Replace a single-use plastic bag with a reusable bag today.

And you protect the planet by preventing thousands of plastic bags from entering the oceans.

Fortunately, earth-friendly brands have come up with alternatives for you.

Stasher is such a brand that brings to you eco-friendly, sealable reusable silicone bags.

The Stasher bags offer you features that are hard to find in any other baggies!

You get bags that are microwave-friendly, freezer-friendly, sous vide ready, and dishwasher safe.

Using these, you can reduce food waste, store leftovers, pack snacks for on the go, and more!

That said, here are the top picks of the stasher bags that you can choose from!

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1. Best Small Bundle for Snacks

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For snacks of all sizes, this Stasher small bundle is a great deal you should snag!

The bundle features four different sizes of bags: one half gallon bag, two sandwich bags, and one snack bag!

All of these bags have common features including safe material, clear color, and eco-friendly design.

As a mother, you can pack snacks like pretzels and cookies in a snack bag for your kids.

And for keeping your cut-up veggies, you can use the one-half gallon bag.

Each Stasher bag is freezer-friendly and microwave-ready, meaning your food doesn’t get stale!

Plus, your food remains safe from any toxic contaminants as each bag is BPA-free and PVC-free.

As for its design, the Stasher small bundle is available in a handful of colors.

So you can pick a color that you prefer!

For a quick cleanup, pop these in your machine to reuse them again!

BPA-free and PVC-freePoor sealing
Comes in varying colorsPricey
Microwave-friendly & sous-vide-friendly 

2. Best Multi-purpose Option

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This super cute raspberry-colored bag is a multi-purpose Stasher bag.

You can bring this to school, work, shopping, and almost every place!

The plus point of this bag is its food-grade silicone material that keeps your food safe.

So if you’re using this eco-friendly baggie to pack or store your food items, then you don’t have to worry!

And if you’re someone who travels a lot, this bag will ensure the crispness of your food.

That means you can take out your sandwich on the go without it going stale!

Did we mention that you can use it for stashing non-food items too?

It is because its functionality isn’t limited to packing food items only.

So feel free to stash anything that you want, be it keys or napkins!

When empty, toss it in a dishwasher and utilize it again!

Best for OrganizingPricey
Best for various purposes 
Features air-tight sealing 
Safe for food 

3. Best for Organizing Food Items

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Let’s be honest that we all hate when certain baggies take up too much of the space.

Usually, this happens when you store your food in floppy bags.

Thankfully, to help you organize your food items, this Stasher stand-up bag is all that you need!

It features a sturdy bottom that allows it to sit perfectly in your kitchen cabinet.

So you can conveniently store food items such as coffee, cereal, and almost anything!

What’s more, this eco-friendly bag is safe to use for food items as it is made of food-grade silicone.

And there’s no way your food will lose its freshness thanks to its air-tight pinch-loc system!

Finally, once it’s empty, be sure to wash and dry it for a quick cleanup.

And reuse it as many times as you want thanks to its reusability feature!

Safe to use for foodNot available in varying colors
Freezer-friendly and microwave-friendly 
Easy to clean 

4. Best for Freezer Items

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Thinking of storing fresh herbs or fish fillets in the freezer? Then your hunt for a freezer-friendly bag ends here!

This Stasher bag offers a freezer-friendly design that keeps your freezer items fresh!

Available in half-gallon, this eco-friendly bag can easily fit food items.

You can fit grains, fish fillets, veggie scraps, and almost anything that you want to stock!

The crispness of your food items stays longer thanks to its self-sealing pinch-loc system.

Besides, the bag is safe to use for food as it is BPA-free and PVC-free – free of any toxins!

In addition to freezing, you can use it in a microwave or boiling water as well.

Plus, like other Stasher bags, this bag is also dishwasher-friendly.

So once it is empty, be sure to wipe off any bits of food items and wash them off.

Freezer-friendlyYou get only one bag
Food-grade safePoor sealing
Available in varying colors 

5. Best for Lunch Items

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For your lunch items, this Stasher bag comes in two different sizes.

