One of the best-known grocery stores – Trader Joe’s – offers eco-friendly products.

Some of which include reusable bags that are cost-effective as well as functional.

And if you’re someone who plans to go plastic-free, then you can snap up Trader Joe’s bags!

These eco-friendly bags are fairly big, strongly made, easily carried, and compact!

Not only do they offer impressive features, but they also have awesome designs (unlike flimsy plastic baggies).

And our favorite among them is their bags with State names (which we’ll review shortly).

That said, let’s look at the roundup list of top ten Trader Joe’s bags that we’ve handpicked for you.

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1. Best for Grocery Shopping

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When it’s time for grocery haul, the must-have essential is the sturdy bag that doesn’t rip off!

For that reason, we present you with this reusable cotton canvas bag by Trader Joe’s.

The bag meets your grocery demands from helping you load items to safely carry them home.

And all that is thanks to its super durable material from which it is made – reusable cotton canvas!

Using this, you can conveniently fill the bag with a plethora of grocery items.

For stashing other essentials, you better make use of its side pockets!

And once you’re done packing everything, you can tote it easily with the help of its comfortable handle.

Lastly, we suggest washing it by hand to increase its shelf-life!

Large capacityA little pricey
Has strong handles 
Features side pockets 
Easy to carry 

2. Best Texas Design Bag

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Are you or your loved one Texan? Then Trader Joe’s got something for you!

 And that is its Texas bag that is made with love for Texas!

The Texas bag from Trader Joe’s is a reusable carryall, featuring a holding capacity of six gallons.

With that much roomy space, you can fit books, stationery, clothes, and more!

Or you can gift it to someone close to you as it’s a perfect option for goodies!

You’ll also love the quality of the fabric – stitched beautifully!

Even better, it is waterproof — another plus that we like in this baggie!

And last but not the least; you can easily clean it up once you’re done using it.

Holds items convenientlyBottom is narrow
Features Iconic State design 

3. Best Boston Design Bag

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Much like its other iconic state bags, this bag features a Boston design.

Trader Joe’s has beautifully designed the bag featuring skyscrapers of the big city.

Besides the chic design, the bag itself is super functional and reusable as well.

You can carry it to grocery stores, beaches, offices, or just about anywhere you prefer!

And it will hold up well as it is stitched perfectly to hold up to six-gallon conveniently.

Not to mention, you can carry it by hand as it features strong handles!

And the best part of it is its wallet-friendly price you pay for the best value you get.

Chic DesignPricey
Fits items comfortably 

4. Best for Travel

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Going out for hour-long trips will make surely make you crave food on the go.

Luckily, Trader Joe’s insulated bag has got you covered thanks to its insulated shopping bag.

Using this, you can carry your food items conveniently and fill yourself up with food when hungry!

You can fit an enormous number of food items because it features plenty of room!

And the best part is that it will keep the food items cold while you’re traveling.

So be sure to pack ice gels along with packing food items.

And it will hold up well as it features sturdy and well-stitched bottom!

Not to mention, you can use it as a shopping bag if insulation is not what you’re looking for.

Large insulated compartmentSimple design
Best multi-purpose bag 
Features strong handles 

5. Best Organic Material Option

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Brown texture with an imprinted spoon and fork design on the front makes this bag super adorable!

It is well-made with organic paper, which has a soft and nice feel to it.

Besides, that also makes it eco-friendly because you can use it as many times as you want.

The space inside the bag offers plenty of room, so you can pack and stow whatever you want.

And you’ll love to carry it around anywhere as it is lightweight.

For its cleanup, you can toss it in the washing machine.

Now if you’re wondering if that will wear or tear the fabric, then worry not!

It is because this bag is washable, making it a little costly than others of its kind.

Sufficient capacityQuestionable material
Machine washable 

6. Best Insulated Bag

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The red and black bag of Trader Joe’s is known for its sturdy and high-quality construction.

Its well-built design makes it last longer than your average bag.

Plus, this reusable bag is insulated with extra thick insulated material allowing you to enjoy food by keeping it fresh.

It also features lead-safe lining to ensure your food items are safe, cold, and insulated for many hours.

Just be sure to include ice packs when you are filling the bag with your food items.

To carry it around, you can use its sturdy handles that are stitched nicely.

Extra thick InsulationA little pricey
Plenty of room to hold contents 
Chic Design 
Zip closure 

7. Best Extra-large Insulated Bag

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This insulated bag from Trader Joe’s is jumbo (bigger) than the red and black one.

It features a large capacity to contain your food contents handily!

So you get to fit all of your food items inside it while it keeps them cold for hours.

And you also get a small Velcro pocket featured in its interior for stashing your essentials.

This purple Trader Joe’s reusable bag isn’t only handy, but it also is durable thanks to its well-built design.

For easy portability, you can it carry by its strong handles.

As for the cleanup, we suggest wiping it with a damp piece of cloth.

Extra-large capacity (up to 8 gallons)The zipper isn’t of good quality
Thick Insulation 
Easy to carry around 
Zip closure 

8. Best Set of Two

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If you want more quantity at a reasonable price, then this two-pack Trader Joe’s bag is perfect for you.

