two different sizes like sandwiches and snacks.

Each bag offers a user-friendly zipper seal that’s easy to open and close whenever needed.

You can also utilize them when you want to store your leftover snacks. Or these can be useful for stash small household items!

To clean them, you can wash them by hand and dry them quickly to get rid of crumbs from the edges inside.

Freezer-safeNo standing base
Best for lunch and snacksLittle difficult to clean
Double Locking Zip 

7. Best Affordable Option

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If you want the budget-friendly option, then these reusable ziplock bags are ideal for you.

Along with their affordability, these baggies offer quality sealing that comes with two extra clips.

Once you’ve packed the food items, you can lock these handy bags and clip them tightly for added security.

This pack comes in thirteen pieces with gallon, sandwich, and snack-sized sizes – making it a good deal!

These bags can conveniently hold vegetables, fruits, and other food items for better food storage.

You can store the bags filled with your food items in a fridge because these bags are freezer-friendly.

Once empty, clean them up by hand and utilize them as many times as you want.

Leak-proof designTakes time to dry after washing
Comes in a variety of sizes 
BPA-free (food-grade material) 

8. Best Capacity Option

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When you have many foodstuffs to pack and can’t find the right size, it can be bothersome.

With these OrgaWise reusable ziplock bags, you get the perfect size to fit your food and non-food items.

You get a pack of five pieces that offer a good size for your storing and packing needs.

Whether you want to store cut-up veggies, fruits, or leftovers, these can be ideal for preventing food waste.

Besides, these are made with BPA-free material that ensures your food contents are safe and secure.

Each bag comes with a well-made and durable sealing construction that allows you to open and close the bags conveniently.

We suggest washing them by hand to increase their shelf-life so you can use them multiple times.

Food-grade material (BPA-free)Some foods might leave a stain on bags

9. Best Both Dishwasher & Handwash Option

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While reusable ziplock bags should be washed by hand, these reusable ziplock bags from Leirs offer easy Dishwasher cleanup.

This pack of six-gallon-sized bags offers you plenty of space to fill your food items safely.

These are especially perfect for marinating meat to use for your cooking when it’s the right time.

Along with that, you can also utilize them for storing snacks, sandwiches, and other food items.

Or if you’re someone who has limited storage options, these can solve that problem.

Place them in the pantry or cabinet and take them out whenever it’s needed.

Featuring sturdy sealing, these handy baggies provide an anti-odor option to keep your food fresh.

When you don’t want to handwash them, just pop them into a top rack for a quick cleanup.

However, we suggest washing them by hand for their durability.

Seals wellThese take up space in the dishwasher
Air-tight to keep food fresh 
Easy to open and close 

10. Best for Cute Designs

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These ziplock bags from PuiKUS are super adorable and reusable with a self-sealing design.

Whether you want to store snacks, dry food items, or stashing non-food items, these are great options.

Using them, you can rest assured of your food stored in them because these are toxic-free and odorless options.

The closure type is user-friendly sealing that you can use to close – just pinch it and you’re good to go!

In addition to their functionality, you’ll also love using them because of their cute smooth design.

Make most of this pack as it comes with plenty of bags to cater to your every storing and packing needs.

This pack of hundred pieces of handy ziplock bags is a good value after all you get a good quantity!

Ideal for packagingNot durable
Made of safe material 
A large quantity (100 pieces) 
Easy to open and close   

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Ziplock Bags

Reusable ziplock bags are a great alternative to disposable and flimsy plastic bags.

With several options available online, you might get confused as to which options are ideal for you.

Hence, it’s important to look at their variety of features and get the one that satisfies your specific need.

To help you choose, we will highlight some of the features that you should look for before making a purchase.

Material Quality:

Reusable ziplock bags are made of food-grade material – especially PEVA and Silicone.

This is to ensure that you can pack and store your food in a safe and durable option.

While these are freezer-safe, they aren’t suitable for withstanding hot temperatures.

What’s more, these baggies are toxic-free with BPA-free, Chloride-Free, and Lead-free quality standards.

Before opting for food storage options, look for this food-grade quality.

A variety of sizes

Whatever your needs are for food storage or food organizing, there is a suitable size and capacity for everything.

The most common size that these reusable ziplock bags feature are gallon, sandwich, and snack sizes.

You can use snack-sized bags for your dry food items, or use them to pack your small toiletry items.

Gallon-sized baggies are perfect for when you have to marinate meat in a freezer.

On the other hand, sandwich bags are useful for carrying or having your lunch items to school or office.

Besides, these bags feature multi-pack options, meaning you get a variety of sizes in one pack.

Design (color-coded or standing base)

Different reusable ziplock bags vary in design and construction to meet the different needs.

Most of the bags are clear in color that allows you to see which items you’ve packed inside them.

There are two features, however, that you must look for when choosing the ziplock storage bags.

Color-coded sealing allows you to separate bags for your multi-purpose food storage needs. In turn, you won’t have to deal with food contamination.

And the other feature that also helps in food organizing is bags with a standing base.

Go for the bags that can stand on their own and aren’t floppy to save space and organize your pantry.

Easy to wash by hand and Dry

Reusable ziplock bags are recommended for handwash because dishwashers could damage them.

You can, however, use the bottle brush to clean the edges of the interior.

Go for bags that are easy to wash by hand and don’t take a long time to dry up.

Interlocking Sealing

Easy to open & close: wide edges and anti-slip material make it easy to open and close.

Reusable ziplock bags are known for their interlocking sealing.

This is the reason these handy bags are the popular choices among families.

A well sealing of these bags prevents any air or dust to penetrate, keeping your food fresh.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reusable Ziplock Bags different from regular plastic bags?

Yes. These bags are sustainable options as well as better than the regular plastic ones for their impressive features.

Are Reusable Ziplock Bags good for food storage?

Yes. These handy bags are designed to keep your food fresh and to organize space in your kitchen or pantry.

How to wash Reusable Ziplock Bags?

We suggest washing them by hand with water that’s not too hot or cold. You can use a bottle brush to clean the interior of the bags.

Can you Marinate meat in Reusable Ziplock Bags?

Yes. Gallon-sized reusable ziplock bags are ideal for this purpose.

Are Reusable Ziplock Bags made of PEVA material safe to use in Microwave?

No. You shouldn’t use reusable ziplock bags in the microwave, oven or fill them with hot liquids.

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