This pair of bags features a sandwich size and a snack size, meaning you can fit small food items.

These items can be nuts, fresh fruits, crunchy snacks, or crackers!

The impressive feature that makes these bags a great option is their air-tight lock.

This ensures that your crunchy snacks and pretzels stay fresh for a longer time until it’s your lunch break!

What’s more, each bag offers a leak-free design to prevent packed contents from leaking.

And you don’t have to worry about any harmful toxins contaminating your food.

That is because each bag is made with food-grade silicone, free of PVC, BPA, and petroleum!

When you’re done using them, pop them in your dishwasher and reuse them again!

Safe to use for foodNot too roomy
A pair of two bags 
Features varying colors 
Easy to clean 

6. Best for Everyday Essentials

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Do you also spend several minutes trying to find your keys in your tote containing other items?

You can solve this problem by switching to this Stasher Go Bag made specifically for everyday items.

Using this small eco-friendly bag, you can carry your everyday essentials conveniently.

The bag has plenty of space and it is super lightweight, weighing 18 oz.

This feature allows you to fit keys, earbuds, lip balm, and almost any everyday necessities in it.

Besides, your items will be secure in this super small Go bag as it comes with a pinch-loc system.

Plus, we also recommend this for using it for carrying food items when you’re on the move!

So you get to munch your favorite snacks while you’re on your way to the office or home.

After usage, you can clean it in a dishwasher to ensure cleanliness!

Easily fits small itemsDifficult for kids to open it
Easy to carry (lightweight) 
Food safe 
Easy to clean 

7. Best for Sous Vide

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Cook those scrumptious steaks to the right temperature with this Stasher bag for sous vide.

Though almost every stasher bag is sous-vide-friendly, this one is an excellent choice with extra support.

The base bottom of this bag allows you to easily submerge it in boiling water while it doesn’t flop.

Besides, the bag can tolerate up to 425 degrees temperature – that’s a lot for a bag!

This ensures that your food is cooked nicely to your desired temperature.

And did we mention that this bag keeps your produce secure as it features a pinch-lock!

Also, you don’t have to worry about air locking when you’re cooking prep meals in this one.

That is because the air comes out of it naturally when you submerge it in boiling water!

The toxic-free and earth-friendly material with which it is made makes it a safer alternative to plastic bags. 

Stand-up featureNot too much space
Budget-friendlyYou only get one bag
Food safe and toxic-free 
Easy to clean and easy to open & close 

8. Best for Dog Treats

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Super tiny and super convenient, this Stasher Pocket bag fits in your pocket as a wallet does!

This eco-friendly bag is ideal for dog owners who want to carry treats for their buddies.

This is why many pet owners prefer switching to this super handy pair of treat holders!

Plus, you get a pair of two pocket bags, allowing you to separate treats using each bag.

Each pocket bag has a smooth resealing, so you can easily open it or close it to secure the treats!

What’s more, the air-tight feature keeps the treats fresh for a longer time.

Because they are easy to carry around, you can slip them into your coat or jean’s pocket.

Once you’re home, you can store the remaining treats in the freezer as these are freezer-friendly.

And of course, pop these in the dishwasher if they get icky!

Safe to use for dog treatsMight stain and smell
Easy to open and close 
You get a pair of two 
Ease of cleanup 

9. Best Budget-friendly Option

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This pair of two Stasher sandwich bags make for a great budget-friendly pack!

In this pack of a pair, you get two sandwich bags with two different solid colors.

So you can separate each other for different purposes.

We prefer to use one for food items, and the other for non-food items.

But this eco-friendly pair of bags has several other uses thanks to their useful design.

That makes them a great addition to bring with you to, office, trip, or any other place.

The silicone material with which these are made ensures safety for your food items.

Like other bags of Stasher, these bags are also PVC-free and BPA-free.

This is to ensure your contents are safe from any harmful contaminants!

What’s more, each bag is sous-vide-friendly, microwave-friendly, freezer-friendly, and dishwasher-friendly.

And that’s something that every Stasher bag offers, which is why we prefer them even more!