The design of the bags offers a NY pattern with vibrant colors to match your vibe.

Besides their cutesy design, you get sizable bags with enough capacity to hold your essentials.

So you don’t have to overfill one bag when you can use the other one for this purpose as well.

Or better yet, you can keep one for yourself and gift the other one to your loved ones.

That said, you can carry them around comfortably as each bag features sturdy handles.

When not in use, be sure to wash them by hand to reuse them again for another occasion.

A set of two reusable State bagsQuestionable packaging
Good size 
Holds up a ton of items 
Easy to fold and store 

9. Best Produce Bag Option

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This is another reusable bag of its kind from Trader Joe’s that covers your grocery needs.

This is the best lightweight choice of bag for carrying your produce from veggies to fruits.

And that can easily be spotted by its vegetable pattern on the front.

Available in white color, this environmentally-friendly tote is a great alternative to disposable bags.

Whether you use it for hauling produce or shopping, you can take it anywhere you want.

The quality fabric of this bag ensures that it lasts a little longer than the flimsy plastic bags.

What’s more, it features a pair of handles to help you carry it comfortably.

Though it is flopping (its only downside), it sure does hold all your contents securely!

Sufficient capacityThin quality of construction
Features cutesy designNot too big
Best for carrying produce 
Has handles 

10. Best Lightweight Option

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This 2016 edition of the reusable Trader Joe’s bag is a must-have addition to your collection of bags.

The design, quality fabric, and functionality are some of the impressive aspects of this tote.

You can utilize the bag for toting your grocery items or other essentials.

Because it is well-built, you can expect it to last longer than disposable plastic bags.

And you can reuse it for multiple occasions whenever and wherever you prefer.

That said, carrying it around is super easy as it features strong handles.

Once empty, you can easily wash it and fold it nicely to use again.

Large capacityDurability is questionable
Easy to fold 

Buyer’s Guide

Trader Joe’s offers an enormous number of reusable bags from grocery ones to insulated ones.

With a myriad of choices available, how can one be sure which one is ideal for them?

After all, you want to make sure that the bag you choose must be better in terms of quality.

But don’t fret as we’ll highlight the features of bags that you should assess before purchasing the bag.

Trader Joe’s Logo

Almost every reusable bag by Trader Joe’s has a logo, which indicates that it is an original item.

Hence, you should look for it when you are buying the bag of your choice.

This will ensure that you are getting the right product from Trader Joe’s, and not some replica!


The reason why several people prefer reusable bags from Trader Joe’s is its cost-effective price.

You get high-quality bags that are available within your budget.

So you don’t have to spend more bucks on a single one and can buy as many as you want.

Not to mention, many of them last longer than the usual disposable ones.

And that is because of their durability and reusability!


The material with which bags are made determines their quality and durability as well.

If the bag is made of good material, it won’t rip or tear when you’ve filled it up.

For that reason, it’s important to go for the material that you think serves your purpose.

You can go for a cotton canvas bag if machine washability isn’t the issue for you.

Design (Insulated or not)

Trader Joe’s doesn’t only offer alternatives to plastic bags, but it also has got several other designs.

The popular design of its bag includes its insulated bag, which is a great choice for traveling.

If you’re someone who is into chic patterns, then be sure to check out its trendy designs (Hint: State bags!)


This feature depends on your convenience and preference.

If you pack a ton of grocery items, then the right choice would be a sizeable bag.

And Trader Joe’s offers the bags in small, medium, and even extra-large sizes.

Go for the one that meets your needs and has enough room to fit the food contents.


Bags, whether they’re from Trader Joe’s or any other store, are useless without handles.

After all, you want to carry them from place A to place B comfortably.

Fortunately, though, Trader Joe’s has got you covered in this aspect as well.

The reusable bags that it offers have easy-to-carry handles (usually the small handles)!

Zip Closure

Trader Joe’s bags either feature zip closure or wide opening for easy packing.

It is your choice to go for the one that you think will meet your needs.

That said, consider going for the zip closure if you want to safely carry your items.

However, another option is great too if you would rather prefer without zip design.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Does Trader Joe’s sell reusable bags?

Yes, Trader Joe’s offers reusable bags made with eco-friendly materials for a plastic-free environment.

2.      Does Trader Joe’s sell insulated bags?

Yes, Trader Joe’s also has dozens of insulated bags designed to keep your food cold.

3.      Are Trader Joe’s bags expensive?

No. Reusable bags offered by Trader Joe’s are wallet-friendly.

4.      What can you do with Trader Joe’s bags?

You can pack your grocery, veggies, essentials, and carry the bags anywhere you want.

5.      Are Trader Joe’s bags available in different sizes?

Trader Joe’s bags are available in varying sizes and offer large capacity.

6.      What are Trader Joe’s state bags?

Trader Joe’s state bags are the particular designs that are related to the States of the USA.

7.      What are Trader Joe’s bags made of?

Trader Joe’s uses earth-friendly materials including cotton to make these bags reusable.

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