Food safeHard to open
Features two different colors 
Leakproof and can withstand high temp 
Budget-friendly pack 

10. Best Overall Kit

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Are you looking for a bundle that covers all your needs?

Then your wait is over because Stasher has the best overall kit that comes in all sizes.

That means, you get 7 bags – half-gallon, sandwich, snack, and stand-up bags!

And by choosing this handy bundle, you can get rid of any disposable plastic bags from your home.

That is because you can pack, store, and carry your food items in these super functional silicone bags.

Free from PVC and BPA, each bag keeps your food safe from any harmful toxins.

Plus, the air-tight and leak-free features make these bags stand out against other bags.

And the reason we recommend using this best kit is the functionality: design, durability, and multi-purpose.

Another plus is that each bag has plenty of uses – ready to be used for sous-vide, oven, and microwave!

Safe to use for foodQuestionable packaging
Features seven varying bag sizes 
Available in an assortment of colors 
Easy to clean 

Buyer’s Guide to Stasher Bags

Stasher has made packing, storing, cooking, and organizing food items possible with its eco-friendly and handy bags.

This is the reason why many stay-at-home moms, as well as families, prefer these over other baggies.

But these features aren’t enough to help you determine which bag would be more suitable for you.

After all, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying a Stasher bag that doesn’t solve your problem, right?

For that reason, we’ve outlined some of its important factors.

These will help you decide which one fits your needs and budget!


Your daily food storage needs vary depending on what you want to pack and store.

This is why you look for varying sizes of bags, right?

Stasher bags offer a handful of sizes to meet your needs.

Snack bag, sandwich bag, half-gallon bag, standup bag, go bag, and pocket bag are its commonly used sizes.

For your lunch packing, you can go for snack and sandwich Stasher bags.

As for carrying super small items such as daily essentials, the go back or pocket bag would be more convenient.


Do you have a lot of food items to pack and store?

Then you would need to start with a starter kit!

Fortunately, Stasher offers bundles of bags that you can choose according to your needs.

You can get a pair of Stasher bags that you can use for two different purposes to avoid contamination.

Or, a good Stasher bundle of seven bags would be ideal for you if your food storage needs are bigger!


Stasher bags are not only convenient to store and carry, but they are also safe and kid-friendly!

That means you can pack lunch or snacks for your school-going kids in Stasher’s super kid-friendly design bags.

The pinch-loc is easy to open, so your kids can easily take out the snacks!

Though Stasher bags are toxic-free, always make sure to check the description (BPA-free) before purchasing one.


When choosing any bag for your food, you always worry about food contamination, right?

After all, you don’t want to invest in a bag that is easily stained and takes a lot of time to clean?

To offer you the ease of cleanup, Stasher bags are made dishwasher-friendly.

So for quick cleanup after usage, pop the Stasher silicone bags in your dishwasher and you’re good to go!

Though some might get icky easily, you can avoid this by cleaning them thoroughly!


When you’re getting a bag, you don’t always look at its features only.

You consider your budget as well.

Of course, you want the value that it provides you for the amount of money you’re paying.

So while some Stasher bags are pricey, others can easily fit your budget.

This is why we recommend choosing a bundle pack to save extra bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Are Stasher Bags eco-friendly?

Yes, Stasher Bags are made of eco-friendly materials such as food-grade silicone.

2.      Are Silicone Stasher Bags safe to use for food?

Yes, Silicone Stasher bags are safe to use for food as they are BPA-free.

3.      Can I put raw meat in Stasher Bags?

You can put raw meat such as chicken or fish fillets in Stasher Bags.

4.      Can I use Stasher Bags in boiling water?

Yes, you can use Stasher Bags in boiling water as they are designed to withstand high temperatures.

5.      Can you cook in Stasher Bags?

You can easily cook in Stasher Bags because they are microwave-friendly, oven-friendly, and sous-vide-friendly as well.

6.      How many times can I use a Stasher Bag?

Stasher Bags are durable thanks to their high-quality design, allowing you to use them as many times as preferred.

7.      Are Stasher Bags durable?

Yes, Stasher Bags are durable as long as you care for them.

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